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View Poll Results: Which QB put the Ugh in Rough!
Damon Huard 10-11 0 0%
Brodie Coyle 0-10 66 42.58%
Tyler Thigpen 1-10 5 3.23%
Matt Cassel 19-29 45 29.03%
Tyler Palko 1-3 27 17.42%
Kyle Orton 2-1 0 0%
Brady Quinn 1-7 10 6.45%
I have some other opinion to state 2 1.29%
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Nzoner's Game Room>Most Dismal Chiefs QB of the Edwards-Haley-Crennel Era
Zebedee DuBois 09:21 AM 05-31-2023
I think most of us would agree that the seasons between Trent Green (48-42) and Alex Smith (51-30) were dark years for Chiefs fans. The almost sucked the fandom out of me. This is also the time between Head Coaches Vermeil and Reid. Probably go hand in hand.

As we praise our respective deities for delivering us Patrick Mahomes II, let us take a moment to reflect upon the hard road we traveled before he came to ease our journey.

Which of these QBs were the most disappointing? (Poll to follow)
Fat Elvis 08:59 PM 05-31-2023
It was just one giant glob of suck.
Munson 09:32 PM 05-31-2023
I had to go with Brodie Croyle aka "The Winless Wonder."
TEX 09:36 PM 05-31-2023
Hands down its Brodie FUCKING Croyal. But he has a very hot wife, so he gets a pass.
TEX 09:37 PM 05-31-2023
Originally Posted by crispystl:
I remember the Colts playoff game with Huard and I swear I felt like we had a better chance to score on DEFENSE than we did on offense.
That's how pathetic it was.
That's because we did.
DenverChief 10:28 PM 05-31-2023
Originally Posted by chiefzilla1501:
I still love the Brodie croyle play. It was the only time in a million years we even tried to draft our own. Those flunkies are way more acceptable than someone like Brady Quinn that was a known loser but was brought in purely because of his patriot tree connection
Huh? He drafted by and played 3 seasons in Cleveland (as their 1st round draft pick out of Notre Dame) compiling a 3-9 record w/ 10 TDs, 9 INTs and 4 Fumbles before being traded by the Browns to the Broncos in 2010 (who released him) and signed by KC in 2012 and going 1-7 with 2 TDs 8 INTs and 1 Fumble. His lone win was against a hapless 3-9 Carolina Panthers team.
DenverChief 10:36 PM 05-31-2023
Originally Posted by nychief:
I saw Tyler Palko start an NFL game LIVE. I still see it in my nightmares.
I can't read his name without hearing Shane Falco in my head

Shane Falco Keanu Reeves GIFfrom Shane Falco GIFs

DenverChief 10:42 PM 05-31-2023
Matt Blundin ? 2nd Round selection in 1992 that played in exactly 3 games in 3 years 2/9 for 15 yards and 2 interceptions.

*edit* wrong era that was a Schottenheimer special
Bump 12:36 AM 06-01-2023
Originally Posted by Wisconsin_Chief:
Huard and Orton are the only two players on that list that I would even classify as NFL level QBs. They looked like superstars compared to the rest of those turds, which is just sad.

I can't believe Matt Cassel won 10 games in a season and went to a Pro Bowl. I can't comprehend how that ever happened.
I think it might have been Jamaal Charles making everyone else look better than they are. Was that the season he was in the MVP discussion?
New World Order 12:38 AM 06-01-2023
Good lord that's a horrible list
big nasty kcnut 01:07 AM 06-01-2023
cassel i hate him with a passion i never met a more limp wristed duchebag then him. Fuck him and pioli also herm edwards.
tredadda 07:30 AM 06-01-2023
Originally Posted by crispystl:
True but Cassel was better. God why did you make me type that!
True as well, but if not for Cassel starting and sucking and Pioli forcing him on Haley, there is a good chance Palko never sees the field. He only started as Haley's F-you to Pioli.
notorious 07:42 AM 06-01-2023
It all sucked, but I was at my most angry during the end of the Cassel era.

Pioli kept doubling down on him. Fuck Piolo forever.
wazu 07:51 AM 06-01-2023
For me the only guy that matters on that list is Cassel. He's the only one that the Chiefs invested in and truly tried to sell as a "starter" (even though he wasn't one in college). Dismal, disappointing, whatever you want to call it. The other guys are just scrubs that cost us practically nothing, and produced accordingly.
BigRedChief 07:55 AM 06-01-2023
Originally Posted by RealSNR:
Itís Palko. Brodie wasnít good, but he didnít look as inept out there as this ****ing amateur.
At least Brodie's GF tits distracted us one year from the suck we were.
crayzkirk 07:56 AM 06-01-2023
They all sucked and the fact that Chiefs management (mismanagement) kept repeating the same mistake of paying for other team's trash just made it more painful. That the Chiefs didn't even attempt to draft their own QB after the mistake of '83 until Mahomes just shows how dysfunctional the team's management was.

Watching Dungver repeat the same mistakes is rather funny at this point.
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