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Direckshun 06:29 AM 09-25-2023
The team has had like 8 sacks in the last two games with Jones on the field.

It's great to have Jones back in the fold, not only because he's amazing, but also because now you have Karlaftis playing second-in-command style instead of first-in-command. Danna as third-in-command. FAU is now playing effectively in rotational, specialized moments, rather than near-full-time snaps. Jones on the field makes everybody's job slotted properly.

Which means when the Chiefs choose to let him walk this offseason, which they're absolutely going to do, the Chiefs should probably drop some coin and get an impact DE or DT to replace that.

Who stands out to you, in this year's draft or free agency, as a person who can come in and play first-in-command snaps for the DL? I don't think Karlaftis is that player, yet at least.
Nightfyre 08:56 AM 09-25-2023
For FA: DJ Reader or Christian Wilkins are dudes who will command doubles and be productive. Maybe also could look at Chase Young on a prove it deal. Montez Sweat would be okay, but probably more of what we already have.
[Reply] 11:25 AM 09-25-2023
I’d target big cloggers and mid late round athletes to develop on the de, go pay chase young and move them all around
kccrow 06:03 PM 09-25-2023
Rookie DTs usually take a couple of seasons to really come into their own so you'd probably almost need to pick up a short-term solution in FA.

My list there would probably be:
1. Justin Madubuike - He's young and getting better and stronger, he plays 3-4 end so moving down a tick and playing 4-3 3T might make his pass rush a bit stronger.
2. Leonard Williams - He's the same age as Chris and might be a solid rental
3. Christian Wilkins - Another vet who is solid but probably alot less potential than Williams to have a big sack season.

As for the draft, that's debatable and I won't offer up much on that front. Here are some early favs...

1. Jer'Zahn Newton, Illinois
2. Gabe Hall, Baylor
3. Kris Jenkins, Michigan
4. DeWayne Carter, Duke
5. Nathan Pickering, Miss St