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Fantasy/CasinoPlanet>New CP Fantasy Football League?
Kellerfox 05:01 PM 07-04-2021
Otter's Link of Awesomeness:

2022 League:

1. Kellerfox (Keller’s Fighting Foxes)
2. Kccrow (Crow’s Clam Clappers)
3. Tyecopeland (Hill No!)
4. Phog (Phog’s Phoagies)
5. Otter (Otter’s Marauders)
6. Dunerdr (the flamin aids dumpster)
7. CableTech94 (Cables’ AIDS Tree Fire)
8. BevisChief (Matt’s Mind Blowing Team)
9. MahomesMagic (Kirk Cousin's Pure Blood)
10. Carlos3562 (Carlos3562)
11. Burt (burts underachievers)
12. IowaHawkeyeChief (Iowa Hawkeye Chiefs)
MahomesMagic 03:20 PM 01-01-2023
Picked up Hodgins and Jax D in my other league.

Playing in the Super Bowl with Mahomes (non KC league let me get him in the 4th round).
carlos3652 09:56 PM 01-01-2023
Good luck :-)
MahomesMagic 03:15 PM 01-02-2023
Originally Posted by carlos3652:
Good luck :-)


I'm at 99% probability now.

My opponent has Allen and others left but he's down 100 points right now.
Kellerfox 02:12 PM 01-04-2023
I'm going to hang my hat on the fact that I was the projected winner by .01 as a moral victory.

Congrats on the Championship Carlos!
Otter 04:57 PM 01-04-2023
Congrats Carlos!!!

Until next season gentlemen.
tyecopeland 07:33 PM 01-04-2023
It's not necessarily over quite yet.
PHOG 05:20 PM 01-05-2023
It sounds like it's over. Congrats Carlos! :-)
Otter 06:18 PM 01-05-2023
I was truly hoping to come back as the Cinderalla team of the season.
kccrow 07:18 PM 01-05-2023
Congrats Carlos!
tyecopeland 06:01 AM 01-06-2023
Now it's over.
cabletech94 02:36 PM 01-06-2023
I love all you guys!!!

I didn’t love fielding a terrible team. Thanks #12 pick. Lol. See ya next year.
carlos3652 03:47 PM 01-07-2023
Thanks guys! Thanks for putting this together!!
Kellerfox 10:04 AM 07-16-2023

The next few months are going to be fairly hectic for my wife and I. We are adopting a 4 y/o and 6 y/o, moving into a new home, have a major surgery possibly being scheduled, and hitting a busy season with work.

I don’t think I have the capacity this fall to facilitate this league as commissioner.

If someone else (existing league owners) is willing to take over - I’m happy to pass the torch, and would love to still participate as just a team owner.

I’ll shoot everyone a PM.
MahomesMagic 01:35 PM 07-16-2023
I would have considered it but I'm moving in the next few weeks..
Dunerdr 06:02 AM 07-17-2023
Congratulations Kellerfox! I'm running a few other leagues and dont really want to run one but if no one else volunteers I can.
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