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Bowser 11:09 AM 01-04-2014
Old one is crapping out the server, per the new guidelines.

Browse the old thread that is chock full of goodness here -
mikeyis4dcats. 01:31 PM 08-24-2023
Originally Posted by BigBeauford:
If you are in the mood for an excellently crafted documentary, check out The Deepest Breath on Netflix. It showcases the world of extreme free diving and it's perils. Very intense and beautifully shot with a well constructed narrative. I can't stop thinking about it. If you need anything else to push you over, it's an A24 production and those who know, know.
this was surprisingly good
wilkinson 01:43 PM 08-24-2023
Originally Posted by WhawhaWhat:
I just watched Asteroid City on Peacock. It was in theaters for about 2 minutes but it's a Wes Anderson movie (Rushmore, Royal Tenenbaums, Life Aquatic, Grand Budapest Hotel) which means it's going to be weird, which it was. The cinematography is incredible.

The cast includes:

Bryan Cranston
Edward Norton
Jason Schwartzman
Scarlett Johansson
Jeffrey Wright
Liev Schreiber
Tom Hanks
Matt Dillon
Steve Carell
Tilda Swinton
Jeff Goldblum
Adrien Brody
Willem Dafoe
Margot Robbie
Maya Hawke

Some in big roles and others with bit parts. I would definitely recommend it if you're familiar with Wes Anderson movies or just like weird, artsy movies.
Will check it out tonight. Thanks
BigBeauford 06:52 AM 08-25-2023
Originally Posted by mikeyis4dcats.:
this was surprisingly good
I haven't seen a better opening 2 minutes for a documentary.
Hammock Parties 08:51 AM 08-25-2023
The Nike movie is incredible.

I cried when Matt Damon gave his speech to Jordan.
Hammock Parties 07:04 AM 08-28-2023

mikeyis4dcats. 07:47 AM 08-28-2023
Originally Posted by Hammock Parties:
The Nike movie is incredible.

I cried when Matt Damon gave his speech to Jordan.
too bad it was a lot of fiction.
KCUnited 07:51 AM 08-28-2023
I was thoroughly entertained by Bullet Train over the weekend

Nothing new or mind blowing but its fun for what it is
oldandslow 12:20 PM 08-28-2023
Originally Posted by Buehler445:
I've been on a bit of a WWII kick since Oppenheimer. So I re-watched Darkest Hour.

I watched it once and under-appreciated it.

1. Gary Oldman is goddamned brilliant. Chamberlain is a tough egg to crack, and he hit it. There were a shitload of mannerisms, mumbling, doddering, etc that he could have stumbed on and he ****ing killed it.

2. Lilly James is PROFOUNDLY attractive.

3. Ben Mendelsohn was really good. I didn't even notice him the first time around, but he's ****ing good. Pretty much every time I see him in something, he exceeds expectations.

4. I don't know what the real story is (probably not what was shown on screen), but the subway scene was goddamned compelling. The writing and camerawork were tight as hell and Oldman oozed charisma. I honestly don't know how you make that scene any better.

5. Of course the never surrender speech is rousing, but if they're going to hit all the other stuff, that is a foregone conclusion.

You have to be in the right mood to watch it - it's British, so it can be a bit dry, but it's really ****ing good if you're in the right frame of mind.
Watched this last PM based on your rec...and you are absolutely correct. Just a terrific movie.

Oldman was fantastic.
Buehler445 12:49 PM 08-28-2023
Originally Posted by oldandslow:
Watched this last PM based on your rec...and you are absolutely correct. Just a terrific movie.

Oldman was fantastic.
Glad you liked it. It's getting some age on it now, but seems like it is an underappreciated movie.
ThaVirus 08:33 AM 10-09-2023
I’m a few years late but I watched Uncut Gems last week and thought it was good. Adam Sandler in a non-comedic role was refreshing.
KCUnited 09:37 AM 10-09-2023
I watched Reptile over the weekend and found it entertaining

It was pretty obvious early on where it was going which kind of killed the suspense or any potential twists but I thought it was well made and performed. I especially enjoyed the use and placement of the incidental music to help build the suspense

Nothing groundbreaking though but enjoyable nonetheless

And Alicia Silverstone was rocking a thicc mom bod


ModSocks 10:47 AM 10-09-2023
Went to the movies Friday night and watched "The Exorcism: Believer".

I thought it was a worthy sequel, while understanding it's impossible to recapture the magic of the original.

A bit of a slow burn for much of the movie, it had my wife falling asleep. In her words, "it sucked".

I thought it did a decent job of pushing the boundaries on what we "expect to happen" and throwing some slight curveballs. The two little girls did an excellent job.

I think the exorcism itself was good, but too short. Simply wasn't enough focus on the exorcism considering the run time on the movie. I think they did a good job on the exorcism, just wasn't enough of it.

With that said, i'm not sure the bi-racial angle was necessary at all, and it forced a narrative at the end of the movie that i'm surprised the MAGA culture hasn't whined about already.

The bi-religious angle was also odd, as the movie tried to blend catholicism and... voodoo? I'm not sure what it is that "the blacks" were supposed to be practicing as i don't recall it ever being defined in the movie. I think we're suppose to assume it's some sort of Haitian voodooo/witch craft, but again, i don't know.

In Summary: Too much time developing characters and not enough time being a horror movie. Good for a few jump scares, the little girls did awesome, the possesed versions of themselves were well done. It was a quality movie and well produced for the most part. Didn't feel cheap or rushed. It lacked some magic and at the end of the day, was not immune to "The Message" as Black Man Good, White Man Bad permeated through out the movie and ultimately ended on it.
ThaVirus 09:17 PM 11-19-2023
Alright so over the last couple weekends I watched Fast X, The Meg 2 and Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Fast X and The Meg 2 were huge pieces of shit.

All At Once was an interesting non-superhero take on the multiverse. And I love Michelle Yeoh.
Frazod 04:00 PM 12-08-2023
This looks like it could be really interesting.

Pointer19 05:21 AM 12-11-2023
Anybody seen "Leave the World Behind" yet? It's popping up on a bunch of social media and such. Kind of a believable doomsday scenario.
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