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Dante84 02:41 PM 03-20-2024
Figured I would put together a visual of our current roster. A few notes below:

We have 66 guys on the Active Roster.

In my opinion, we have 35 virtual roster locks, meaning we have 18 openings to fill via FA, Draft, UDFA, or Trade to reach a 53-man roster.

In my opinion, we have a pool of 8 roster spots (not holes) we should look to upgrade (in no order):
1- Running Back #3 (Perine)
2- Tight End #3 (Smith)
3- Wide Receiver #5 (Toney)
4- Wide Receiver #6 (Moore)
5- Wide Receiver #7 [if we keep 7] (Ross)
6- Tackle #3 or #4 (Niang)
7- Cornerback #6 (Boye-Dowe)
8- DE/Edge #5 (Dickerson)

In my opinon, we have 9 open holes that need to be filled (in no order):
1- Left Tackle #1
2- Running Back #2
3- Tight End #2 or #3
4- Tackle #4 or #5 (swing)
5- Guard #3 (swing)
6- Wide Receiver #4
7- Linebacker #5
8- Safety #5
9- Quarterback #2

In my opinion, we have a pool of 10 roster-worthy former Chiefs who might return via FA (in no order):
- Donovan Smith
- Jack Cochrane
- Mike Danna
- Blaine Gabbert
- Jerrick McKinnon
- Nazeeh Johnson
- Clyde Edwards-Helaire
- Mecole Hardman
- Richie James
- Prince Tega-Wanagho

We are in wave 2 or 3 of Free Agency, and here's a link to the top available Free Agents still available.

We currently have 7 picks in the upcoming draft, and then UDFA's to choose from.
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Couch-Potato 06:04 PM 03-20-2024
Nice work!

I'll be interested to see the updated spreadsheet after the draft.
Nightfyre 07:26 PM 03-20-2024
I believe Cochran and Johnson were tendered as ERFAs. I could be wrong though
kccrow 07:48 PM 03-20-2024
Originally Posted by Nightfyre:
I believe Cochran and Johnson were tendered as ERFAs. I could be wrong though
They were, as were Caliendo, Herring, and Christiansen

Caliendo is the swing OG/C
kcbubb 09:02 PM 03-26-2024
Great thread. I’m glad someone pointed this out. Let’s assume we bring back Hardman on a cheap deal. Do we even need to draft a wr? I know many are hungry for it and if a wr is the best player available, I’m all for it but WR is not a need.
kcbubb 03-26-2024, 09:03 PM
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The Franchise 09:15 AM 03-27-2024
I don't know if we keep 7 WRs this year.