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Media Center>All Things Video Games & Game Reviews Part II
Gonzo 10:39 AM 08-31-2015
Hey all, you know the deal...
The other thread hit over 1,000 posts and we have server issues when that shit happens so here she be, a fancy new mega thread.

Anyway, just a quick rundown.

Post anything and everything gaming in here. Console games, handheld/mobile games or PC.

Playing something you love or maybe hate? Find a hidden gem on Steam? Let us know via a review. Try to make sure you give a good rundown on it. Graphics, sound, storyline, overall gameplay and replayability. Let's keep it at a 1-10 scale.

Thanks to all that left me awesome rep comments/posts and even pm's thanking me for the many reviews I wrote.
Just an FYI, developers do read our comments in here I guess. CD Projekt Red (of Witcher 3) was one that stopped by.

Anyway, thanks all for your input and as always, no griefing.
DJJasonp 01:36 PM 09-11-2018
Ive got a massive backlog of games right now, and so many solid new releases soon:

Tomb Raider
Red Dead'
Black Ops
Cyberpunk looks good too, but I'm assuming it's 2019?

Either way - that's a lot to get to.
Indian Chief 02:26 PM 09-11-2018
Finally got around to starting The Witcher 3. I'm hooked. About 50 hours in the last 3 weeks and I'm nowhere near done.
Fish 02:32 PM 09-11-2018
I've tried to play the Witcher 3 multiple times. But I simply can't get past the retarded fighting system. Just awful...
Chief Pagan 04:18 PM 09-11-2018
It took me three tries to get far enough in Witcher 3 to get into it. I liked it, but I'm not one of those that thought it was an all time great game.

The fighting system wasn't my favorite. I think I played through it on the easiest setting. Although I did no potions (except where plot advancement required it) and almost no weapon/armor upgrades. There were a few sections where running away was not an option and no healing potions made it pretty challenging even on the easiest setting.

I thought the character development was pretty good outside of all the romantic angst back story it tried to throw at you. But maybe that was because I hadn't played any of the previous versions.
Superturtle 04:49 PM 09-11-2018
Once you really get far into the game and develop your skills tree the combat is much better. God of War suffered the same problem. It's basically mash square until you develop your shit.
hometeam 10:51 PM 09-11-2018
Originally Posted by Fish:
I've tried to play the Witcher 3 multiple times. But I simply can't get past the retarded fighting system. Just awful...
I am 100% in agreement
MotherfuckerJones 10:58 PM 09-11-2018
Originally Posted by Superturtle:
Only played the new Spider Man game for about an hour but it's quite fun. Reminds me a lot of the Arkham series early.
This. I got it and have only played a little due to puppy duty. It's amazing pardon the pun and a lot like Batman series (combat, open world)
Superturtle 04:47 AM 09-12-2018
Originally Posted by Mother****erJones:
This. I got it and have only played a little due to puppy duty. It's amazing pardon the pun and a lot like Batman series (combat, open world)
Yeah. Getting used to the controls now and it just keeps getting better. You can ****ing fly through the city if you use the webs right. This game feels like Spiderman 2 for the PS2 on steroids. That game was ****ing awesome.

Also, it was annoying at first, but I really like how the game basically forces you to learn how to fight the right way and not just spam attack. Want to beat the guys with crowbars? Gotta dodge behind them first or they'll counter your dumb ass. Want to smash the giant brutes? Gotta web them up first or they'll haymaker half your health bar. Genius game design.
Superturtle 12:11 PM 09-15-2018
Getting near the end of the game. This iteration of Doc Ock is fucking awesome. The rest of the Sinister Six are pretty much bit players, besides the other obvious one.

Post credits seem to suggest that

Fishpicker 07:57 AM 09-21-2018

Samurai Spirits = Samurai Shodown. from the roster, this looks like the original Sam Sho with artsy graphics.
Dayze 09:23 AM 09-21-2018
I'm starting really get anxious about RDR2.
10/26 can't get here quick enough.
BigBeauford 02:13 PM 09-21-2018
My Most Influential Games

With the fever pitch of nostalgia surrounding the releases of these "classic" consoles, I have been thinking about my most fond memories of gaming growing up, so I created a list. Please share yours if so inclined.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Little did I know that 5 year old me would be receiving one of the most well regarded platformers of all time on Christmas of 1991. I had no idea what a video game was, or how to play one. I was just amazed that my fingers could move an object on the television! I certainly dont regard Sonic as a top game, or even a great game (personally if I could have a do over, a super nintendo would have rocked my world) but it was my first console and game, and I will always treasure what got me into the hobby.

Bomberman 64

Ill admit that Mario 64 might be the greatest platformer ever, but Bomberman 64 is an amazing platformer, and has something Mario doesn't : multiplayer. I have wasted countless hours with my grade school buddies playing this game, and we still had a great time blowing each other up decades later. Possibly my favorite party game ever.

Super Smash Bros. 64

Fighting games to this point were largley unintuitive to play. What sense does a quarter turn and 5 buttons make to perform a combo? What I wanted from a fighting game was delivered from an unlikely company using my favorite mascots. I spent hours pouring through video game magazines in anticipation of the release, and the hype was all met. Pulling off moves based on stick direction and severity of the move was satisfying, as was the KO system. While the formula has been perfected, this one started it all.

Final Fantasy 7

Not my first RPG, that honor goes to Phantasy Star 2. 6 or 7 year me just couldnt quite get a handle on it then, but FF7 was right up teenage selfs' alley. The story, the characters, the enormity of the game, the music.At the time I considered it the greatest game ever, and it still has a place on my list.

Halo: Combat Evolved

You knew you were in for a treat when you heard the melancholy choir on the loading screen. Outside of Half Life 2, FPS games were not known for their story telling, sense of scale, or the strategic though going into which weapons to bring to a fight. The two weapon system and regnerative health bar are staples in most FPS today. What wasnt common for the time was the brilliant AI, who would react to what you did. The story was one of desperation, and I remember the anxiety of knowing there was only a finite number of marines, who were fragile and died easily to the Covevant. Later in the game it became apparent that everyone was dead, and that felt like a real gut punch that most games had not instilled at that point.

The Last of US

The greatest game ever.

Rocket League

RC Cars and Soccer? Who would have thought this combination produced the greatest sports game of all time. In fact, I have rocket league pegged as a perfect video game. It is endlessly replayable, requiring the complete skill of the players, with elements that allow for an easy entry, but a moveset that raises the skill ceiling to a ridiculous level. My most played game ever.


Jesus these graphics suck, why is this game getting 9s and 10s? **** it, its 5 bucks on steam...oh..holy shit...this is amazing! And thus began my current love affair with roguelikes. Punishing but absolutely brilliant, subset games made a game that can be played in quick bursts, utilizing RNG elements and strategy to craft an all time classic. This game led me to playing other greats like Spelunky, Binding of Issac, Enter the Gungeon, Dead Cells, and others.
The Franchise 02:51 PM 09-21-2018
Got a Sega Genesis for my the original fucking box.
Fishpicker 03:45 PM 09-21-2018
I started with Combat on Atari. it was nice because it was 20 games in one. I didnt play Atari much because the games stunk.

I played alot of arcade games starting in '82. Williams games were my favorites. Robotron 2084 would be my most influential game.

twin sticks is still the standard control scheme for top down shooters and FPS on console. now that's influential.

Gauntlet is another game that was pretty influential. a lot of isometric dungeon crawlers are iterations of the classic.

Myth: the Fallen Lords was ahead of its time and pretty influential. I'm reminded of Myth: TFL every time I play Total War Warhammer

Imon Yourside 11:27 PM 09-21-2018
Bards Tale IV out, I remember playing back in the 80s on the commie c64

Also starting to play this and although it's not Star Control 2 the greatest game ever made it's certainly fun.

Playing a lot of this also, if you played Theme Hospital the best Sim Game ever this one IS EVEN better..

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