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Palangi 12:24 PM 03-08-2024
Sneed gets traded for an early or mid second round pick

1. Patrick Paul LT Houston 6’7” 330- big long tackle with really good movement skills. Was a three year starter in college.

2. Devontez Walker WR North Carolina 6’2” 190- fast ( 4.34) athletic kid with really long arms (33”). So he is able to play bigger. Had drop issues at the senior bowl but it wasn’t an issue in college. Tracks the ball well on deep routes. Of money is brought in as a FA to play slot Walker would be a great compliment to him and Rice

2. Maason Smith DT LSU 6’6” 310- big athletic tackle. In the mold of Chris jones. Can come in and learn from him and improve work ethic.

3. Myles Cole DE Texas Tech 6’6” 280- Omenihu replacement. Ran a 4.6 at the combine. Almost has 37” arms.
Couch-Potato 01:06 PM 03-08-2024
Sexy top 3 picks! I'm a Walker fan. Will learn some about Cole, haven't looked into him yet. Good work!
Kellerfox 08:19 PM 03-08-2024
Texas Tech fan: Cole is an incredible (off the charts) athlete and periodically flashed, but he struggled to consistently put it together. His stance is too high and he's inconsistent with his technique. Tech fans had high hopes for him entering this last year, but his stats and impact didn't match expectations. He has had relatively good college coaching in Tim Deruyter and Zarnell Fitch, so a bit of a red flag to me that he couldn't get these things corrected. He's supposedly a real high character guy, but a pretty extreme introvert. He caught some flak by not answering questions at the combine, but I think it was a comfort thing. He just worded his response/decline poorly.

As a prospect, would love to see the Chiefs role the dice and see if they can correct his stance and technique... But a 3rd rounder seems steep to me for the risk. I'd be looking 5th/6th/7th. I know his stock is sky rocketing post combine.
kcbubb 10:58 AM 03-09-2024
I like Walker in the 2nd. I’d have concerns over Paul in the first. He’s leggy. Really long legs and that affects his balance. I do like going with a LT prospect in the 1st. So, I like your plan overall. I like the positions you’re taking and where you’re taking them. I would like to trade down from the first if we are targeting Paul and take him around 45. I like his value there. If we could pick up another pick, that would be helpful. We could grab another wr, db or rb later in the draft that could have a big impact on the team. He’s a Smurf but I love Gould in the 5th if we could pick up another pick in the draft. Gould is a 5’8” wr that’s really fast and solves our punt return problem immediately. We also had Gould in for a visit. If you add Gould and Walker to our wr room, you add a lot of SPEED.
VAChief 11:08 AM 03-18-2024
Two reaches in the first two rounds. They will both likely be available in the 3rd. There are several tackles we could get before Paul in the 1st that I like better. I like Walker, but again, think he could be had in the 3rd.