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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Let's talk Wide Receivers
Titty Meat 10:42 PM 01-13-2023
It's fucking DEEP. Off the top of my head first round potential guys:

Jalin Hyatt Tenny
Cedric Tillman Tenny
Jonathan Mingo
Quentin Johnston TCU
Jaxon Smith-Njigba Ohio State
Kayshon Boutte LSU
Jordan Addison USC
TribalElder 01:54 PM 09-09-2023

Abba-Dabba 06:39 AM 09-10-2023
The son of another NFL HOF WR. Tale of 2 worlds. One(Jr.) will go real high on day 1, the other more than likely a day 3 pick.

spanky 52 08:29 AM 09-10-2023
If Sky Moore is a 2nd round pick, Brenden Rice is too.
Abba-Dabba 09:01 AM 09-10-2023
Originally Posted by spanky 52:
If Sky Moore is a 2nd round pick, Brenden Rice is too.
Brendan Rice I look at and I see a slightly quicker Michael Pittman Jr.

It will be interesting to see how much favor his family name will get him in the draft. Will SF over draft him to make sure they get him? It seems like something they would do.
Shoes 09:12 AM 09-11-2023
Most impressive week 1 debuts by rookie WR's:

Puka Nacua- Feel like we didn't really talk about Puka at all in this thread, really impressive performance bringing down 10 catches for 119 yards. Felt like Nacua owned the middle of the field all day in Seattle. Nacua's day could have even been more special if Stafford hit him on a streak where it appeared Puka had a step. Rams might have found a real nice compliment to Kupp.

Zay Flowers- Zay Flowers truthers will be pleased with his week 1 performance, 9 catches for 78 yards. His explosiveness and change of direction ability shined on Sunday. Flashed on a few screen passes where he racked up the YAC yards.

Jordan Addison- Fairly quiet day but Addison did get behind the defense to score a 41 yard TD. Addison finished with 4 catches for 61 yards.
Kiimo 04:20 PM 09-18-2023
As long as we're taking victory laps we're about to see Jalin Hyatt get the start for the Giants after he was instrumental in completely transforming their offense when he played.

But people kept telling me my eyes weren't seeing what they were seeing. It's a gimmick offense, they said.

Couch-Potato 03:47 PM 09-19-2023
Puka is the guy!

Also noted Tank Dell making waves in HOU, and Mims in DEN, good for them!

Have not heard a single thing about A.T. Perry.
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