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Nzoner's Game Room>Money no object, where else in the World would you live?
scho63 07:31 AM 05-31-2023
Take away your current location and say you decide you are going to move to the place of your dreams.

Where in the World is it?
An island?
An exotic land?
South America?

Describe the perfect place, size of your house and what you are going to do. You have 10 years at a minimum in this location.

For me it would be one of three places:

1. Greece-never been there but dream of living an island hopping lifestyle. A small house of 800-1000 sq ft. 2 bed/2 bath and a nice outdoor area with a small plunge pool.

2. Italy-been there twice and love the location to travel all over Europe. The laid back life and food would turn me into a fat guy again but all the walking cities would help. Plus all the history. Again same size house

3. Vietnam-I would buy a nice 2Bd/2Ba condo on the beach in Nha Trang and travel all over Asia. Thailand, the Philippines, Bali, Indonesia and more. Love Vienamese food and happy endings.

So where are you headed? :-)
loochy 08:23 AM 05-31-2023
I'd take a summer home on Vancouver Island, BC. We went there about 5 years ago and we absolutely loved the place and we loved the people. The landscape is beautiful, the weather is mild and steady, everything was clean, and the people were exceptionally nice and laid back.

More traditionally though, I've always said I'd keep a main house here in the DFW area, a summer house in the Aspen/Glenwood Springs area, and a winter house on the the big island of Hawaii.
POND_OF_RED 08:28 AM 05-31-2023
Switzerland in a heartbeat. Stable government. Beautiful mountains. Beautiful women. Would also pick Norway or New Zealand. The dream would be to never settle down in one spot, though, if money wasn’t a factor.
Buehler445 08:33 AM 05-31-2023
I'd keep an apartment in every place there is someone I care about, and spend all my time with them.
Why Not? 08:43 AM 05-31-2023
Wyandotte County
TLO 08:44 AM 05-31-2023
Elwood Kansas
Hog's Gone Fishin 08:45 AM 05-31-2023
My brother has pretty much traveled the world. He says the Phillipines would be his destination, but part of that was the cheap living. He really likes Dubai women but ,no to that. I really enjoyed living in South Georgia. I like trees and lakes. If money was no object , a nice log cabin on a lake that's loaded with good bass fishin would make me perfectly happy.
Spott 08:48 AM 05-31-2023
Either Costa Rica or Olathe, where it’s 75 and sunny all year round.
Redbled 08:53 AM 05-31-2023
I’d already be on a Caribbean island like Roatan or Utila if I could. Issue isn’t as much money as family. Don’t want to leave my daughters who are in college where we live. Tried to get them to go but no dice.
displacedinMN 08:53 AM 05-31-2023
Coochie liquor 08:56 AM 05-31-2023
Jamaica, Barbados, Or Curaçao! I’d never step foot in this country again!

Edit: or Grenada
FlaChief58 08:59 AM 05-31-2023
I'd build a cabin in the blue ridge mountains somewhere around Cherokee. I'd vacation with my imaginary supermodel girlfriend in Fiji every year from January- February.
Kiimo 09:00 AM 05-31-2023
South Lake Tahoe

second place Innsbruck, Austria

I like to ski
tooge 09:01 AM 05-31-2023
I lived in Japan for a year. It's amazing. Got to travel a bit over in asia, and Vietnam would be pretty badass. I could also do Argentina. Here in the US, I really like where I live but I wouldn't mind Idaho or Montana either. Northern Wisconsin is also really nice up near the Chippewa flowage area.
loochy 09:01 AM 05-31-2023
Originally Posted by Kiimosabi:
South Lake Tahoe

too douchey

I much prefer the north side
Kellerfox 09:07 AM 05-31-2023
Torn between two:

1. St Johns, USVI - arguably the best beaches in the world, great food, great hiking, still in the US (politically/economically/language/etc.), And close enough to get "home" (stateside) in just a few hours. Id live in a large, secured beachfront estate with at least 2,400 square feet.

2. Lucerne, Switzerland - VIEWS VIEWS VIEWS. Enough said. Id live in a large flat inside the city with water and mountain views.
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