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kccrow 09:05 PM 02-02-2023
Post all of our unrealistic, crap mocks from simulators here! :P

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VAChief 02:13 PM Yesterday
Traded down to 35 since there were several prospects I liked at WR and Tackle available. Got another top 100 pick which turned out to be Sweat. Traded up a little to get Jaylen Wright who I like a lot. Not sure Wilson is the best value at 95, but like him as a unique threat. Could have gone IOL there which we need more depth, but all in all I would love this to fall our way. 3 guys who will likely play significant snaps their first year.

Jordan Morgan
OT Arizona

Devontez Walker
WR North Carolina

T'Vondre Sweat
DT Texas

Johnny Wilson
WR Florida State

124.Jaylen Wright
RB Tennessee

Cedric Johnson
EDGE Ole Miss

Qwan'tez Stiggers
CB Toronto (CFL)
VAChief 02:17 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by Woogieman:
4-23 (NFL MOCK DRAFT DB)...still trying to find a desperate, playoff-starved GM to trade into 32 for Nix/Penix, but doesn't seem to happen. Stilll traded down for an extra 4th...

39) Guyton (is he ready or do they need 1 more year from Donovan Smith? Am I selling Wanya short?)
64) Roman Wilson
95) T'Vondre Sweat
131) Mason McCormick
142) Cam Hart (trade down bonus)
149) Leonard Taylor
173) Isaac Guerendo
221) Anthony Gould

I like this one...two starters for next year's Oline, big upgrade on D-line, unsexy upgrade at WR (big hopes for good route runner Wilson) with a big wild card (Gould), and at WR, and depth at CB with 6-3" Hart to rotate in on big receivers.
I like this too...No you likely aren't selling Wanya short, at the very least he hasn't shown he is ready. We need to plan to upgrade. I would still like to add a veteran like Smith, although I think he wants too much money, but there may be some Summer casualties we could pick up late to add veteran depth just in case.
IowaHawkeyeChief 02:39 PM Yesterday
Here's my mock today with no trades:

Ladd McConkey
WR Georgia
Ruke Orhorhoro
DT Clemson
T'Vondre Sweat
DT Texas
Delmar Glaze
OT Maryland
Theo Johnson
TE Penn State
Isaac Guerendo
RB Louisville
Dylan McMahon
Couch-Potato 08:41 PM Yesterday
Check out this banger: "Top 12% of Chiefs Drafts!"

Feels like boards are falling our favor leading up to the draft!
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