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View Poll Results: Which QB put the Ugh in Rough!
Damon Huard 10-11 0 0%
Brodie Coyle 0-10 66 42.58%
Tyler Thigpen 1-10 5 3.23%
Matt Cassel 19-29 45 29.03%
Tyler Palko 1-3 27 17.42%
Kyle Orton 2-1 0 0%
Brady Quinn 1-7 10 6.45%
I have some other opinion to state 2 1.29%
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Nzoner's Game Room>Most Dismal Chiefs QB of the Edwards-Haley-Crennel Era
Zebedee DuBois 09:21 AM 05-31-2023
I think most of us would agree that the seasons between Trent Green (48-42) and Alex Smith (51-30) were dark years for Chiefs fans. The almost sucked the fandom out of me. This is also the time between Head Coaches Vermeil and Reid. Probably go hand in hand.

As we praise our respective deities for delivering us Patrick Mahomes II, let us take a moment to reflect upon the hard road we traveled before he came to ease our journey.

Which of these QBs were the most disappointing? (Poll to follow)
AdolfOliverBush 11:46 AM 05-31-2023
Originally Posted by tredadda:
Ummmmm, you forget about Montana?
Montana was great in SF, but the version the Chiefs got couldn't hold Mahomes' jock.

Honestly, neither could the SF version.
tredadda 11:55 AM 05-31-2023
Originally Posted by AdolfOliverBush:
Montana was great in SF, but the version the Chiefs got couldn't hold Mahomes' jock.

Honestly, neither could the SF version.
I gotcha. I misread what you had stated. Hard to have any QB ever that can compete with Mahomes. While the KC version of Montana might not have been the SF version, he was still the best QB KC had post Dawson until Mahomes. The Niners Montana is still a top 5 all time QB in my book. What he did in the era he played in is just unbelieveable.
redfan 12:00 PM 05-31-2023
Rhymes with Grody Boil
Bearcat 12:04 PM 05-31-2023
Originally Posted by RealSNR:
Some of you are looking at data and nothing else.

Tyler Palko shouldnít have ever been on an NFL roster. Haley thought he was a genius and thought his Pitt connection was all he needed to resurrect this chunk of shit from the sewer. He legit thought this guy was good enough to be the backup.

Itís Palko. Brodie wasnít good, but he didnít look as inept out there as this fucking amateur.
Yeah, I still remember him struggling to make routine passes... pretty sure I can throw harder.
Megatron96 12:17 PM 05-31-2023
Good God, that may be the worst list of NFL QBs . . . nope, not gonna say it.

It's such a bad list it's triggering my PTSD. Can't even vote right now.
MatriculatingHank 12:25 PM 05-31-2023
Glad to see Tyler Thigpen receiving few votes. He had talent but had to play with a HORRIBLE team. I truly felt sorry for him.
Wilson8 12:52 PM 05-31-2023
I am really surprised that QB Matt Cassel is not leading in this poll.

Matt Cassel is so intertwined with the sadness and dysfunction of General Manager Scott Pioli and Head Coach Todd Haley, it is really hard to not cringe when you think of that time period for the Kansas City Chiefs.
Zebedee DuBois 12:53 PM 05-31-2023
For me, both Palko and Thigpen made the Chiefs seem like a complete joke. I can still see Thigpen trying to connect with a receiver out of the backfield in the flat and (with no pressure on either of them) miss him by 10 feet. Cassel was bad, but sporadically looked competent for a series. ( please do not think I am defending him at all - he was bad)

But that is a 6-8 year stretch of highly paid incompetence.
TLO 01:01 PM 05-31-2023
Originally Posted by Gary Cooper:
Tyler Palko, easily.
Yes. He was by far the least talented QB I've ever seen on an NFL field. He was like Tim Tebow, only way worse somehow.
TLO 01:02 PM 05-31-2023
Originally Posted by Titty Meat:
Yeah alot of posters still owe an apology over that bum ass dude
Tyler Bray
Zap Rowsdower 01:04 PM 05-31-2023
If we are going from best to worst.

1 - Matt Cassel. I was looking up his stats and forgot he threw 27 TDs with only 9 interceptions in 2010 so that year he was an above average NFL starting qb. The rest of the years he was a bottom 5 starting NFL quarterback. Probably a guy that someone like Andy Reid could win some games with in the short term as a backup but not NFL starting qb material.

2 - Kyle Orton

3 - Damon Huard

4 - Tyler Thigpen

5 - Brady Quinn

6 - Brodie Croyle

7 - Tyler Palko - Hey, he made it further in his athletic career than probably all of us on this board, but he was easily the worst of that era. The only qb I could think of that was worse all time for the Chiefs was when they brought in 40 year old Warren Moon to start against the Chargers in 2000.
Titty Meat 01:09 PM 05-31-2023
Originally Posted by George Brett Statue:
Tyler Bray
Damien Mama
lcarus 01:17 PM 05-31-2023
Cassel looked like Johnny fucking U compared to Tyler Palko. Which is pretty sad for Palko. Croyle was shit but at least he had an arm.
Coochie liquor 01:17 PM 05-31-2023
Fuck Mark Castle forever!
kcgreene 01:20 PM 05-31-2023
Sabby Piscitelli
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