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Nzoner's Game Room>Frank Clark fucking sucks
RealSNR 02:33 PM 09-15-2019
Guy has done NOTHING in two games. Barely any pressures to speak of against trash OTs.

Yeah, I'm in bitchy gameday mode. Don't care. I'm tired of paying out the ass for defensive players who don't make plays.

At least Justin Houston could dominate against bad teams after we paid him.
RealSNR 07:57 PM 10-23-2022
Have a good SEASON, Frank.

Not a good 5-game stretch or whatever the fuck it is you do. We need a SEASON out of you.

You had a nice game. Cool. Do it again.

And I'm still looking forward to your ass getting cut at the end of the year.
Marcellus 08:26 PM 10-23-2022

In Frank Clark fashion: tells it like it is after the win. #Chiefs

— Harold R. Kuntz (@HaroldRKuntz3) October 24, 2022

Raiderhater 09:17 PM 10-23-2022
Originally Posted by Chris Meck:
I really think it's just a health thing with Clark.

Be it Crohns or whatever is going on with him, sometimes he just looks lethargic and weak. And then sometimes, like today, he looks fast and is a difference maker.

He's just sick as often as not, and probably weak for awhile even after the symptoms subside.
Thatís all well and good, and I definitely like that better than the idea of him just cruising on a hefty contract but, itís not an excuse for him to be taking up a roster spot and cap space.
Womble 03:03 PM 06-08-2023
This thread need a bump. He's getting nowhere near the post season now so he's going to fucking suck.
lewdog 06:26 PM 06-08-2023
Fuck that Donkey trash!!!!
dlphg9 06:49 PM 06-08-2023
Originally Posted by Womble:
This thread need a bump. He's getting nowhere near the post season now so he's going to ****ing suck.
He was merely average in the playoffs. Played as hard as he could and lucked into a few sacks. He should give his teammates a bunch of money for allowing him to do anything.
Dunerdr 11:37 AM Yesterday
I bet we didnt even extend an offer.
JPH83 01:11 PM Yesterday
He was grossly overrated and overpaid and a sh***y, lazy player. Addition by subtraction and I can't think of a better scenario than him eating up Donk cap. Lovely.
redfan 01:14 PM Yesterday
Back to he “fucking sucks”.
Megatron96 11:04 AM Today
Thanks Frank. Best of luck in the future. Except when you're playing the Chiefs, of course.

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