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The Lounge>Report: Matt Nagy will be fired after Thanksgiving game
siberian khatru 10:36 AM 11-23-2021
So he has something in common with turkeys: They're both cooked Thursday.

A Pulitzer-prize winning Chicago reporter, @Konkolskorner, who doesn't regularly cover the Bears, reports that coach Matt Nagy has been told he'll be fired after Thursday's game at Detroit.

— ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) November 23, 2021

Easy 6 09:39 PM 11-24-2021
Originally Posted by siberian khatru:
What a disgrace they've become, total garbage since 85... its almost impossible to fathom the depths
tyecopeland 10:00 PM 11-24-2021
Originally Posted by Spott:
It was entertaining back then. The Bears and Lions have now played each other 3 of the last 4 Thanksgivings. You would think they would mix it up some.
The bears are the only divisional rival that would give the lions a shot at winning 3 of the past 4 years. They would like the game to be somewhat competitive.
ThyKingdomCome15 11:30 PM 11-24-2021
At least let him finish the season. It's not like they're going anywhere.
Buehler445 07:35 AM 11-25-2021
Originally Posted by jettio:
Folks like to pick on Matt Nagy, but Bears have won some games while he is head coach. It is hard to predict how the NFC North teams will do in the next few years, but I might root for the Bears to do worse after Nagy than they did with him because the talking heads on ESPN seem to go out of their way to bash the guy.
Heís done some good coaching and some shit coaching. Ultimately they wanted a Pedersen type performance with a Lombardi and it didnít happen. Thatís not to say ANYBODY could have made it happen. But heís an offensive guy and the offense is ass.

Originally Posted by notorious:
This is true.

Itís not like he arrived with a wealth of talent and a good QB.
They had a lot of talent. But the QB position was set. And he knew it going in. He kind of made his bed.

Originally Posted by staylor26:
Perfect example of why maybe you shouldnít just take the first job offer you get as a 1st time HC. I get that some guys want to strike while they can, but Nagy couldíve stayed in KC and waited for the perfect job if he wanted.

Also, I totally understand him getting fired when heís an offensive minded coach and the offense has been terrible his entire tenure.
Agreed. Iíd never take a job with a shit QB that is entrenched above my head. I mean fuck, he should know the difference between Smith who you can win with and Mahomes who does the winning.

Originally Posted by Hammock Parties:

they could let him spend thanksgiving with his family
Prevailing theory is let the new guy get a long week to get adjusted. Itís a dumb theory but itís the theory.

Originally Posted by RealSNR:
The NFL is desperate for "QB guru" coaches whether their reputation for that recognition is deserved or not.

Much like Marty Mornhinweg and Pat Shurmur, the NFL won't be able to quit Nagy, and he'll get plenty of run being an offensive assistant for many teams over the next couple decades.

Hell, with a bit of luck and the right situation, he might even get another shot as a head coach. You never know.
I dunno. Pedersen was on Russillos podcast and I didnít know he didnít have a job. At all. I donít know how much of that is his choice but heís unemployed. And that fucker won a Lombardi. Because of the offense. With Nick Foles.

I know shit kind of went down in flames, but Iíd think that guy would a shot. Maybe itís him in the interview room, but I canít imagine Dan Campbell or Adam Gase (who got 2 head coaching gigs in the same division!) are dramatically better interviews than Pedersen.
scho63 08:12 AM 11-25-2021
Originally Posted by HemiEd:
YES Did you watch the game Sunday?
No, I haven't seen a single minute of a Bears game and not even sure I've seen a highlight.
DrunkBassGuitar 08:13 AM 11-25-2021
Originally Posted by wazu:
Was anybody else a little suspicious of this report based purely on the fact that the reporter has won a Pulitzer prize?
pull-on-my-dickzer prize
Hammock Parties 08:49 AM 11-25-2021
The media in this country continues to get more despicable
Why Not? 09:51 AM 11-25-2021
Originally Posted by ThyKingdomCome15:
That way they get a full day's work out of you.
Which is probably why they are keeping Nagy for now. It's as if they're saying "Sorry Matt. You helped create this shit show so you're gonna play it out this season. We are not sending you home for the holidays while we need to pay you anyway. Start packing for Seattle the week of Christmas, pal."
KCUnited 09:55 AM 11-25-2021
Chants of "Fire Nagy" during a HS football game his son played in.

Dude's getting the Bartman treatment if they lose today.

Below is a statement regarding the recent Cary-Grove vs. Lake Forest 6A high school football game:

— Cary-Grove H.S. (@CaryGroveHS) November 23, 2021

Deberg_1990 10:01 AM 11-25-2021
Hes 31-27 in 4 seasons. Made the playoffs in 2 out of 3 season....Probably 2-4 soon....

It could be worse. Especially with the sh*t hes been handed at QB.
Bob Dole 12:28 PM 11-25-2021
Originally Posted by ThyKingdomCome15:
That way they get a full day's work out of you.
If your work is poor enough that you're being cut loose, why would they want another day of it?
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