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Megatron96 04:05 PM 08-23-2020
So just got home and Ghostbusters (original) is on. Forgot just how funny this movie really was. Spit my bite of pizza out when Murray investigates Sigourney Weaver's apartment. Great stuff.
InChiefsHeaven 03:43 PM 04-07-2021
I'm looking forward. After the forgettable reboot of 2016, anything should be better...I hope.
InChiefsHeaven 03:45 PM 04-07-2021
Shandor Mining Company...Shiiiiiit...
InChiefsHeaven 03:46 PM 04-07-2021
Originally Posted by htismaqe:
Dan Akroyd's delivery of the line "it's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man" - the look on his face - is one of the classic scenes of all time IMO.
Yes it's true...this man has no dick...

Das a biiig twinkie...

So many great lines in that damn movie...
CoMoChief 04:30 PM 04-07-2021
No SJW/feminist fueled woman cast?

Sign me up!
Molitoth 10:28 AM 04-08-2021
cabletech94 12:20 PM 04-08-2021
rabblerouser 05:55 PM 04-08-2021
"Yes, it's true. This man has no dick."
SAGA45 11:54 PM 04-09-2021
"Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say...YES!"
Carr4MVP 04:45 PM 04-12-2021
Originally Posted by Baby Lee:
That is a hilarious observation that is simultaneously irrelevant and so telling about our entertainment blinders.

There's a whole discussion out there about it, but for those not familiar, if you take an objective look at Raiders, Indy didn't do a single thing of consequence for the storyline. He showed up late to all the important discoveries. He watched all tied up while it was carted around. All the 'wrong hands' he was supposed to save it from were destroyed by the Ark itself, and it ended up in a random warehouse. He had as much impact as we did in the movie theater.
Well, he did save Marion from torture at the hands of Toht.
Deberg_1990 05:50 PM 04-12-2021
Dana: This is the bedroom, but nothing ever happens in there

Ray: what a crime...

Bill Murray’s performance is an all timer in this.
Tribal Warfare 04:33 PM 06-08-2021

The funís just starting. 👀 Happy #Ghostbusters Day!

— Ghostbusters (@Ghostbusters) June 8, 2021

InChiefsHeaven 06:23 AM 06-09-2021
When is this fucker coming out??
unlurking 06-09-2021, 06:32 AM
This message has been deleted by unlurking.
Deberg_1990 07:00 AM 06-09-2021
Originally Posted by InChiefsHeaven:
When is this ****er coming out??
Itís gotten bumped around a lot, but now looks like November
InChiefsHeaven 06-09-2021, 08:05 AM
This message has been deleted by InChiefsHeaven. Reason: oddly posted twice
Baby Lee 08:47 AM 07-27-2021

Deberg_1990 08:50 AM 07-27-2021
I didn’t see much comedy in that trailer.

They’ve gone the hybrid action/stranger things route.
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