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Dartgod 04:35 PM 01-26-2024

If possible, please try to put all your bets in one post rather than posting a couple of bets and then a few minutes later posting another one or two. It just makes it easier on me when entering them into my spreadsheet. I'm only talking about bets that are posted a few minutes apart. All others are ok.

Also, if you are placing multiple bets in one post, please try to enter them in the order that they appear in this post. Again, it just makes it easier on me. Thanks!

The betting windows are open for Conference Championship Weekend wagering!

The following people have not bet in last two weeks and must place a bet this week or they are disqualified.


As a reminder, here is a brief rundown of the rules:
  • You are given $10,000 to start out and can bet up to $5,000 on any one bet. There is a $500 minimum bet unless you have less than that in which case you would be all in.
  • Payouts are at 90% unless otherwise stated. –170 would mean you have to bet $170 to win $100. +250 would mean you would get a $250 payout on every $100 bet.
  • You must bet at least once every 3 weeks or you are eliminated. If you cannot commit to participating at least this much please let us know now so somebody else can take your place.
    • You must place a wager in the first two weeks of the season, or your spot in the competition will be given to someone on the waiting list. This is ONLY for the beginning of the season. After the first three weeks, inactive spots will not be filled from the waiting list!
  • Contingency bets are allowed. If you are using contingency bets, please indicate the order of your bets.
  • There are no parlays.
  • All bets must be placed before the scheduled opening kickoff of the game.
  • I will not allow bets to be changed or cancelled once posted. Be sure that you have the correct bet made before hitting the submit button. After that, your only option is to post an offsetting bet which will cost at a minimum, 10% to the house.
    Anyone caught editing a bet after posting it will be immediately disqualified!

NEW PLAYERS!! The complete rules list is in this thread. Please read them, or I will make fun of you for asking questions about the rules found in the link.

Above all else, lets have some fun!

How to read the lines

Sample line

Thu 9/6 New Orleans Saints +6 +223 OVER 52.5
(Date, VISITING TEAM: Point Spread, Money Line, Over/Under)
7:30 PM Indianapolis Colts -6 -243 UNDER 52.5

(Time, HOME TEAM: Point Spread, Money Line, Over/Under)

How to bet the Money Line

Sample line
COLTS -243

First off, a money bet is a straight up win/lose bet. No points involved, so of course there are odds payoffs.

If you want to bet on the Saints, you will win $223 for every $100 that you bet. Conversely, for the Colts, you will win $100 for every $243 that you bet.

In other words, the team with the - money line is the favorite (therefore lower payout) and the team with the + is the under dog.

Placing Bets

, format your bets like this:

Colts (-6) $5000
Chiefs (+142 money) $1000
Chiefs/Texans (Under 38) $2000

Current Standings
Calcountry 		$53,130
kstater			$49,250
lil_momma 		$48,950
bevischief 		$36,220
KCFalcon59 		$27,949
Hog's Gone Fishin 	$26,400
MahomesMagic 		$25,613
Dartgod 		$23,543
mnchiefsguy 		$10,958
Kcwolf 			$8,978
Chief Pote 		$7,603
KC Dan 			$6,897
morphius 		$6,210
Renegade 		$5,369
ArrowheadHawk 		$0
ArrowheadMagic 		$0
AussieChiefsFan 	$0
BigRedChief 		$0
BlackHelicopters 	$0
Bowser 			$0
Bwana 			$0
ChiefsFan63 		$0
crazycoffey 		$0
DaKCMan AP 		$0
dtforever 		$0
East Side Rogelio 	$0
FD 			$0
HemiEd 			$0
Hoover 			$0
IamBATMAN 		$0
IowaHawkeyeChief 	$0
Jewish Rabbi 		$0
kccrow 			$0
KS Smitty 		$0
KurtCobain 		$0
Megatron96 		$0
mlyonsd 		$0
mr. tegu 		$0
Old Dog 		$0
OnTheWarpath58 		$0
Otter 			$0
PHOG 			$0
Rausch 			$0
raybec 4 		$0
RealSNR 		$0
RockChalk 		$0
ROYC75 			$0
Shiver Me Timbers 	$0
Shoes 			$0
Slammer 		$0
SPchief 		$0
Stinger 		$0
Stumppy 		$0
The Franchise 		$0
tyecopeland 		$0
UTChief 		$0
Conference Championship Weekend NFL Lines

All times listed are for the Central Time zone. No bets are accepted after the scheduled kickoff time.
Sun 1/28	Kansas City Chiefs	+4	+180	Over 44
2:00 PM		Baltimore Ravens 	-4	-210	Under 44
Sun 1/28	Detroit Lions		+7	+290	Over 51
5:30 PM		San Francisco 49ers	-7	-360	Under 51
kstater 05:07 PM 01-26-2024
Chiefs+4 $5000
Chiefs +180 $5000
Chiefs/Ravens Over 44 $5000
Lions/49ers Over 51 $5000
49ers-7 $5000
49ers -360 $5000

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mnchiefsguy 07:09 PM 01-26-2024
Chiefs +180 MONEY $5000
Chiefs +4 $5000
Chiefs/Ravens UNDER 44.5 $958


Calcountry 07:30 PM 01-26-2024
At least we know where you stand KS, I got some time to sleep on it.
Calcountry 07:43 PM 01-26-2024
Might be the best bet to lay low this week, tough to call.
Renegade 10:35 PM 01-26-2024
Originally Posted by Calcountry:
Might be the best bet to lay low this week, tough to call.
Don't play scared and go into prevent defense this late in the game
Calcountry 10:40 PM 01-26-2024
Originally Posted by Renegade:
Don't play scared and go into prevent defense this late in the game
Calcountry 11:07 PM 01-26-2024
Chiefs (+4)$4500
Chiefs (+180)$4500
Chiefs/Ravens (over44.5) $4500
Calcountry 12:19 PM 01-27-2024
Go ahead and press my bets up to the full amount allowed by law, supplemental bet
Chiefs (+4)$500
Chiefs (+180)$500
Chiefs/Ravens (Over 44.5) $500

This bet in addition to my previous one brings me to 5 dimes on each of the 3 bets. I have decided, that I very much don’t care about this competition if the Chiefs lose and Kstater has already pushed his chips into the center of the table, so it is now up to Mahomes, Reid, Kelce and co.

Will re evaluate for the late game depending on the outcome.
KCwolf 11:40 PM 01-27-2024
SF (-7) $8,978
KCwolf 11:47 PM 01-27-2024
Got excited : SF (-7) $5K
KC (+4) $3,978
Dartgod 11:57 PM 01-27-2024
Chiefs (+180 ML) $5,000
Chiefs (+4) $5,000
Renegade 05:00 AM 01-28-2024
Ravens (-4) $1000. I will fall the sword for us
Lions (+7) $1000
bevischief 08:26 AM 01-28-2024
Chiefs+4 $5000
Chief Pote 09:42 AM 01-28-2024
Kansas City Chiefs (+4) $5,000

Detroit Lions (+7) $2,603
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