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Holladay 01:03 AM 05-28-2023
This is for a old couple I am trying to help.

Newer model ~5 yro. He used to be an everything mechanic. Navy vet in Vietnam. They have a small acreage down the road from my place. Alzheimer sucks.

Message on the small LCD readout that shows number of hours used, states "oil filter" error. I changed the oil filter. "air filter" error message. I changed the air filter. Oil level is fine.

It runs for 10 min then stops. Then the same error messages pop up and the mower stops. I am not sure that if just running the mower or if the PTO engages for the blades that causes the message. The local mechanic said to check fuses or some 2 wires someplace. (I didn't talk to him, wife did). He charges $50/hr and has been up to their place many times.

If that was the case, the fuses or the wires the mower wouldn't start in the first place.

I am thinking a computer reset button/code that I replaced both filters, that I didn't reset. Kind of like when I get my oil changed in my car...I reset the oil used % back up to 100%. Or error codes for a O2 sensor. Though a code for oil/air filter could shut down the mower to prevent engine damage.

When I changed both filters, the computer doesn't know, therefore shuts down after a few minutes not to damage the engine?????

They paid ~$5k for the mower and another $3k on the dumb stuff that he has inflicted on the mower over the last few years.

It is a nice mower, 60" deck, 24 hp Kawasaki motor, low hours. She wants just to sell the damn thing and not sink in anymore money into it. My wife will mow their place for them, but he is getting aggressive (Alzheimer's) and doesn't what her to touch the darn thing.


Is there an easy fix? Reset the error codes on the mower? I maintain my riding mower/do basic stuff on the cars/ know enough to be dangerous (Like Russell).

Not my mower and don't want to sign into a Gravely Forum for hopefully an easy fix.

Thoughts or advice to what avenues to pursue?
Holladay 04:14 PM 06-04-2023
If I buy that new carb someone showed earlier from Amazon, I won't have to worry about that correct?
crayzkirk 10:41 PM 06-04-2023
Originally Posted by Holladay:
If I buy that new carb someone showed earlier from Amazon, I won't have to worry about that correct?
They are hit and miss; I've had better luck with OEM however that's just me. It was just an idea to verify that it's the carburetor and not the solenoid. I would still take the carburetor bowl off and see if there's any crud in there. The ethanol in fuels creates a gel and attacks the aluminum in the carburetor when they sit. You can check to see if the solenoid is sticking/stuck.
Holladay 09:43 AM 06-05-2023

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