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kccrow 06:33 PM 04-02-2024
I'd love to read your 25 most-coveted and realistically-obtainable players in the 2024 draft regardless of round. Here's my group.


Jordan Tavis, Florida State (6'1" 200) - Not often I'll put a potential backup QB on a list like this but I like Travis' athleticism and quick release. He needs some refinement but I think he could end up a quality reserve. Continuing to cycle re-treads is great and all but I think we're at a point in Pat's career where maybe you take a chance on developing a guy behind him on a rookie deal. Sometimes you can flip those guys for day 2 picks.


Rasheen Ali, Marshall (5'11" 206) - Very productive one-cut runner that fits well in our zone scheme with his ability to find his way to the lane. He has pretty solid speed and is an excellent receiver out of the backfield. I'm hopeful he finds his way to our pick at the top of the 7th but if there is some doubt then I'd easily consider him at the bottom of the 5th.


Troy Fautanu, Washington (6'4" 317) - Has the footwork and arm length to become a top-shelf tackle in the league. He's a move-up target so it might end up a price-dependent situation but I'd have a hard time not moving up to 19 or 20 if he's there.

Jordan Morgan, Arizona (6'5" 312) - I'm admittedly concerned about his arm length but I like everything else so much that I feel like the risk could be worth the reward. The worst that can happen is that you replace Joe Thuney with a cost-controlled guy for 4 years but the Kingdom might explode if that were the case. He's a 1st round guy.

Kiran Amegadjie, Yale (6'5" 326) - There will be a definitive jump in skill going to the NFL from the Ivy League but he has the traits of a top-shelf LT and A+ tape. A definite consideration in the 2nd round.


Xavier Worthy, Texas (5'11" 165) - It's not often you get a WR prospect that blazes in the 4.2s so that's a very real thing you want to consider in Reid's offense. He has solid hands and good route running to go with it too. With how he ran, he's absolutely going in the 1st in my eyes but the question is how high.

Troy Franklin, Oregon (6'2" 176) - Franklin is pretty smooth out on the field when you look at his tape and he's a guy that will go up and get the football. He's got a bit of build-up speed but Reid has employed that from the Z, which is where he fits this team. He reminds me quite a bit of DeVonta Smith. I'd take him in the 1st but Buffalo has been all over him.

Roman Wilson, Michigan (5'11" 185) - Wilson can flat-out fly at times so I'm not sure his 40 even does him justice. I think he's got a solid mind for the game and will be a worker out there who will do all of the little things to help his team win and you can't quantify that. He's a guy I think you have to move up for in the 2nd but I wouldn't dismiss a small reach in the 1st if too many WRs go quickly.

Jermaine Burton, Alabama (6'0" 196) - Burton just looks like a field-stretching Z to me in this offense with his ability to accelerate mid-route and his deep-ball tracking. He has good, not amazing, speed but he knows how to get open against all coverages, he can win at the catch point, plus he's got really good hands. He's going to be in consideration in the 2nd round. If he fell to 3, he'd be a no-brainer.

Xavier Weaver, Colorado (6'0" 169) - I think people dismiss just how good Weaver was until he got injured this past season. Weaver is explosive with take-the-top-off speed, runs good routes, can slip press, and has really solid hands. He's criminally underrated in my opinion and I'd take a stab as early as the 3rd round but if there is any thought he could go later, I think it'd be a great value. He's not all that dissimilar to Troy Franklin as a prospect.

Ainias Smith, Texas A&M (5'9" 190) - Smith is the classic Andy Reid gadget guy. He does just about everything, though he's most dangerous in the slot and he even takes snaps in the backfield where he's a pretty good runner. He looks like a 4.40 guy on tape though his 40 seemed to be in that 4.48-ish range at his pro-day because he's recovering from a stress fracture. He did put up a 6.86 3-cone which exhibits the agility you see on tape. I think if he's there in the 5th you have to take him and I wouldn't rule him out in the 4th.


Theo Johnson, Penn State (6'6" 259) - Arguably the most Kelce-like TE in this draft, he can threaten the seam but he's a bit raw. I'm undecided if this kid is a 2nd or a 3rd round pick but he's no later than the 3rd. The more I've thought about it, the more I'd rather take my chances on what will fall to the bottom of 3 so if he's there he's there.

Jared Wiley, TCU (6'6" 249) - I'm sure you thought I'd put JaTavion Sanders on this list, and I nearly did, but I already alluded to not wanting to see TE in the first two rounds above. Wiley has great size and prototypical speed to threaten the seams. With a little more work on his lower body, he could become a plus blocker. He needs a little seasoning to figure out how to work with Pat on finding holes in zones and making himself available. Probably need to take this kid in round 4 but maybe you can hold out hope he falls to our 5th from Dallas.


Cedric Johnson, Mississippi (6'3" 260) - Has the takeoff, burst, and bend to threaten the edge consistently in the pros to go with a thick bottom half and a broad overall build. Some boards have Johnson as high as the 3rd with most in the 4th or 5th.

Brennan Jackson, Washington State (6'4" 264) - A little older for a prospect but he brings it every single down like a Maxx Crosby and gets results. As a probable middle-of-day-three guy, I'd take my chances.


Ruke Orhorhoro, Clemson (6'4" 294) - Ruke has everything you look for in a 3-technique DT with great burst, good hands, and agility to play outside his frame. That said, the Chiefs have Chris Jones locked up so my desire here is a bit more tempered than it was. He's a guy you have to take in the 2nd. If you think he can put on 20 pounds and play next to Jones more frequently than in reserve, I'd maybe take the shot.

DeWayne Carter, Duke (6'2" 302) - I had this guy in mocks last season when I thought he was going to declare but he went back for another year. He didn't do anything to really hurt himself and continues to look like a guy who could start at either spot in a 1-gapping scheme like the Chiefs have. I like him in the 3rd or 4th, though I don't think he'd last until the end of 4.

Jaden Crumedy, Mississippi State (6'4" 301) - Has all of the tools you want from a DT prospect in that he can put pressure on the QB, he can 2-gap if needed, and he can shut down the run. He won't be Chris Jones but Christian Wilkins isn't out of the question. Most boards have him hovering around the late 5th but I'd easily take him in the 4th.


Edgerrin Cooper, Texas A&M (6'2" 230) - Might go relatively high in the 2nd but I'm going to put him on the list because it's theoretically possible he's available. He's a sideline-to-sideline LB with the desire to abuse his target and that's never a bad thing. I'm not sure he'll be a guy Veach would move for but he'd be a guy I think he'd snap up quickly if he fell to our 2nd round pick.

Payton Wilson, N.C. State (6'4" 233) - He has two ACLs and a shoulder on his injury report and that's going to be tough on his evaluation but he has the tape and the athleticism of a 1st round pick. He could be a steal if you can get him at the bottom of the 2nd.


Kamari Lassiter, Georgia (6'0" 186) - Smooth feet and hips provide sticky coverage and he has a safety mentality in run support. Lassiter is the most Sneed-like CB in this draft. He could go anywhere from the middle of the 1st to the middle of the 2nd depending on who you ask so we'll have to see if he's there and what the situation is at LT and WR.

Andru Phillips, Kentucky (5'11" 190) - Not as smooth nor as disciplined as Lassiter but also very sticky in coverage with A+ run support. I think he'd be a strong consideration in the 3rd round.

Elijah Jones, Boston College (6'2" 185) - Jones is an underrated press-man corner in this draft who also tackles well but his slender frame gives a little concern. He's an easy consideration in the 4th round for me.

M.J. Devonshire, Pitt (5'11" 186) - Another solid press corner with ball skills but slightly more questionable run-support ability than those I have above him. He does have added value as a premier special teams player. I think he's a 5th round guy.


Jaden Hicks, Washington State (6'2" 211) - A bigger safety that can run and stick on tight ends plus he has good ball skills and a hitter's mentality. He's a lot like Cole Bishop, who I wanted to put on this list but couldn't do due to sheer numbers. The round value would need to be there for him. I'd take him in the 4th but not earlier.
Stryker 08:18 PM 04-02-2024
Crow nice job as always. You put so much in every year and it is very appreciated!
Coogs 05:30 AM 04-03-2024
I'll second that!
Couch-Potato 09:04 AM 04-03-2024
Great post! I'll start putting together my list, not sure I have 25 though.
Palangi 10:10 AM 04-03-2024
I would also add these players

OT Blake Fisher, Notre Dame 6’6” 310- was a RT at ND but as a true freshman he actually won the starting LT spot until injury derailed it and Alt stepped in. Has the size, length and athleticism to play the LT spot. Needs to get stronger but he is only 20 right now. Will be a second day pick. I wouldn’t mind him in the second round either

DE Myles Cole, Texas Tech 6’6” 280- a Omenihu type DE fits the Spags quota to a T. Can kick inside on passing downs. Ran a 4.5 forty at the combine and had almost 37” arms. A 4th or 5th round toe guy

DT Gabe Hall, Baylor 6’6” 295- a guy that can develop being jones for the next couple years. Give us depth. A 4th round type guy
Couch-Potato 09:23 PM 04-03-2024
Originally Posted by Couch-Potato:
Great post! I'll start putting together my list, not sure I have 25 though.
Came back to day Worthy > Franklin?!
duncan_idaho 06:48 AM 04-06-2024
Great list, crow. I had forgotten about Weaver…