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In Memoriam>Fire Me Boy! has passed away
luv 08:11 AM 03-02-2020
His wife posted the news on his Facebook a little earlier this morning. I know that he will be missed by many on here, especially the foodies.

FMB was one of the first people to really welcome me on here when I first joined and started posting regularly. I never met him in person, but he was one great guy and a fellow grammar Nazi. :-)

I'm sure his wife would appreciate any thoughts or prayers.

RIP, Fire Me Boy!


FMB, 41, died suddenly Monday morning, March 2, 2020, at his home of an apparent heart attack. [PERSONAL INFO]
[EARLIER EDUCATION] He attended then-Central Methodist College before transferring to then-Central Missouri State University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in broadcast and film, with a minor in vocal music.
[WORK HISTORY] He continued to work there until becoming disabled last summer.
He was a Kansas City Chief’s fan when it wasn’t popular and from his home helped cheer the Chiefs to their first Superbowl win in his lifetime. He was a foodie often seen on Chief’s Planet. FMB also was a photographer.[LIST WIFE OF 17 YEARS AND OTHER SURVIVORS]
Memorial contributions may be made in his memory to the American Diabetes Association or the National Kidney Foundation.
BigRedChief 10:51 AM 03-02-2020
He was a legend in the smoking/grilling thread. His last post of his smoked meat.

Originally Posted by Fire Me Boy!:
A little slow smoked prime rib.

Halfcan 10:55 AM 03-02-2020
He was always one of my favorites on here. Rest in Peace.
ReynardMuldrake 11:00 AM 03-02-2020
Fuck. That really sucks. He seemed like such a nice dude. I wish I could have met him.
Spokane Chief Fan 11:03 AM 03-02-2020
Hydrae 11:13 AM 03-02-2020
Such sad news to start the week. RIP to a great poster!

Should we start a Hall of Remembrance for those we have lost over the years?
frozenchief 11:20 AM 03-02-2020
Major bummer. Loved his food posts. Never met him in person but I wish I had. Glad he got to see KC hoist the Lombardi.
RickObie 11:20 AM 03-02-2020
Son of Logical 11:25 AM 03-02-2020
RIP buddy, he was a great on this board.
rabblerouser 11:33 AM 03-02-2020

Rock In Peace, brother.
Kman34 11:35 AM 03-02-2020
Prayers sent to his family...
Sorry 11:36 AM 03-02-2020
Didnít he have a killer pasta recipe? Rip
Buehler445 11:38 AM 03-02-2020
Originally Posted by Sorry:
Didnít he have a killer pasta recipe? Rip
It was chili. He wouldnít share it with anybody
Lzen 11:43 AM 03-02-2020
Well, that sucks. I guess I never had a lot of interaction with him but I knew that he was a long time regular. Seemed like a decent guy. Anybody know exactly how old he was? Sounds like he was my age or a little younger. Dang! Diabetus that young? :-)
PHOG 11:49 AM 03-02-2020
Oh Man. RIP
Detoxing 11:55 AM 03-02-2020
Fuuuuck. Damnit.

One of the original OG's that WASN'T a dick. Dude was always a pleasure to read, never had anything bad to say about anyone.

That really fucking sucks. R.I.P.

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