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The Gonzo Lounge>***Official 2021 STL Cardinals Thread***
BigRedChief 10:29 AM 02-17-2021
2021 Opening Day Lineup

For the new Cardinal fans that joined the Planet since last year.....

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All the way back to 2006 WS
BigRedChief 08:19 AM 06-17-2021
Originally Posted by jd1020:
That was ridiculous and MLB just laughed it off like everyone else and said no foul play here ladies and gentlemen.
Every single team that has a basic I.T. staff can get your signals from the dugout and coaches on the field now using AI in real time.

It's such a basic algorithm. Same indicator based signal since we all used in little league. Get 10 years of signals. Throw them into an AI Data lake. You will get their indicator at a 95% clip. Just mid level tech expertise is needed. The A.I. does all the work. You can get a good enough A.I. for free with a standard E5 license in Azure that most business's already have in place.

I saw this in a game a couple of weeks ago. Molina and the pitcher thought the Dodgers had their indicator. They changed the signs and indicator 6 times in an inning. Stopping the game to get a new set of indicators at a crucial moment.
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