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Rain Man 12:15 AM 03-22-2009
The original post is below in blue, but let's summarize it here based on the past few years.

1. If you're a new player, start with the current Chiefs roster. If you've been playing for a while you'll have your own evolved roster.

2. You can add any free agent that the Chiefs add.

3. You lose any free agent that the Chiefs lose, but only if they were on the Chiefs' roster when you began playing.

4. You can accept or reject any trade the Chiefs make as long as any Chiefs player involved is currently on your roster.

5. You do not get players that the Chiefs draft. You draft your own players, using the same draft picks that the Chiefs have.

6. You can trade down ONE time before the draft or after the draft. If you trade down before the draft, you get up to full value for your pick according to this chart: (Note: this chart was updated in 2022.) If you trade down after the draft, the value of the picks you trade must be discounted by at least 35 percent. Any trade down must involve only the picks of one NFL team, and you cannot receive more than two picks more than you give up. (In other words, if you trade away one draft pick you cannot pick up more than three in return.) The other team's picks also must be picks that they held prior to the opening of the draft.

6. You can trade up ONE time before the draft or after the draft. If you trade up before the draft, you get up to full value for your pick according to this chart: If you trade up after the draft, the value of the picks you trade must be discounted by at least 15 percent. Any trade up must involve only the picks of one NFL team. The other team's picks also must be picks that they held prior to the opening of the draft.

7. By the beginning of the season, you must reduce your total roster to include only 53 players.

Original post: You can ignore this now.


Added Rules and Reminders:

1. Remember that you can draft undrafted rookies, so you don't have to select only guys who were drafted.

2. Anyone can change their rookie draft selections at any time, UNTIL we reach ten days before training camp. At that point, all picks will be locked in.

3. Each team can do ONE trade of draft picks if they like, using this chart: However, if you're trading up, you have to pay 15 percent more than the stated value of the picks you're obtaining. If you're trading down, your pick's value will be discounted by 35 percent.

For example, if you want to trade up from the 20th pick in the 1st to the 10th pick, you can see from the chart that the 20th pick is worth 850 points. The 10th pick is normally 1,300 points, but by paying 15 percent more, it will cost you 1.15*1,300, or 1,495 points.

For example, if you want to trade down from the 20th pick in the 1st and pick up the 10th pick in the 2nd, your 20th pick would normally be worth 850 points, but in this game it will be worth 553 points. The 10th pick in the 2nd is worth 480 points, so you can get 73 points back from the other team.

You can do only ONE draft-pick trade up and ONE draft-pick trade down, and in each case you can only trade with one other team for their own picks. (In other words, you couldn't take the 73 points in the above example from a third team.)

Rain Man 05:07 PM 09-08-2016
Originally Posted by Pestilence:
So I take the Chiefs 53 man roster (minus their draft picks) and add in my draft picks.....and cut it down to 53 right?

Looks like you've got a strong team right now.

Back in the Pioli era, my team was notably stronger than the real Chiefs. Now, not so much. But that's a good thing.
Rain Man 07:23 PM 10-26-2016
The good and bad after 7 weeks:


TJ Clemmings is starting at LT and Cody Whitehair is starting at C, which helps my offensive line.

Kendall Fuller and Steven Nelson are giving me cornerbacks after Marcus Peters.

Zach Brown has come out of nowhere into a starting ILB role, along with Justin March-Lillard.

The Bad

They're holding Jamaal out and neither of my other HBs are doing anything. I have no running game.

Tyvon Branch and Jordan Poyer were both starting at safety and then had season-ending injuries.

Nate Orchard is on IR at OLB, and I really needed him.

Two of my three NTs are on IR.
kccrow 08:27 PM 10-26-2016
I'll just talk about my deviations from the Chiefs...

Tyler Boyd has looked solid with 20 receptions for 245 yards.
Rashard Higgins has finally seen action the past 2 weeks and has 3 receptions for 33 yards

Boyd gives me a solid 1-2-3 with Maclin and Conley.

My offensive line is a mess.
Fahn Cooper remains on SF's PS so I don't have a backup tackle. Connor McGovern hasn't seen any regular season action to date. Pughsley remains on KC's PS as well. Basically, I don't have an actively starting LG.

The Chiefs' dumping of Nick Williams leaves me incredibly thin on the DL. Bailey is hurt. King is on the PS, and Nunez-Roches just rejoined the active roster... Howard and Poe doing well, but man I'd have nothing here after chosing not to take Chris Jones.

OLB looks good with Matt Judon, as he has 10 tackles and 2 sacks on the year and is seeing increased playing time with injury to Suggs.

Josh Perry has been solid on STs for SD, so my 4th round pick isn't fairing badly yet.

I have just as much a mess at CB as anyone right now. White is injured, Russell was cut, and Kalan Reed remains on the Titans' PS.
Rain Man 09:08 PM 10-26-2016
We all got burned on the Kalan Reed upselling.
Rain Man 08:26 PM 01-12-2017
Okay, time to look at my year.


Offense - I made strides toward solving my o-line problems, which helped, and I have Russell Wilson and Travis Kelce. My receivers were banged up all year, and I had zero running game. I was probably a middle of the pack offense in the NFL, pressing Denard Robinson into service at HB and relying on my passing game and Wilson.

Defense - They probably were okay, but thin everywhere. I had a decent d-line and decent LBs, but little or no pass rush, which is fatal. I lost my main planned pass rusher in Week 2 and pretty much relied on Hali. My CBs were good, but all of my safeties dropped to injuries, which created a big hole in my defense. I might have been middle of the pack here, too.

Russell Wilson (Seahawks) - 16 starts, 4,200 yards, 92.6 rating
Nick Foles - 1 start, not needed
Geno Smith (Jets) - 1 start, not needed
Brett Hundley (Packers) - 0 starts

Fine year here. I'm really glad that I drafted Wilson over Donald Stephenson.

Jamaal Charles - 0 starts
C.J. Spiller. (Bills/Saints) - 0 starts
Denard Robinson (Jaguars) - 1 start

Well, I clearly waited too long to stock up on this position. No running game at all this year.

Jeremy Maclin - 12 starts, 44 rec, 536 yards
Donte Moncrief (Colts).* - 7 starts, 30 rec, 307 yards
Kendall Wright (Titans) - 4 starts, 29 rec, 416 yards
Albert Wilson - 5 starts, 31 rec, 279 yards
Rod Streater - 2 starts, 18 rec, 191 yards

Injuries killed me here. I scraped together a starting lineup, but it was a tough year.

Travis Kelce (Chiefs) - 15 starts, 85 rec, 1,125 yards
Ben Koyack (Jaguars) - 7 starts, 19 rec, 161 yards
Anthony Fasano - 9 starts, 8 rec, 83 yards

Great starter and strong depth. I relied on my TEs a lot this year.

Mitchell Schwartz - 16 starts
Morgan Moses, OT (Redskins) - 16 starts
Menelik Watson (Raiders) - 5 starts
Cyrus Kouandjio, OT (Bills) - 5 starts
Corey Robinson (Lions) - 3 starts

I'll move Schwartz to LT and be in decent shape here with him and Moses, along with depth.

Alex Boone (49ers) - 14 starts
TJ Clemmings (Vikings) - 14 starts
Christian Westerman (#5/161 - Bengals) - IR as a rookie
Jah Reid - 1 start

Had to move Clemmings out of position. Not strong here as both of my rookie guards were on IR or moved to center.

Cody Whitehair (#2/25 - Bears ) - 16 starts
Evan Boehm (#4/126 - Cardinals) - 1 start

Got great performance from a rookie here to make this position a strength.

Cairo Santos, K

Best in NFL.

Dustin Colquitt

Best in NFL.

James Winchester

Best in NFL.

Reshad Jones (Dolphins) - 6 starts, 31 tackles, 1 int
Jordan Poyer (Eagles) - 6 starts, 27 tackles
Derron Smith (#5/172 - Bengals) - 0 starts

Two starting-caliber FS's, and both went on IR with less than half a season. A strength degraded over the course of the season.

Tyvon Branch - 5 starts, 24 tackles
Miles Killebrew (#4/106 - Lions) - 0 starts, 1 int

Another starter went on IR early, making me start my rookie.

Marcus Peters (#1/18 - Chiefs) - 15 starts, 6 ints, 35 tackles
Kendall Fuller (#3/74 - Redskins) - 6 starts, 32 tackles
Steve Nelson (#3/80 - Chiefs) - 14 starts, 58 tackles
Harlan Miller (#6/185 - Cardinals) - 2 starts, 1 int, 5 tackles
Kalan Reed (#7/249 - Titans) - 0 starts

I was in good shape here with Peters and Nelson, and Fuller promising as a nickel.

Tamba Hali - 2 starts, 3.5 sacks, 24 tackles
Nate Orchard (#2/49 - Browns) - 1 start, 2 tackles
AJ Klein (Panthers) - 7 starts, 1 sack, 16 tackles

Orchard went down on IR early, so Tamba and Klein had to step up. Very, very thin here.

Derrick Johnson - 13 starts, 1 int, 1 sack, 70 tackles
Rey Maualuga (Bengals) - 6 starts, 1 int, 17 sacks
Justin March - 5 starts, 15 tackles
Zach Brown (Titans) - 16 starts, 1 int, 4 sacks, 97 tackles
Scooby Wright (#7/245 - Browns) - 0 starts

The resurgence of Zach Brown made this an area of strength.

Star Lotulelei (Panthers) - 16 starts, 4 sacks, 14 tackles
Brandon Williams (Ravens) - 16 starts, 1 sack, 34 tackles
Nick Williams - 0 starts

No depth, but good starters.

Daniel McCullers (Steelers) - 1 start, 1 sack, 10 tackles
Michael Bennett (#5/173 - Jaguars) - IR early
Andrew Billings (#4/113 - Bengals) - IR early

Pretty weak here. McCullers played a lot, though, so I at least have a body.
chiefscafan 11:25 AM 02-27-2017
ok updated LA Cobras Roster ready for 2017 Draft

2015 Draft:

1-18: OLB Bud Dupree Kentucky

2-49: OG. Ali Marpet Hobart

Don't do trade up in third

3-80: WR. Ty Montgomery Stanford

3-98: QB Bryce Petty Baylor

4-117: WR Dandre Smelter Georgia Tech

Accept Ben Grubs Trade

5-172: DE/DT Michael Bennett Ohio State

5-173: DE Anthony Chickillo Miami

6-200: DT Rakeem Nunez-Roches Southern Miss

6-217: WR Austin Hill Arizona

7-233: OT La'el Collins LSU

Ok I had kelcie McCray but I accepted the trade to seattle. I'm also gonna accept the bucs trade down so here are my picks

1-28 (28th): Myles Jack ILB/OLB UCLA

3-11 (74th): Kivaree Russel CB Notre Dame

4-8 (106th): Eric Muarry CB/S Minnesota

4-28 (126th): Demarcus Robinson WR Florida

5-25 (162nd): Kevin Hogan QB Stanford

5-28 (165th): Kyle Murphy OT Stanford

6-28 (203rd): Mike Thomas WR Southern Miss

7-28 (249th: Vernon Adams QB Oregon


10 McCaron, AJ
14. Petty, Bryce
9. Tyler Bray
1. Vernon Adams

25 Charles, Jamaal
28 Mark Ingram
32 Spencer Ware
89 Ty Montgomery

42 Sherman, Anthony


19 Jeremy Macklin
15 Michael Crabtree
14. Demarcus Robinson
11. Mike Thomas
13 de Anthony Thomas


87 Kelcie, Travis
84. Harris,
88. Ross Travis


71. Mitchell Schwartz
75 Jah Reid
69 Kyle Murphy
76 Duvernay-Tardif, Lauren


66 Jackson, Gabe
71 La'el Collins
74 Ali Marpert


62 Schwenkie, Brian

6 Succop, Ryan

2 Colquitt, Dustin


41 Winchester, james


37 Kam Cancellor
49. Daniel Sorrenson


29 berry, eric -
20 Kurt Coleman
27 Tyvon Branch
21 Eric Muarry


38 Amerson, Dave
31 Cooper, Marcus
21 Eric Muarry
22 Kivaree Russel


91 Hali, Tamba
95 Jones, Jarvis
48 Bud Dupree
55 Ford, Dee
44 Myles Jack
53 Anthony Chikolo


56 Johnson, Derrick -
51 spikes, brandon -
48 Klien, AJ
44 Myles Jack
62. Smith Terrence


98. Kendall Reyes
97 Allen Bailey
96 Jaye Howard
99 Rakeem Nunez-Roches


92 Dontari Poe
96 Jaye Howard
94. Jarvis Jenkins
99 Rakeem Nunez Roches


Wr Stedman Bailey
QB. Geno Smith

Last edited by chiefscafan; 05-15-2014 at 11:25 AM..
chiefscafan 12:04 PM 02-27-2017
Now my question is can I trade my third or fourth for Romo lol. I have no starting QB thanks to AJ being stuck behind Dalton. Also Geno becoming a total bust.
patteeu 03:02 PM 02-27-2017
Originally Posted by chiefscafan:
Now my question is can I trade my third or fourth for Romo lol. I have no starting QB thanks to AJ being stuck behind Dalton. Also Geno becoming a total bust.
Your team will never amount to anything unless you draft a QB in the first round. Or so I hear. :-)
Rain Man 06:03 PM 02-27-2017
I enjoy watching all of you people struggle at QB while I luxuriate in the Russell Wilson era. I have some glaring holes on my team, but I have my quarterback and the rest is gravy.
chiefscafan 03:28 PM 02-28-2017
Rain man don't start you know I was singing his praises. You said because I forgot to draft that year so you said I had to keep that crappy Chief draft. This has screwed up my QB situation but I'm dealing with it. But for the record I would've drafted Wilson.
Rain Man 03:37 PM 02-28-2017
Originally Posted by chiefscafan:
Rain man don't start you know I was singing his praises. You said because I forgot to draft that year so you said I had to keep that crappy Chief draft. This has screwed up my QB situation but I'm dealing with it. But for the record I would've drafted Wilson.
At least you got Donald Stephenson out of it.
chiefscafan 05:25 PM 03-01-2017
Ha ha like I said you made me take that terrible draft

But I don't because you said he left free agent so I lost him
Rain Man 10:24 PM 03-14-2017
Okay, looking at my draft needs now. With a 1st, a 2nd, and 2 3rds in my pocket, I'm hopeful to fill at least two of my major gaps.

High Need/Immediate Starter

Running Back
Outside Linebacker (could use two starters)
Defensive End
Strong Safety

Moderate Need/Upgrade Starter

Wide Receiver
Inside Linebacker

Low Need/Depth/Developmental

Offensive Tackle (Could use a left tackle, but I can get by.)
Nose Tackle
Tight End
Free Safety
Long Snapper
kccrow 09:41 PM 03-15-2017
It's looking like my major holes will be QB, DL, ILB, RB, and OG

Here's my roster preview...

QB Alex Smith
QB Nick Foles (Free Agent Departure 3/17)

RB Jamaal Charles (Released 2/28/17)
RB Spencer Ware
RB Charcandrick West
RB Darrin Reaves (PS)
RB C.J. Spiller (Free Agent Acquisition 3/17)

FB Anthony Sherman

WR Jeremy Maclin
WR Chris Conley
WR Tyler Boyd (#2-37/16, CIN)
WR De'Anthony Thomas
WR Albert Wilson
WR Rashard Higgins (#5-162/16, CLE)

TE Travis Kelce
TE Demetrius Harris
TE Ross Travis
TE James O'Shaughnessy

OT Eric Fisher
OT Mitchell Schwartz
OT Fahn Cooper (#5-165/16, signed off SF PS by IND 2/27/17)

OG Laurent Duvernay-Tardif
OG Connor McGovern (#4-126/16, DEN)
OG Jarrod Pughsley (PS)
OL Mike Person (In-Season FA Acquisition 11/2/16, re-signed 3/14/17)

OC Mitch Morse
OC Zach Fulton

DE Jaye Howard
DE Allen Bailey
DE Nick Williams (Waived 10/18/16)
DE David King (PS)

NT Dontari Poe (Free Agent Departure 3/17)
NT Rakeem Nunez-Roches
NT Bennie Logan (Free Agent Acquisition 3/14/17)

OLB Justin Houston
OLB Tamba Hali
OLB Dee Ford
OLB Matt Judon (#4-129/16, BAL)
OLB Dezman Moses (PS)
OLB Victor Ochi (In-Season FA Acquisition 1/4/17)

ILB Derrick Johnson
ILB Justin March
ILB Sam Barrington (Waived 11/2/16)
ILB Joshua Perry (#4-99/16, LAC)

CB Marcus Peters
CB Phillip Gaines
CB Steven Nelson
CB Kenneth Acker (give up pick #7-???/18)
CB D.J. White (#6-178/16, KC)
CB KeiVarae Russell (#3-74/16, KC) (Released 9/24/16)
CB Kalan Reed (#7-250/16, TEN)
CB Terrance Mitchell (In-Season FA Acquisition 11/25/17)

S Eric Berry
S Ron Parker
S Daniel Sorensen

Special Teams
K Cairo Santos
P Dustin Colquitt
LS James Winchester

2017 Reserve-Futures
OL Isaiah Battle
LB Khaseem Greene
DL Montori Hughes
OT Josh James
FB Will Ratelle
DB Julian Wilson

My Cuts Still On Roster
QB Tyler Bray
OT Bryan Witzmann
OT Jah Reid
OLB Frank Zombo
ILB D.J. Alexander
chiefscafan 11:37 AM 03-16-2017
Can I trade picks to move up in the draft?
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