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View Poll Results: Which QB put the Ugh in Rough!
Damon Huard 10-11 0 0%
Brodie Coyle 0-10 66 42.58%
Tyler Thigpen 1-10 5 3.23%
Matt Cassel 19-29 45 29.03%
Tyler Palko 1-3 27 17.42%
Kyle Orton 2-1 0 0%
Brady Quinn 1-7 10 6.45%
I have some other opinion to state 2 1.29%
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Nzoner's Game Room>Most Dismal Chiefs QB of the Edwards-Haley-Crennel Era
Zebedee DuBois 09:21 AM 05-31-2023
I think most of us would agree that the seasons between Trent Green (48-42) and Alex Smith (51-30) were dark years for Chiefs fans. The almost sucked the fandom out of me. This is also the time between Head Coaches Vermeil and Reid. Probably go hand in hand.

As we praise our respective deities for delivering us Patrick Mahomes II, let us take a moment to reflect upon the hard road we traveled before he came to ease our journey.

Which of these QBs were the most disappointing? (Poll to follow)
InChiefsHeaven 08:33 AM 06-02-2023
Originally Posted by Vladimir_Kyrilytch:
Call me a biased Chiefs fan if you will but I declare that Croyle could have been good, he just got hurt all the time. Not quite the Mark Prior of football but something in that vein. The Brent Honeywell of football.

Don't forget he was the #1 high school QB recruit in the nation and then balled it up for a pretty big time college program in Alabama.

Constantly being injured and spending so much time and energy simply rehabbing is just no way to develop.
There is literally no evidence from his college days (hence the 3rd round pick) or especially his pro time with KC that he "could have been good" other than wishful thinking by Chiefs fans...I was one of those by the way. Plus I liked looking at his wife.

Brody Croyle was just another loser in the long line of losers who played QB for the Chiefs. Hell, I remember when I was hoping Ricky Stanzi would get a shot...that is how desperate I was.

Brody sucked and was physically unable to play the position. It is what it is.
Frazod 11:17 AM 06-02-2023
And for the poll, I went with Palko. During the years when they sucked, I determined that the Chiefs simply didn't rate a 1,000 mile round trip, so the only game I attended during the dark days was at Soldier Field against the Bears in 2011. It was, as I have recounted many times, the worst football game I've ever seen; an absolute assault on the senses. The only touchdown was a pure shitluck Hail Mary by Palko at the end of the half, which was almost certainly caught far from where he meant to throw it. Outside of that, a field goal by each team was it for scoring. What a shit show. Yeah, the Chiefs won. Didn't matter.
YontsRBake 11:27 AM 06-02-2023
Anyone who can look at this entire list and vote Thigpen needs to get their eyes checked.

CoMoChief 12:50 PM 06-02-2023
Cassel by far.

He was signed to a huge deal at the time be our franchise qb.

Others were drafted/signed to be backups or band-aids.

Man what shit times those days were.
Zebedee DuBois 01:39 PM 06-02-2023
Originally Posted by YontsRBake:
Anyone who can look at this entire list and vote Thigpen needs to get their eyes checked.

Translation: Anyone who can look at this entire pile of turds and not chose the turd with corn in it, needs to get their eyes checked.
rico 02:16 PM 06-02-2023
Matt Cassel because none of the other guys pushed me to the level where I felt like I was being tortured as a Chiefs fan for extended periods of time…. They just sucked and were annoying because of it. Matt Cassel was torture.
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