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Hall of Classics>Damn This Angers Me!!
Clint in Wichita 04:49 PM 06-28-2001
It shouldn't, and I shouldn't even post this, but I took a glance at it and almost vomited.
morphius 09:39 AM 06-29-2001
Alan - If we had any trolls here I would say maybe, but since we don't...
Iowanian 09:46 AM 06-29-2001
Anyone with an "antichiefs" link to a stalkersite can in no way claim to be a Chiefs fan...

~thinkn' I might be in the mood to pick a fight a pigskin with that link.
ExtremeChief 03:41 PM 06-29-2001
here ya go

couldn't help myself :-) :-)
KCGannonStalker 04:20 PM 06-29-2001
You all need to grow up and accept diversity.
KS Smitty 04:25 PM 06-29-2001
Gannon Stalker:
This is a Chiefs BB. There is no room for that kind of diversity:-)
KCGannonStalker 04:29 PM 06-29-2001
Football is only a game and you would all be better served to realize that. Human beings are what is most important.

You all just seem bitter and unable to see the big picture. I try to set aside my differences and make the world a better place utilizing other people's money. You should join the effort and do likewise.
KS Smitty 04:40 PM 06-29-2001
I guess that's where we differ. While I wish no ill on ANY human being of any race creed color religion sexual orientation or whatever, I'm NOT a football fan, I'm a Chiefs fan that's why I post on CHIEFS Planet not some other BB (are there any others). Always have been always will be. If the Chiefs franchise were no longer in existence then I would not watch any professional football. I could care less about Gag on or Squirrelback now that they are no longer Chiefs. Call me closed minded I don't mind.
KCGannonStalker 04:53 PM 06-29-2001
Closed Minded.

There, I said it.

Now that I've said it, I feel I should offer an apology and an explanation. You see, part of me feels bad for saying it, but I think I have a right to say it because I'm who I am and I'm proud of what I'm thinking and saying most of the time and should be excused when I say something hurtful. Anyone who knows me knows that I never intentionally hurt anyone, so that makes it okay. Really. If this explanation isn't good enough, I'm sorry for that too.

You really must admit that I'm superior, though. Just like Rich Gannon was superior to Elvis and proved it the past 2 seasons, I will prove in many ways that I am superior because I want what is good for everyone as long as it coincides with what I want for everyone. (Because if what they want doesn't coincide with what I want for them, then it's not good for them.)

Don't you see?
KS Smitty 04:55 PM 06-29-2001

Goodness that certainly explained it.:confused:
Otter 05:24 PM 06-29-2001
Look what you did Clint!!!

She's here!!

~feels violated
alanm 05:40 PM 06-29-2001
I see a certain illlogic in the logic. Could it really be... Naw.. But then again? We all love you Denise :-)
Yosef_Malkovitch 06:17 PM 06-29-2001
Actually I don't know if this is really her, or just an impersonator. Whatever else you may say about her, she's never been one to hide behind a different alias. Would she really use "KCGannonstalker"? I'm not sure.

It could just be a different troll (BroncoFan maybe? Ken?) with a hankering to play with some people's heads...

And that second paragraph of her last reply just doesn't look right.... Denise, I don't think, ever TRIES to bait people. She just does it naturally through her hypocrisy and screwed up logic.
Yosef_Malkovitch 06:22 PM 06-29-2001
TEX 06:29 PM 06-29-2001
It really doesn't piss me off that much. What does is that Carl kept GrRETARD over Rich. I saw this one coming the second that happened. I also can't stand the way Grbac was smiling after that game. Really, the only thing that pisses me off about the site is that it brings back old wounds...the Chiefs should have KEPT Rich but they didn't and now we have paid the price. Still, I hope KC CRUSHES Rich this year. He's a Raida now... so I HATE HIM!:-)
KCGannonStalker 07:12 PM 06-29-2001
If you'd look at my web site, things would become much clearer.

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