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Patteeu Memorial Political Forum>Qanon posts here...
Rausch 07:15 AM 03-24-2019
This isn't a debate thread.

This is just for those wanting to talk about Q.
Razaele 11:44 AM 09-28-2022
Originally Posted by Ninerfan11:
wtf is wrong with this?
Must be something, since they send security through the crowd to get the Q reruns to stop doing it.
Prison Bitch 12:18 PM 09-28-2022

Prison Bitch 08:54 AM 09-29-2022

Prison Bitch 04:26 PM 11-09-2022
Q predicted the midterm outcome
LiveSteam 11:21 PM 11-09-2022
Is it part of the plan?
Are we enjoying the show?
Was that reflection of a blur on a Presidential pen really Trump?
Are the new prison cells at GITMO ready?
Does the Past really equal the future?
Where we go one ,we go all. Will their their be piss stops along the way?
Five eyes. Why 5?
Has the 108th Airborn,night dropped into the Langly CIA complex and taken it over yet?
Is Trumps son Barren, really a time travler sent by Uncle Tesla?
Are the Rothschilds and an Alien army really running the world?
[•] kill box.
Does baby really have back?
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