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The Gonzo Lounge>*****The Trey Smith Thread*****
Dante84 03:34 PM 05-01-2021
More to come!

Originally Posted by :
Henry Louis "Trey" Smith III has gone through much adversity since high school but continues to battle. His mother, Dorsetta, passed away from congestive heart failure when he was at the University School at Jackson in Tennessee. While there, he excelled on the gridiron, winning the Mr. Football Award twice and garnering a first-team All-American and top-10 overall recruit rating nationally. The Volunteers kept him in-state, and he received second-team All-SEC, Freshman All-American, and SEC All-Freshman recognition as a 12-game starter (eight at right guard, four at left tackle). After the season, however, he was diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs. Smith fought through that malady to return for the 2018 campaign but had to stop after seven starts at left tackle as doctors believed the clots had returned. However, additional study of those test results showed that doctors might have actually seen scar tissue from the previous clots. Smith worked hard in the offseason, losing 40 pounds, and he garnered 2019 first-team All-SEC honors after moving inside to left guard, where he started 12 of 13 games played. He was a first-team all-conference selection again in 2020, starting all 11 games at left guard for the Volunteers. He received the Jason Witten Award for leadership on the field and community service off the field, as well as the Fritz Pollard Trophy for extraordinary courage and community values. He accepted an invitation to the Senior Bowl. -- by Chad Reuter

When putting together a guard built for an NFL power-based scheme, the blueprint would probably look like Smith. He's big, wide, strong, long and will flash an aggressive streak when he gets geared up. The lack of body control and technique he put on tape suggests it may be difficult for him to overcome his limited athleticism. An offseason of fundamentals work should help Smith become more efficient into first contact, which will really unlock his power at the point of attack. He's been one of the more talked about guard prospects over the last few years but might be in for a bumpy beginning as he adjusts to the athletes and technicians he will face as a pro.
  • Elite size and length for the position.
  • Frame is broad and thick.
  • Very heavy-handed with plus upper-body strength.
  • Able to throw a sack of bricks at opponent when he punches.
  • Has physical potential to become dominant with better technique.
  • Drive power to turn base blocks out of the gap.
  • Can bang and cave his down-blocks.
  • Knock-back pop on both first and second levels.
  • Good job of finding targets on his short pulls.
  • Sets a very firm anchor against bull rushers.
  • Has faced off against a variety of current pro defenders during career.
  • Lack of range shows up in run game and pass sets.
  • Long first step, causing him to overshoot his landmark and lose positioning.
  • Needs better footwork and hand clinch for improved sustain.
  • Will cheat secure block to save time getting up to linebacker on combos.
  • Plays with hitch and outside hands with pass punch.
  • Below-average body control and recovery potential.
  • Loses balance and positioning against rush counters.
  • Struggles to redirect weight after biting on fakes in pass pro.
  • Slide quickness to cut off the gaps is a concern.
  • Has dealt with blood clotting issues.
Sources Tell Us
"I guess you don't like big, aggressive guards, Lance? I know he has things to work on, but they can be coached up. The (history of blood clots) is a much bigger issue than anything on tape for me." -- Personnel executive for NFC team

I’m so happy for @TreySmith73 going to the @chiefs. Finally. Chiefs Kingdom got an awesome player and fantastic human!!

Check out his story on Big Boys Club Draft Academy

— Geoff Schwartz (@geoffschwartz) May 1, 2021

Dante84 03:47 PM 05-01-2021

With the 226th pick, the Chiefs select OL Trey Smith, Tennessee

Here are some of his college accolades!

0 sacks allowed (2019)
First Team All-SEC (2019 and 2020)
2nd Team All-America (2020)
Jason Witten Collegiate Man of the Year Award

Welcome to #ChiefsKingdom @TreySmith73!

— Chiefs Focus: Behind the Numbers �� (@CFStatistics) May 1, 2021

The Franchise 03:47 PM 05-01-2021
Are you kidding me with this offensive line now?

Allegretti and Wylie might not make the team.
OKchiefs 03:48 PM 05-01-2021
Know nothing about him but enough of you have talked him up that i’m sold.
JakeF 03:48 PM 05-01-2021
Wylie and his 2m dollar contract are probably gone.
The Franchise 03:49 PM 05-01-2021
Originally Posted by OKchiefs:
Know nothing about him but enough of you have talked him up that im sold.
Hes your RG of the future.

Our offensive line is young, and outside of Brown, under contract for the next 4-5 years.
RunKC 03:49 PM 05-01-2021
Heres your developmental RG to take over for Long/LDT in 2022. Hes an animal
The Franchise 03:49 PM 05-01-2021
Brown - Thuney - Humphrey - Smith - Niang

Jesus fuck, Veach.
IowaHawkeyeChief 03:50 PM 05-01-2021
Wow, quality dude as well. If he's healthy this was worth a flier...
Easy 6 03:50 PM 05-01-2021
Originally Posted by Pitt Gorilla:
Surprised he was still available.
No shit man, how in the world did he fall that far?

Apparently hasn't had medical issues since 2018
Tribal Warfare 03:50 PM 05-01-2021

With the 227th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Kansas City #Chiefs select Trey Smith, G, Tennessee

85th Overall, G3 on PFF Big Board

73.4 Overall
73.1 Pass Block
72.4 Run Block

78.6 Overall
68.8 Pass Block
83.9 Run Block#ChiefsKingdom

— PFF KC Chiefs (@PFF_Chiefs) May 1, 2021

ping2000 03:51 PM 05-01-2021
Veatch took the 2020 o-line out back and shot them. Message sent.

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Dante84 03:51 PM 05-01-2021
Originally Posted by The Franchise:
Brown - Thuney - Humphrey - Smith - Niang

Jesus ****, Veach.
Like, holy fucking shit.

On paper, we are SET at OL for years!

We can do whatever the fuck we want in future drafts. Crazy skill weapons? Go get them. All defense? Fine.

I'm geeking out over this line.
ThyKingdomCome15 03:52 PM 05-01-2021
Another five start recruit. Once considered a sure fire first round talent. Blood clots in lungs might drop him a little but a comp pick in the 6th? IDK why he was still there.

Were those clots the size of golf balls?
IowaHawkeyeChief 03:52 PM 05-01-2021
He and CEH will be hunting buddies...

CEH going to kill it this year...
DaneMcCloud 03:52 PM 05-01-2021
Originally Posted by The Franchise:
Are you kidding me with this offensive line now?

Allegretti and Wylie might not make the team.
I'd be shocked if Rankin and Prince Winnebago make the 53.
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