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The Gonzo Lounge>Suggested Post-Draft Free Agents & Trade Ideas?
Couch-Potato 07:13 AM 05-02-2021
What say you CP? What are the best available FA acquisitions and trade scenarios for the Chiefs post-draft?

Shwartz or Fisher, to compete with Niang for RT?

Breeland, Earl Thomas or Sherman at DB?

Melvin Ingram as dedicated Pass Rusher?

Larry Fitzgerald or Goldan Tate as WR #2?

Pull off the big trade for Julio!?
scho63 09:35 PM 05-02-2021
I hope Tommy Townsend 2021 is much better than Tommy Townsend 2020 Superbowl.
BigChiefFan 09:43 PM 05-02-2021
Iíd almost take a flyer on WR Laquon Treadwell.
Wilson8 09:45 PM 05-02-2021
Originally Posted by Chief Roundup:
I am figuring they will carry 9 or maybe 10 OL
2020 NFL CBA makes it important to carry extra OL, so probably Chiefs go with 10 but if they do some OL trading, they might go with 9.

Originally Posted by :
New CBA rule: Starting this season (2020), game-day active rosters, which used to be limited to 46 players per team, can include up to 48 players, provided that at least eight of those 48 are offensive linemen. (If not, the game-day roster size is limited to 47 players.)
If the Chiefs could get some type of player swap for Nick Allegretti and/or Andrew Wylie, they should do it because they are probably odd man out.

The goal would be to have the new/young players start as soon as they are ready. It's very possible that Blythe, Long, and Remmers are the starters though.

OL (10) LT Orlando Brown, LG Joe Thuney, C Creed Humphry/Austin Blythe, RG Trey Smith/Laurent Duvernay-Tardif/Kyle Long, RT Lucas Niang/Mike Remmers. The OL backups would be the four from above that aren't starting plus Nick Allegretti or Andrew Wylie if they aren't traded.

It will be interesting to see if NFL continues the Practice Squad (COVID) rules. Teams were able to keep 16 players on PS and bring up 2 players for games. If PS stays at 16, we will probably try to slip Yasir Durant, Prince Tega Wanogho, and Darryl Williams on it.
oldman 10:44 PM 05-02-2021
Originally Posted by Chief Roundup:
I am figuring they will carry 9 or maybe 10 OL

Orlando Brown Jr
Joe Thuney
Creed Humphrey

Lucas Niang, is the Swing Tackle the thought of Remmers back at LT is cringy.
Austin Blythe is the first backup at C.
Kyle Long is the first backup at RG.
Nick Allegretti is the first backup at LG.
Trey Smith, Daryl Williams, Prince Tega Wanogho all might make it to the PS.
Andrew Wylie, Martinas Rankin, Yasir Durant, Bryan Witzman might all get cut or traded, we wouldn't get anything really but hey we might be able to get another Charvarius Ward type. :-)

Injuries will happen so someone might start the season on PUP or IR.
I pretty much agree wiith you except they aren't going to sneak Smith onto the PS. Is Remmers that much better than Rankin? I've seen about all I can stand of him at LT.
CatfishBob2 11:09 PM 05-02-2021
With all the work we've done on the OL I'm cool with DW31 as the RB2..... But I don't trust Mckinnon ......I wonder how much it would cost to get an RB off of one of the teams that drafted one, like Cohen off of the Bears or Mcfarland off of the Steelers
booger 12:53 AM 05-03-2021
Assuming KJ Wright is going to be too expensive cap/cash wise another player in that same build is Devondre Campbell who was Damien Wilsonís teammate at U of Minnesota. 6-4 232 33 1/2Ē arms. Thatís a little above average for a DL but at LB thatís rare and well above average. A plus when rushing the passer, shedding blocks playing off the ball and always a plus in pass coverage. Heís just turning 28 before camp starts and a free agent. He has experience in the 4-3 under with the falcons when Dan Quinn drafted him. I wouldnít want him taking snaps from Gay or Bolton but he could provide depth if heís wanting to go ring chasing on a one year minimum or limited incentive type deal.

Weíve got a guy in Omari Cobb with the same type build. 6-4 223(probably bigger now) 33 1/2Ē arm length as well. Now if Cobb has developed and Matt House and the rest of the coaches and like his progress that would be great for the future at LB.

Darrius Harrisís arm length btw... 34 1/8Ē...thatís very good for OT and DE let alone LB. same thing here, if youíre going to walk an off the ball LB and let them rush like NE does with guys like Van Noy and Hightower those are 2 UDFAís from last year under contract. Not nearly the same players talent wise as the two mentioned from NE Iím just saying itís something to keep an eye on and hope for some development.

Just something I was looking at when I wanted to look at what Tim Ward and Tershawn measurements were because always gives ht and weight thatís way off with udfaís when they might want to try to stash them on the taxi squad.

Ward 6-5 265 34 1/2Ē arm length

Wharton 6-1 280 (listed at 6-4 255 on lmao) 31 1/4Ē arm length
Thatís center only if youíre talking OL and even below average for an interior DL. But he plays his ass of and his persuit and taking angles to find the ball is outstanding. Heís all hustle and effort and like an undrafted John Randle has created a role for himself.

Rankins-since weíre all wondering who can be a backup at LT
33 3/4Ē arm length which is about average to even maybe a little less than Reid would prefer. Could be one of the reasons he struggles outside in the past in Houston.

Prince Winnebago dude
33 1/2Ē arm length

Same thing with him. Like Rankin he would probably be better at G in KCís O.

Doesnít mean he canít compete and even win the job of 2nd string LT.
Just something to look at with some of these guys and where they want to play them

But yeah I know the names mentioned with FA DE in Ingram Kerrigan and when heís healthy Vernon. I agree with those just like KJ Wright and Campbell at LB
booger 01:18 AM 05-03-2021
Originally Posted by Chris Meck:
also, gentlemen, let us not forget:

Antonio Callaway, who IF he's got his life straightened out, is a real and legitimate game-breaking NFL talent. The fact that we've not overspent in FA or taken a guy early in the draft tells me that Veach and Reid might really like this player that they stashed away on the PS last season.

Here's what Matt Miller had to say about him in 2018 prior to the draft:

"based on talent alone, Calloway would be a top 3 receiver in this draft".

Sorry, I don't know how to embed (okay, boomer)

he's 5'11, 200 lbs. and 24 years old.

I'm just saying.

I don't expect a big splash WR signing. Some bargain shopping perhaps.
To a lesser level of talent Chad Williams and Tajae Sharpe as well. Calloway has the most explosiveness but itís nice to have 3 guys with that game experience at the pro level rather than just udfa bodies. It should make that position more competitive this offseason and camp
JakeF 02:41 AM 05-03-2021
A Passrusher opposite of Clark.

The ability to rush 4 and drop 7 and still get the QB is huge in the NFL.
MahomesMagic 05:37 AM 05-03-2021
Give me a another pass rusher and trade for Julio Jones.
Dunerdr 06:09 AM 05-03-2021
Originally Posted by BigChiefFan:
Iíd almost take a flyer on WR Laquon Treadwell.
What a disappointing career he has had.
Chief Roundup 06:10 AM 05-03-2021
Originally Posted by oldman:
I pretty much agree wiith you except they aren't going to sneak Smith onto the PS. Is Remmers that much better than Rankin? I've seen about all I can stand of him at LT.
Rankin even with our OL destroyed by injury didn't get the opportunities that the rest got. Dude cannot stay healthy or get in the field when we are at the 3rd, 4th guy deep at several positions. He must be pretty bad.

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Why Not? 06:23 AM 05-03-2021
Originally Posted by Chief Roundup:
Heard all that stuff before. He made it almost all the way through the 6th round. If someone wanted him very bad he would not have made it that late in the draft.

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Thatís not entirely true. Itís not like heís getting put on the PS next week. That would occur at some point towards the end of camp. If he had a pretty good camp and gave teams more additional time to see the blood clots arenít an issue anymore, he almost certainly would get taken from the PS.
[Reply] 07:23 AM 05-03-2021
Would really think Houston as the SDE woudl be pretty ideal. Doubt it happens though.
Chris Meck 07:35 AM 05-03-2021
Smith is a huge, talented, and very experienced offensive guard. He's not going to the practice squad, he's not a typical late round project.

This guy's going to be ready to play, and to compete for a starting position. Does he beat out Long or LDT? Maybe, maybe not. Probably not to start the season as I can't see rolling with two rookies, but he won't be buried on the depth chart.
RunKC 07:56 AM 05-03-2021
Melvin Ingram. That’s priority numero uno.

Then Breeland or Heyward
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