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Patteeu Memorial Political Forum>So Blackrock is buying all of our available housing
Chiefspants 10:33 AM 06-09-2021
Here's the link to the full WSJ article:

This is eviscerating the housing market in CO right now. A couple of my close friends (an engineer and a pharmacist) are getting outbid by 20-50K with each house they try to buy due to this practice.

This feels like it could absolutely impact the potential for upward mobility in this country.

Repost police stick it where it counts.
BucEyedPea 03:13 PM 06-10-2021
Originally Posted by Prison Bitch:
Virtually all the charges were dropped.
Prison Bitch 05:55 PM 06-10-2021
Originally Posted by AdolfOliverBush:
The only problem the far right has ever solved is "How do we get rid of all these Jews?"

Adolph: “Hey everyone: we’re marching to the Blackrock executive suite! Grab your torches and pitchforks!”

PB: Um, sir: they’re all Jewish.

Adolph: “WHAT???? Nobody told me this. Call off the march right now!!!!”
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