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Buehler445 08:54 AM 04-26-2012
All this talk about series, how network TV Sucks, and how hard it is to find quality shows, and some excellent shows that fly under the radar, I need a comprehensive review of all the series I need to see.

For good entertainment, I would be willing to buy DVD sets. But I've recently picked up HBOGO by kiping it from my parents, and recently got Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Here is a listing of shows that I currently own or have seen all the episodes of. If it isn't on the list, just assume I haven't seen it.


Here is a listing of shows that I'm currently watching

Here is a listing of shows on my list to watch (mostly due to this thread)

I work a fuckton, so it is hard for me catch a series while it is on to get it on the DVR, but I recognize the entertainment value and am willing to go after the Must See shows. Accordingly, I'm not necessarily looking for anything that is still running. I'm up for watching stuff that has run its course.

So what say you, Planet? Which shows should I see?

UPDATED for the shows I've seen recently.
Buehler445 12:53 PM 11-27-2021
So I picked up HBOMAX for a few months here, and finally got to watch White Lotus and Mare of Easttown.

White Lotus
White Lotus is some really excellent filmmaking. It doesn't try to get out over it's skis and tell some grandiose story. Nope. It's a bit of a character study on like 8 people over a week in a resort. The acting is all really good. There is a bit of a stretch in is this how these people would really react - but nothing cheesy. And the beginning line of "Oh we heard someone died. Yeah, they're loading the body on our plane" was really fucking excellent. The whole fucking time I was trying to figure out who was going to eat shit, and they did a great job of leaving it open.

Really had my ass hooked for no more than it was.

I listened to some interesting analysis about White Collar vs Blue Collar consequences to what happened that was really interesting, but I totally missed it upon the first watch.

Mare of Easttown
Mare was fucking amazing. I'm probably going to rewatch it before I dump the subscription.

Top to bottom, really fucking good. A little more aggressive in that it was a bigger story, but really, REALLY good.

Anyone that hasn't watched it. Do it.
TwistedChief 05:45 AM Yesterday
Originally Posted by Baby Lee:
Trying to decide whether to check out. Tough to tell if it'll be bonkers bad or bonkers good, but the reviews are coming in and seem promising.

I've been watching this and really enjoying it. It's Alive meets Lord of the Flies meets Mean Girls meets mid-90s references.
Coochie liquor 03:09 PM Today
Finished season one of Gomorra on HBO last night. Holy shit, the show is ridiculously intense, the last 2 episodes of season one kept me from going to bed on time. Wanted to watch S2E1 but had to get up for work early. If you’re a fan of The Godfather, SoA, stuff like that it’s incredible so far.
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