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Rain Man 12:15 AM 03-22-2009
The original post is below in blue, but let's summarize it here based on the past few years.

1. If you're a new player, start with the current Chiefs roster. If you've been playing for a while you'll have your own evolved roster.

2. You can add any free agent that the Chiefs add.

3. You lose any free agent that the Chiefs lose, but only if they were on the Chiefs' roster when you began playing.

4. You can accept or reject any trade the Chiefs make as long as any Chiefs player involved is currently on your roster.

5. You do not get players that the Chiefs draft. You draft your own players, using the same draft picks that the Chiefs have.

6. You can trade down ONE time before the draft or after the draft. If you trade down before the draft, you get up to full value for your pick according to this chart: (Note: this chart was updated in 2022.) If you trade down after the draft, the value of the picks you trade must be discounted by at least 25 percent. Any trade down must involve only the picks of one NFL team, and you cannot receive more than two picks more than you give up. (In other words, if you trade away one draft pick you cannot pick up more than three in return.) The other team's picks also must be picks that they held prior to the opening of the draft. See the examples at the bottom of the post.

6. You can trade up ONE time before the draft or after the draft. If you trade up before the draft, you get up to full value for your pick according to this chart: (Note: this chart was updated in 2022.). If you trade up after the draft, the value of the picks you trade must be discounted by at least 15 percent. Any trade up must involve only the picks of one NFL team. The other team's picks also must be picks that they held prior to the opening of the draft.

7. By the beginning of the season, you must reduce your total roster to include only 53 players.

Original post: You can ignore this now.


Added Rules and Reminders:

1. Remember that you can draft undrafted rookies, so you don't have to select only guys who were drafted.

2. Anyone can change their rookie draft selections at any time, UNTIL we reach ten days before training camp. At that point, all picks will be locked in.

3. Each team can do ONE trade of draft picks if they like, using this chart: However, if you're trading up, you have to pay 15 percent more than the stated value of the picks you're obtaining. If you're trading down, your pick's value will be discounted by 25 percent.

For example, if you want to trade up from the 20th pick in the 1st to the 10th pick, you can see from the chart that the 20th pick is worth 259 points. The 10th pick is normally 369 points, but by paying 15 percent more, it will cost you 1.15*369, or 424 points. So you would need to come up with another 165 points to make the deal (424-259)

For example, if you want to trade down from the 20th pick in the 1st and pick up the 10th pick in the 2nd, your 20th pick would normally be worth 259 points, but in this game it will be worth 25 percent less, or 194 points. The 10th pick in the 2nd is worth 142 points, so you can get 52 points back from the other team. (Remember that you cannot pick up more than two extra picks in the trade, so consider your math carefully.)

You can do only ONE draft-pick trade up and ONE draft-pick trade down, and in each case you can only trade with one other team for their own picks. (In other words, you couldn't take the 52 points in the above example from a third team.)

kccrow 02:11 AM 08-27-2018
Originally Posted by Rain Man:
It would be nice if you could pull a rookie starter out of your second round pick, kccrow.

I wonder what the deal is with your fourth rounder. That's odd.
I hope so too. No idea what's going on with Cole Madison, some speculate it's alcohol treatment, some speculate family crisis. It's really a hodgepodge of wtf and I was really looking for this guy to end my team's crisis at guard.

A weird situation you have going with Penny. I also expected him to assume the starting role and slide Carson down to the 3rd down/change of pace back. I drafted that schmo last year late and he was a pleasant surprise.

If you nail all those mid-rounders, you're going to have a damn solid team and it looks as though you might. Thankfully your MASH unit is late round picks that have trouble making rosters and being difference makers anyhow.
kccrow 09:30 AM 09-02-2018

2018 Roster

Offense (25)
QB Patrick Mahomes II (#1-10/17, KC)
QB Chad Henne (FA/18, KC)

RB Christopher Carson (#7-245/17, SEA)
RB Spencer Ware
RB Aaron Jones (#5-180/17, GB)
RB Darrel Williams (UDFA/18, KC)

FB Anthony Sherman

WR Sammy Watkins (FA/18, KC)
WR Tyler Boyd (#2-37/16, CIN)
WR Chris Conley
WR Stacy Coley (#6-218/17, MIN)
WR Rashard Higgins (#5-162/16, CLE)
WR Marcus Kemp (FA/18, KC)

TE Travis Kelce
TE Demetrius Harris
TE Alex Ellis (FA/18, KC)

OT Eric Fisher
OT Mitchell Schwartz
OT Andrew Wylie (FA/18, KC)

OG Laurent Duvernay-Tardif
OG Connor McGovern (#4-126/16, DEN)
OG Cole Madison (#4-122/18, GB)
OG Ike Boettger (FA/18, KC)

OC Mitch Morse
OC Bradley Bozeman (#6-198/18, BAL)

Defense (25)
DL Allen Bailey
DL Xavier Williams (FA/18, KC)
DL Carlos Watkins (#4-132/17, HOU)
DL Harrison Phillips (#3-95/18, BUF)
DL Zach Sieler (#7-219/18, BAL)
DL Justin Hamilton (FA/18, KC)

OLB Justin Houston
OLB Matt Judon (#4-129/16, BAL)
OLB Dee Ford
OLB Tanoh Kpassagnon (#2-59/17, KC)
OLB Ogbonnia Okoronkwo (#5-159/18, LAR)

ILB Anthony Hitchens (FA/18, KC)
ILB Reggie Ragland (f/BUF 2019 4th)
ILB Blair Brown (#5-148/17, JAX)
ILB Ben Niemann (UDFA/18, KC)

CB Kendall Fuller (T-WAS/18, KC)
CB Steven Nelson
CB Tarvarius Moore (#3-86/18, SF)
CB Tremon Smith (#6-196/18, KC)
CB Holton Hill (#7-243/18, MIN)

DB Eric Berry
DB Jessie Bates (#2-52/18, CIN)
DB Ron Parker (FA/18, KC)
DB Daniel Sorensen
DB Jordan Lucas (f/MIA 2020 7th, KC)

Special Teams (3)
K Harrison Butker (FA/17, KC)
P Dustin Colquitt
LS James Winchester

Notes: Roster still has a ways to go, but overall I'm okay with it. I have to hope Penny doesn't snag too many carries from Carson this year and it looks like I might have to find a real workhorse back soon. Other than that, the secondary definitely will need more work and so too will receiver. Hoping some picks on the D-line start to show some rewards this year. Had to swallow some pride on some cuts this year, losing two 3rd rounders. Good thing my 4th rounders are coming through for me to make up for it.
I am accepting the trade KC made for Jordan Lucas. I'm also assuming KC brings Ron Parker back for real. I don't have much time to put into this before the season starts. If KC makes any blockbuster deals or signings (hahaha), I'll edit if necessary.

Notable Cuts...
OL Dorian Johnson (#3-104/17, CAR) - Tough pill to swallow here, but after being cut again this offseason, I think I whiffed pretty hard.
CB Kalan Reed (#7-250/16, TEN) - Broke his foot then cut, but has been a bubble player his entire career.
CB KeiVarae Russell (#3-74/16, CIN) - Never, ever, trust John Dorsey again.
K Zane Gonzalez (#7-222/17, CLE) - No sense keeping a shitty kicker when I have the Butk-ick-er
WR Jeremy Maclin - Held him on the roster last year while he was in BAL, but this ship has sailed.
WR De'Anthony Thomas - Rather keep Kemp than this shitter, would have kept Pringle but he'll be re-signed next year.
QB Matt McGloin - Not worth a spot, I'd have kept Litton.
ILB Joshua Perry (#4-99/16, IND) - My OSU blinders got the best of me on this one. Retired due to concussions.
ILB Derrick Johnson - yeah...
DL Jarvis Jenkins (FA/17, KC) - Would rather go with the youth of Hamilton
RB Damien Williams (FA/18, KC) - Can't keep 5 RBs. 4 is already pushing it.
CB D.J. White (#6-178/16, IND) - Cut from Indy now too... I really thought this kid would make it as a FS in the league.
OG Ryan Hunter (UDFA/18, KC) - I really like Hunter and hope he develops on the PS and is a potential re-sign next season. I do, however, like Boettger a lot and put him in quite a few mocks when he came out.

Running Draft Pick Tab
2019 4th to BUF (R. Ragland)
2019 2nd from LAR (M. Peters)
2020 7th to MIA (J. Lucas)
Rain Man 05:39 PM 09-02-2018
Okay, the 53 man rosters are due now. kccrow is on the ball.
Rain Man 06:23 PM 09-02-2018
Whew, this was a tough process this year. I want to keep my roster realistic, but had to make a couple of stretches due to talent differentials and some challenging injuries.

Here's my 53-man roster for 2018.


Russell Wilson (Seahawks)
Nathan Peterman (Bills)
Chase Litton

Strong starter and young depth. I hope that Wilson doesn't get hurt while the other guys are learning, though.


Alvin Kamara (Saints)
Rashaad Penny (Seahawks)
Damien Williams
Samaje Perine (Redskins)
Justin Jackson (Chargers)

The bottom of this group is pure potential. I need Kamara to come through and for Penny to develop. I hate keeping Perine and Jackson over Darrell Williams, but owe them time to develop.


Sammy Watkins
James Washington (Steelers)
Donte Moncrief (Colts)
Marcus Kemp
Byron Pringle

This group is really thin, and also unproven at the top, but with potential. I need Washington to have a good rookie season. I'm keeping Pringle just because I need five, even though he's injured.


Travis Kelce (Chiefs)
Alex Ellis
Ben Koyack (Jaguars)

Koyack actually got cut, but I need three TEs and figure he's the best bet to find a roster. Strong at the top.


Mitchell Schwartz (Browns/Chiefs)
Morgan Moses (Redskins)
Tyrell Crosby (Lions)
Andrew Wylie
Corey Robinson (Panthers)

I've been slowly turning this into a strength. Schwartz is out of position at LT, but Crosby and Wylie are developing as backup LTs. I like this group a lot. Wylie and Crosby can both back up the inside positions this year.

Wyatt Teller (Bills)
Christian Westerman (Bengals)

I've had trouble building guards, so I'm going with potential here. Both of these guys are backups on their NFL teams, but are young and hopefully ascending.


Cody Whitehair (Bears )

Strong here. No depth, but strong.


Harrison Butker

Best kicker in the league

Dustin Colquitt

Best punter in the league.

James Winchester

Best long snapper in the league.


Jordan Poyer (Bills)
Ron Parker

Poyer has been solid, and Parker is back to provide depth.


Reshad Jones (Dolphins)

Pro bowler continues to produce. Killebrew is now apparently a linebacker but will back him up.


Marcus Peters (Rams)
Kendall Fuller (Redskins)
Desmond King (Chargers)
Steve Nelson (Chiefs)

This is a fearsome group. Strong and deep.


AJ Klein (Saints)
Jack Cichy (Buccaneers)
Miles Killebrew (Lions)

Odd group here. I'll likely go with a 3-4 and move Charlton and Armstrong here for pass rush. Klein will get action, Cichy is depth, and Killebrew is a hybrid safety/linebacker for depth.


Zach Brown (Titans)
Reggie Ragland (Chiefs)
Anthony Hitchens
Ben Niemann
Derrick Johnson (Chiefs)

This is a very deep group. Brown and Ragland will likely start, though DJ and Hitchens will have every opportunity. Niemann will learn from a strong group.


Taco Charlton (Cowboys)
Dorance Armstrong (Cowboys)
Ifeadi Odenigbo (Vikings)
Ade Aruna
Hercules Mata'afa

Okay, these guys are listed as DEs, but I'll go 3-4 and put Charlton and Armstrong on the edge as pass rushers in many situations. Odenigbo is a backup and the other two guys are injured rookies that I'm stashing. None of these guys will see the field as a DE on my team, but I really need Charlton and Armstrong to come through as pass rushers.


Brandon Williams (Ravens)
Star Lotulelei (Bills)
Andrew Billings (Bengals)
Xavier Williams
Maurice Hurst
Michael Bennett (Jaguars)

I'm going 3-4 and these guys are my line. Brandon, Star, and Billings will start with a strong rotation by the other three. Michael Bennett (the Jag, not the famous one) somehow keeps staying on my roster and is slowly ascending each year as I plan to cut him and can't.


My six toughest cuts were:

1. Darrell Williams, RB. Potential, but position is too crowded.
2. Dorian Johnson, G. (Shrug.)
3. Caleb Brantley, DT. I thought he was doing well, but he got cut.
4. Kendall Wright, WR. Longtime leader on my team, and I think he'll catch on somewhere.
5. Brett Hundley, QB. Potential, even if it hasn't been realized.
6. Arrion Springs, CB. Potential at a crowded position.

QB - I had great depth here, and had to cut some productive players.

Brett Hundley (Packers)
Chad Henne
Matt McGloin

RB - I really hated to cut Williams. He was my 54th man. I felt that I had to keep a couple of former draft picks to continue giving them time to develop. I may regret that. Spiller was my first-round pick many years ago and I kept him on the roster for a long time.

Darrell Williams
Jamaal Charles (former Chiefs)
Akeem Hunt
C.J. Spiller. (Bills/Saints/Chiefs)
JD Moore

WR - Wright was my first round pick many years ago and served me well. I bid him well. I took a talent hit here in the offseason.

Kendall Wright (Titans/Bears)
Malachi Dupre (Packers)
Jeremy Maclin (Chiefs/Ravens)
Gehrig Dieter
Josh Crockett

TE - Cut a couple of veterans here.

Jace Amaro
Anthony Fasano (Titans/Dolphins)

OT - Watson is still on a team, but it's the Broncos. He's a high draft pick that I'm giving up on.

Menelik Watson (Broncos)

G - Lots of practice squad guys, and giving up on a couple of previous draft picks. Alex Boone was in my first draft class and served me very well for a long time.

Dorian Johnson (Cardinals)
Evan Boehm (Cardinals)
Ike Boettger
Tejan Koroma
Dillon Gordon
Alex Boone (49ers)

C - Cutting a couple of practice squad guys.

Ryan Hunter
Jimmy Murray

K - Cairo may catch on to another team, but I've got Butker.

Cairo Santos (Jets)

FS - Don't know enough about Lucas and may regret cutting him.

Jordan Lucas
Step Durham

SS - Giving up on a late round pick here.

Derron Smith (Bengals)
D'Montre Wade

CB - I hated to cut Springs, and Scandrick was good depth.

Arrion Springs
Orlando Scandrick
Kalan Reed (Titans)
Keith Reaser
David Amerson

OLB - I'm surprised to cut Price because I thought he was ascending. Hali was a great team player for a long time.

Ejuan Price (Rams)
Rob McCray
Tamba Hali (Chiefs)

ILB - Scooby was a late-round value play who can't stay on the roster.

Scooby Wright (Cardinals)

DE - I had high hopes for Orchard, but he got buried on the depth chart and never produced.

Nate Orchard (Browns)
Dee Liner

DT - I'm shocked to cut Brantley as I thought he was ascending. Oh, well.

Caleb Brantley (Browns)
kccrow 11:44 PM 09-02-2018
Surprising me with 5 RBs Rain Man. Thought you'd hang onto Wright and hope he catches on as someone's slot. Your WR corps looks about as stellar as mine at the moment.
Rain Man 03:43 PM 09-03-2018
Originally Posted by kccrow:
Surprising me with 5 RBs Rain Man. Thought you'd hang onto Wright and hope he catches on as someone's slot. Your WR corps looks about as stellar as mine at the moment.
Yeah, I hated cutting Wright. He's never been a star, but he's always been productive. But sometimes you have to go with youth, I guess, and I figure there's a reason that he and Maclin are both mowing their lawns right now.

My RBs are a conundrum. I have a rule where I never cut a drafted rookie, because I think they deserve at least a year to develop. So I'm keeping Justin Jackson even though he's been underwhelming so far. I thought Perine was going to be productive, and he got a lot of carries last year with some abysmal average. I think he's going down instead of up, but I want to give him one more year for the light bulb to come on.

I keep wanting to switch to a 4-3, but I may be about to give up on that. I seem to have a skill at picking big defensive linemen, and ILBs keep appearing on my roster without effort on my part, while I struggle with OLBs and 4-3 DEs.
kccrow 06:38 AM 10-01-2018
Tyler Boyd is really starting to become something for me. He's had at least 6 catches and more than 90 yards in 3 straight games and has a couple TDs.

If Mike Mother-F'n McCarthy would actually make Aaron Jones the featured back in GB my offense would be pretty well set up...

Bates is playing outstanding for a rookie at FS, so that should help ease the burden in the secondary. If I can have Tarvarius Moore hit, that'd make the 2019 draft much easier but it still looks like I'll need a SS and a CB.

Carlos Watkins hasn't played a snap for me so that's hurting the shit out of my D-Line full of projects. Phillips has been solid in his role, but we won't see him full time until 2019 I'd imagine.
Rain Man 09:28 PM 11-04-2018
My midseason update after Week 9. My early-round guys are notably unimpressive so far, which is causing concern in my franchise. My middle-round guys are doing as well as expected or better, and my late-round guys are mostly missing knees.

Maurice Hurst is my only obvious win at the moment.

Round 1, Pick 22 Rashaad Penny

Very disappointing so far. He couldn't take the starting job, and he's produced about 200 yards in total offense in spot duty with a very unimpressive ypc. He's listed as the 3rd-string HB.

Round 2, pick 54 James Washington

He's barely seen the field. 5 receptions through Week 9. Another guy who needs to step up. In fairness, he's behind some entrenched starters in Pittsburgh. He's listed as a 2nd-string WR.

Round 3, pick 86 Traded down for 4.116, 4-137, and 7-236

Yes - Round 4, pick 116 Dorance Armstrong

He's made one start behind a crowded defensive end lineup in Dallas. He's listed as a 3rd-string DE and it may be hard to move up unless some guys move on in the offseason.

Round 4, pick 122 Maurice Hurst

A bright spot in the draft. He's started 7 games and by all accounts is playing well. He may be my second-best D-lineman as a rookie.

Round 4, pick 137 Tyrell Crosby

He's only appeared in one game so far, though I've heard that he's got talent. He's listed as the 2nd-string RT.

Round 5, Pick 159 Wyatt Teller

No game action at all, but I think he's got the potential to move up over time. He's listed as the 2nd-string LG.

Round 6, pick 196 Jack Cichy

He had been playing regularly, I think on special teams, but went on IR with an ACL injury a couple of weeks ago.

Round 6, pick 209 Ade Aruna

On IR with a preseason ACL injury.

Round 7, pick 236 Justin Jackson

He's gotten a handful of rushing attempts and receptions this year as a backup. He's third-string with a hard path to move up.

Round 7, pick 240 Hercules Mata'afa

On IR with a preseason ACL injury.
kccrow 12:14 PM 11-05-2018
I'll give you an update on mine as well Rainman.

2018 Draft Notes
2(43) Jessie Bates, FS, Wake Forest
Has looked not just good as a rookie, but has been one of the best safeties in the NFL this sesaon. 60 tackles, 4 passes defensed, and 3 interceptions (1 for a TD) through 8 games.

3(86) Tarvarius Moore, CB/FS, Southern Mississippi
Huge disappointment. I banked on Moore being a guy that would at least help my secondary by being a slot guy and he can't even see the field. I'm worried this pick could be a flop.

3(95) Harrison Phillips, DT, Stanford
Has been a solid rotational lineman for Buffalo and they see him as the heir to Kyle Williams. So far he's looked good with 19 tackles, 4 for a loss, and a fumble recovery. Next year should be his year to prove it.

4(122) Cole Madison, OT/G, Washington State
I still haven't heard anything about this kid. He was put on the Reserve/Did Not Report list back in camp and the only thing the Packers said was that they fully support whatever personal issue he had going on. It seems likely he isn't going to be with the team in 2018 and not knowing his status for 2019 sure puts a damper on my O-Line depth.

5(159) Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, EDGE, Oklahoma
Broke his foot training in May and had surgery so the Rams put him on the PUP list where he still resides.

6(196) Tremon Smith, CB, Central Arkansas
4 tackles in 7 games of action and hasn't looked very good. Does look good as a kick returner, averaging over 33 yards per on 10 attempts.

6(198) Bradley Bozeman, OC, Alabama
Has been a reserve lineman for the Ravens. Started a game Week 7 but has had a calf injury and out for the past 2 weeks.

7(219) Zach Sieler, DE, Ferris State
Saw very limited action in a couple games recently and has 1 tackle. He's loaded with potential, but I knew this would be a strength training year for him.

7(243) Holton Hill, CB, Texas
Getting playing time for Minnesota. Through 9 games he has 14 tackles, 3 passes defensed, 2 forced fumbles, 1 interception and started a game due to injury. Also is averaging just over 28 yards per kick return on 3 returns. Reports are that the Vikings really like him.

Other Notes:
My offense looks pretty solid at the moment. Mahomes is, of course, tearing it up. Chris Carson is starting in SEA and averaging 4.5 a carry. Aaron Jones looks like he's going to be the full-time starter now in GB since the Montgomery trade and he's averaging 6.0 a carry. Spencer Ware is like a little cherry on top now since he's been resuming his backup role. Boyd has been spectacular as the #2 in Cincy this year and seems to be finally putting it together. I'm going to need to add a couple receivers soon though. McGovern is starting in Denver this year after 2 on the bench, which really helps my O-line. I may have to spend a couple picks on depth though.

Defensively, well... The D-Line is a hodgepodge of things with Phillips looking like he'll develop into a mainstay. Outside of him, it's up in the air. Right now I'm okay at OLB with Judon in the mix. I was really hoping to get a bead on Oko before the end of the year so I know what to do there given the potential Ford situation. ILB is a mess. I've burned a few picks on the position and none seem to pan out. Blair Brown was supposed to have a shot to start this year, instead, he looks more like the actress. He has 1 tackle. CB is not that great. My 3rd rounder hasn't seen the field and I have the Chiefs' trash otherwise except for Hill who just may pan out for me. At safety, I'm set for the foreseeable future at FS with Bates who is a stud. Berry being a giant pussy leaves me needing to visit the position again though for a SS and probably some depth. STs is full of studs.
Rain Man 02:27 PM 11-05-2018
Nice work on Bates, kccrow. Right now, he's looking better than both my 1st and my 2nd round picks.
kccrow 04:20 PM 11-05-2018
Originally Posted by Rain Man:
Nice work on Bates, kccrow. Right now, he's looking better than both my 1st and my 2nd round picks.
It's like a diamond ring in a dumpster at this point haha. 8 other picks and really not one that has me too excited. I think Phillips will be what Kyle Williams has been, just a rock on the inside for a decade. He won't be flashy, just will get the job done. Won't be bad for a 3rd round pick though. Other than him, a lot of questions right now. Given my defensive picks in 2017 don't look too hot either, I'm turning into John Dorsey.
wazu 10:57 PM 11-14-2018
Overdue, but need to provide my 53 man roster:

Patrick Mahomes
Brock Osweiler (Dolphins)
Chad Henne
Paxton Lynch

Kareem Hunt
Kenneth Dixon (Ravens)
Anthony Sherman
Damien Williams
Kerwynn Williams

Sammy Watkins
Jehu Chesson
Tavon Austin (Cowboys)
Rishard Matthews (Jets)
De'Anthony Thomas
Mike Thomas (Rams)
Marcus Kemp
Michael Gallup (Cowboys)
Cedrick Wilson (Cowboys)

Travis Kelce
Maxx Williams (Ravens)

T.J. Clemmings (Vikings)
Jordan Devey
Andrew Wylie
Jamarco Jones (Seahawks)

David DeCastro (Steelers)
Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff
Max Garcia (Broncos)
La’el Collins (Cowboys)

Will Clapp (Saints)

Harrison Butker

Dustin Colquitt

Eric Berry
George Iloka (Vikings)

P.J. Williams (Saints)
Jordan Poyer (Bills)
Kalen Reed (Seahawks)
Kendall Fuller
Donte Jackson (Panthers)

Justin Houston
Shane Ray (Broncos)
Dee Ford
Dorian O'Daniel
Ogbonnia Okoronkwo (Rams)

Anthony Hitchens
Reggie Ragland
Ukeme Eligwe
Vontaze Burflict (Bengals)

Allen Bailey
Tanoh Kpassagnon
Jarvis Jenkins
Joe Ostman (Eagles)
Justin Lawler (Rams)

Xavier Williams
kccrow 06:23 PM 11-23-2018
Looking at my roster, here's my needs assessment... Doesn't look pretty... Some major holes to fill. Might have to draft more for pure need this go around. Major potential losses in bold. I'm not too worried about the RFAs, I think they all get re-signed. What the Chiefs do in FA is going to be important.

RB3 Spencer Ware UFA
WR3 Chris Conley UFA
TE2 Demetrius Harris UFA
FB1 Anthony Sherman UFA
OG4 Ike Boettger UFA
OC1 Mitch Morse UFA
DL1 Allen Bailey UFA
OLB2 Dee Ford UFA
CB2 Steven Nelson UFA
DB3 Ron Parker UFA
WR5 Rashard Higgins RFA
DL6 Justin Hamilton ERFA
DB5 Jordan Lucas ERFA
K Harrison Butker ERFA

Potential losses in 2020 compound it with OLB3 Matt Judon, WR2 Tyler Boyd, DL2 Xavier Williams, CB1 Kendall Fuller, and OG2 Connor McGovern on the slate. Although I can't foresee any of those guys being shown the league's doors, Williams and Fuller are Chiefs FAs.
wazu 01:31 PM 11-24-2018
My team looks horrendous, but my job should be safe for the next couple of decades due to my brilliant selection of Patrick Mahomes.
kccrow 02:34 PM 11-24-2018
Originally Posted by wazu:
My team looks horrendous, but my job should be safe for the next couple of decades due to my brilliant selection of Patrick Mahomes.
I dunno, fix that Dline and I think you're looking pretty solid.
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