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Nzoner's Game Room>What Does Matt Cassel Mean To You?
MarkDavis'Haircut 09:48 PM 04-09-2020
Hey guys, long time no see.

Raiders fans are turning on Carr.

So I was wondering how long does it take before anger at a former QB disappears?

Thus, the question.
Lzen 08:13 AM 06-08-2023
Originally Posted by tredadda:
He was worse than average Mac, but sadly probably better than Zach Wilson because he wasnít a douche like Wilson appears to be. What made him so bad (besides lacking the talent to be a starting QB) was Pioliís absolute refusal to recognize that he sucked. The only things he did for us was create ample laughs at his awfulness, allowed for a banner to get flown over Arrowhead, got us Andy Reid, and got Pioli (and to a point Haley) fired. This led to the renaissance of Chiefs football.
Cassel was terrible at recognizing blitzes. Teams that blitzed him were able to make him look bad. He also was really good at padding stats after his team got down by several scores. The only halfway adequate season he had was the 2010 year.
Lzen 08:14 AM 06-08-2023
Originally Posted by BigRedChief:
All these shitty QBís we had, it wasnít their fault. They just didnít have the talent to win a SB. Not their fault, itís the GMís fault for thinking they had the talent to win a SB.

Our shared misery we suffered through together make this era so sweet to share with you guys.
Cassel didn't have the talent to play in the NFL.
Lzen 08:16 AM 06-08-2023
Originally Posted by Rainbarrel:
Elvis Grbac loves, loves, loves the man
Elvis was nothing special but Cassel couldn't hold his jock.
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