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In Memoriam>Fire Me Boy! has passed away
luv 08:11 AM 03-02-2020
His wife posted the news on his Facebook a little earlier this morning. I know that he will be missed by many on here, especially the foodies.

FMB was one of the first people to really welcome me on here when I first joined and started posting regularly. I never met him in person, but he was one great guy and a fellow grammar Nazi. :-)

I'm sure his wife would appreciate any thoughts or prayers.

RIP, Fire Me Boy!


FMB, 41, died suddenly Monday morning, March 2, 2020, at his home of an apparent heart attack. [PERSONAL INFO]
[EARLIER EDUCATION] He attended then-Central Methodist College before transferring to then-Central Missouri State University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in broadcast and film, with a minor in vocal music.
[WORK HISTORY] He continued to work there until becoming disabled last summer.
He was a Kansas City Chief’s fan when it wasn’t popular and from his home helped cheer the Chiefs to their first Superbowl win in his lifetime. He was a foodie often seen on Chief’s Planet. FMB also was a photographer.[LIST WIFE OF 17 YEARS AND OTHER SURVIVORS]
Memorial contributions may be made in his memory to the American Diabetes Association or the National Kidney Foundation.
Chief Roundup 12:32 PM 03-02-2020
RIP Fire Me Boy!!! Lover of food and The Tick
stumppy 12:34 PM 03-02-2020
See ya on the next go around FMB. RIP
tk13 12:43 PM 03-02-2020
This is just terrible. RIP.
rico 12:43 PM 03-02-2020
:-) RIP
mlyonsd 12:46 PM 03-02-2020
Deberg_1990 12:48 PM 03-02-2020
Originally Posted by DaneMcCloud:
Many sufferers of Type Diabetes are diagnosed at birth because their pancreas stops making (or some cases, never made) insulin. FMB was on kidney dialysis for quite some time but that doesn't reverse anything, it just allows the patient to live a bit longer.

There's no known cure for reversing the effects of Diabetes Type I and unfortunately, most sufferers die at an early age but usually not before having body parts amputated, as did FMB.

Mikey12345 had Type I Diabetes and after multiple amputations, died as well.

It's a terrible, terrible disease.
Megatron96 12:48 PM 03-02-2020
What the hell? He was fine just a month ago. RIP.

Never mind, just read about the diabetes thing.
BigRichard 12:52 PM 03-02-2020
Damn, that sucks. My condolences to any family and friends here on CP or any of them that might be reading this. I know he was well liked on here.

Go out and have a great meal in his memory as it seems that is how he was remembered by many.
cabletech94 12:55 PM 03-02-2020
i had a conversation with him a few years back. i was trying to be funny. said some really cold hearted bullshit. once i had a clearer head, i reached out and apologized.
he accepted me for being a dipshit.
will miss his food posts, he was a great dude.

rest in peace.
thank you for letting us know, luv.
Hoover 12:57 PM 03-02-2020
Damn... :-)
tooge 01:02 PM 03-02-2020
Awe man, dammit. RIP Fire Me Boy! In some better place, they will be having some damn good grub.
luv 01:03 PM 03-02-2020
Honestly, at first, I didn't want to be the one to post something. I messaged DaFace. Ultimately, though, I just decided that I owed it to him, since he was one of the first people on here to be totally cool with me.

Of course, he kept me in line by using his pimp hand. :-) I've been looking all morning to see if I could find the same one, but I haven't. Searching on here only brings up the latest 500 posts/threads by people, and that doesn't take me far enough back to look.
lewdog 01:08 PM 03-02-2020
One of the best posters on CP. One of my personal favorites.

Very sad to hear and far too young.
Peter Gibbons 01:16 PM 03-02-2020
Rest In Peace. Prayers sent.
tatorhog 01:20 PM 03-02-2020
Man, terrible news. I never really knew the guy other than to follow his cooking threads. His dip into sous vide was one of the more interesting things I've read on here.

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