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KurtCauley 09:36 AM 01-10-2019
Guys, I can't even sit still. I'm so dang anxious for Saturday to come. I feel worthless at work. I'm just spending all my time reading about Saturday's game.

How about everyone else? What's everyone doing to make the time pass?
suzzer99 06:18 PM 01-11-2019
Originally Posted by mr. tegu:
I just checked the Australian broadcast. Itís halftime and the Chiefs are winning 24-10.

MahiMike 07:28 PM 01-11-2019
Originally Posted by Deberg_1990:
Whatever happens Saturday the sun will shine another day and life will go on.

Totally at peace with whatever the outcome might be.
Amen brother! In Mahomes we Trust!
deadman 07:35 PM 01-11-2019
Some light reading to pass the time. The comments are the best.

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jerryaldini 01:21 AM 01-12-2019
Originally Posted by grandllama:
I donít know a better thread to post this in. My name is Llama, long time member of the board, long time sufferer of the Chiefs.

I work from home in the center of Colts hell - so yes itís been nasty this week.

But I want to give props to Mrs. Llama. (Not the Mrs Llama the old timers know, I married a GA peach about six years ago)

She works at a large call center in Indy. First time ever at this call center today was Blue Friday. Mrs Llama wore my Mahomes Jersey. Only red in thousands of blue lol. She has been disowned by her coworkers but embraced even more by me :-)
Gutsy lady. Way to rep!
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