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Patteeu Memorial Political Forum>Tracking the Biden embarrassment
Munson 07:05 AM 01-20-2021
Well, Dementia Joe has been embarrassing for decades.

Now he can sell out America like never before.
Munson 09:42 AM 02-06-2023

CBS POLL: 61% of Americans rate the economy as "BAD" under Biden

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) February 5, 2023

Halfcan 06:45 PM 02-06-2023
KC_Lee 08:29 AM 02-07-2023
Handy dany SOTU Bingo card.

alpha_omega 01:39 PM 02-07-2023

An intruder breached the home of Air Force One, one of the nation's most sensitive military bases, Joint Base Andrews said in a statement Monday. A resident opened fire on the trespasser and security forces apprehended the intruder.

— The Associated Press (@AP) February 7, 2023

MahomesMagic 07:03 AM 02-08-2023

Biden just issued a statement opposing HR 185, my bill to repeal vaccine mandate on international visitors flying to the United States.

He says his policy is based on science, but his “science” conflicts with the science of the rest of the world which doesn’t have this mandate!

— Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) February 7, 2023

Bob Dole 07:41 AM 02-08-2023
Originally Posted by Munson:
I think it was 1.9% when he "won" the election. Things started sliding downhill before the inauguration.
RetiredSeniorChief 12:12 PM 02-10-2023

Holy shit, Biden put his pants on backwards… 🤦🏼*♀️

— Mindy Robinson 🇺🇸 (@iheartmindy) February 10, 2023

alpha_omega 01:41 PM 02-10-2023
Ha...guess the workaround didn't work.

And kudos to CNN for working Trump into the story.

White House says Biden’s Super Bowl interview with Fox is off

President Joe Biden has snubbed a Fox News request for a pre-Super Bowl interview on Sunday, as the Democratic president continues to ice out the right-wing channel and decline requests to sit down with its hosts and anchors.

Biden is not expected to participate in the annual presidential Super Bowl interview with Fox, the network airing the game this year. The Biden administration attempted a workaround that avoided a sit-down with Fox News, with which the White House has a contentious relationship. Fox has canceled the interview, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a tweet Friday.

Fox did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Aides for Biden had instead been working toward an interview with Fox Soul, a small streaming platform aimed at Black Americans owned by FOX Television Stations.

An interview with the Fox Soul network could have allowed the White House a workaround to still participate in the traditional pre-game conversation with a Fox-aligned outlet without having to sit with one of Fox News’ anchors or reporters. That plan, however, was doomed to fail.

“The President was looking forward to an interview with Fox Soul to discuss the Super Bowl, the State of the Union, and critical issues impacting the everyday lives of Black Americans. We’ve been informed that Fox Corp has asked for the interview to be cancelled,” Jean-Pierre said in a tweet Friday.

The canceled interview is the latest example of the Democratic president icing out the right-wing channel and declining requests to sit down with its hosts and anchors.

Biden has not granted Fox News a single interview during his presidency, despite the network repeatedly asking. The channel portrays him and his administration in a negative light, with extremists such as Tucker Carlson regularly launching vicious attacks on Biden.

Despite some discussion early on about an interview, the White House never committed to granting a sit-down to Fox News. Typically, such interviews are pre-taped on the Friday before the Super Bowl.

Fox on Thursday had not been formally turned down, but was “operating like it’s not happening,” according to a person familiar with the matter at Fox News, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the interview.

Biden sat down for two television interviews earlier in the week, one with PBS NewsHour and another with Telemundo, which makes the snub all the more notable.

There is some recent precedent for declining the traditional pre-Super Bowl interview. President Donald Trump, who villainized the press with lies and smears, declined to sit down with anchor Lester Holt when NBC hosted the Super Bowl in 2018.

If Biden were to have done an interview with Fox News ahead of the Super Bowl, it would almost certainly have been with Bret Baier, who is a generally respected, traditional news anchor.

It’s not just the right-wing commentators at Fox News with whom Biden has taken issue. The President has even tangled with Fox News’ reporters, calling Peter Doocy, its White House correspondent last year a “stupid son of a bitch.” Biden later called Doocy to apologize.
Bump 03:08 AM 02-11-2023
Trump did that, Biden cancelled it on the first day with an executive order.

"but it was fascism when Trump did that, fascism"

Democracy must not be a partisan issue.

It must be an American issue.

Every generation of Americans has faced a moment where they have been called on to protect our democracy. To defend it. To stand up for it.

This is our moment.

— President Biden (@POTUS) February 10, 2023

Just Passin' By 03:59 AM 02-11-2023

Is he qualified?

No, but he is openly gay.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) February 10, 2023

Just Passin' By 03:43 PM 02-11-2023
Originally Posted by :
The Department of Homeland Security is reducing its fleet of surveillance blimps along the overwhelmed southern border from 12 to four, Fox News reported Thursday.
"It's hard to believe how badly Biden has botched the border," Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.) told EWTN News Nightly on Thursday.

"Now, if he gets rid of these blimps, we're not going to know how many gotaways there are. It's going to make our border way less secure," the Sunshine State lawmaker continued...

Biden's DHS removes bulk of 'eyes in the sky' from surveillance tools used along southern border
RetiredSeniorChief 11:06 AM 02-12-2023
CGI glitch?

Huh??? ������������

— DK���������� (@1Nicdar) February 12, 2023

GloryDayz 11:21 AM 02-12-2023
Originally Posted by RetiredSeniorChief:
CGI glitch?

Nothing to see here, he's totarry fine.
RetiredSeniorChief 11:51 AM 02-12-2023

Just Passin' By 09:36 PM 02-12-2023

Does it make you feel confident that our White House press secretary can’t speak English during the Alien invasion?

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) February 12, 2023

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