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Nzoner's Game Room>What is your best life advice?
TLO 07:09 PM 05-27-2023
I'm sure we'll get a mix bag of things here, but I'm interested that if you knew you'd be passing away soon, what life advice would you give someone if you asked?
Why Not? 09:05 PM 05-27-2023
Don’t stick your dick in crazy.
BryanBusby 09:11 PM 05-27-2023
Do something more rewarding than being on the editorial board for SaveOurChiefs.
KCUnited 09:18 PM 05-27-2023
Play good football
stumppy 09:24 PM 05-27-2023
Never join a club that would let someone like you become a member.
oldandslow 09:42 PM 05-27-2023
Figure out what you are good at...

and learn to love it.
Chief Pagan 10:05 PM 05-27-2023
Originally Posted by Rain Man:

2. Surround yourself with people who have their act together more than you do.
I wouldn't tell anyone this isn't good advise.

But I spent a lot of time in my mid to late twenties surrounded with people who decidedly had their act less together than I did.

They sure knew how to party.

Hamwallet 10:17 PM 05-27-2023
Start your own business if you donít go to college.

If you go to college major in engineering and minor in business.
Megatron96 10:28 PM 05-27-2023
Originally Posted by Why Not?:
Donít stick your dick in crazy.

Nonono. It's "don't marry crazy."

Sticking your dick in crazy is fun. It's when you stick around long enough to learn their names that you get yourself in trouble.
srvy 10:43 PM 05-27-2023
I'll go with Warren Zevon's advice on Letterman "Enjoy every sandwich."

Mr. Wizard 12:12 AM 05-28-2023
Never trust a fart after 50. Your gaskets ainít what they used to be.
Fish 12:26 AM 05-28-2023
The dildo of consequences rarely arrives lubed...
MarkDavis'Haircut 12:49 AM 05-28-2023
Don't root for a team whose owner has a bowl cut.
LoneWolf 02:02 AM 05-28-2023
1. Have someone to look up to.
2. Have something to look forward to.
3. Have someone to chase.

Watch Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar speech. Changed my life.
Rasputin 02:23 AM 05-28-2023

JPH83 03:22 AM 05-28-2023
Bit specific but it's the one piece of advice I'd have given myself. Don't have kids before you're ready, no matter who or what is pushing you to do so. BUT do try and get yourself ready as early as possible. There's loads that you can't prepare for and it'll hit you like a train. But there's also a lot you really can think about ahead of time. You don't want to be worrying about money and you don't want to be an old, knackered dad. But it's also too much fun to not do, if you can.
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