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Rausch 07:15 AM 03-24-2019
This isn't a debate thread.

This is just for those wanting to talk about Q.
JohnnyHammersticks 03:16 PM 05-05-2019
From the QResearch board 05/05/19 (Sun) 13:23:57 5c888c (2) No.6422222

imagine a world without chemtrails
imagine a world without fluoridated water
imagine a world without GMO crops and carcinogenic pesticides
imagine a world without neurotoxic food additives
imagine a world without disease

imagine a world without missing children
imagine a world without violent gangs and migrants
imagine a world where criminals are brought to justice, not elected to lead
imagine a world where elected leaders serve the people, work for the people, are held accountable to the people

imagine a world where you keep all the money you work hard to earn
imagine a world where everyone has the same opportunities to succeed based on merit
imagine a world where children are taught how to think critically and creatively, how to think for themselves
imagine a world where education prepares children to become independent adults, not sheep reliant on corporations and the state

imagine a world where truth reigns supreme and lies are refuted immediately, instead of being spread to the masses
imagine a world without propaganda, without brainwashing, without subliminal programming

imagine a world where the creative spirit of humanity is unleashed and innovation eradicates poverty, crime, hunger, disease, war
imagine a world where the creative spirit of humanity is unleashed and music and art remind us of what unites us, of what it means to be human

imagine a world where spiritual faith inspires every human to love one another as themselves
imagine what humanity could be in a world where you are truly free

this is what we are fighting for
Taco John 11:43 PM 05-05-2019
Originally Posted by Detoxing:

TaQo says the media doesn't want to talk about Q or ask Trump about Q.
Q is in the media a lot. Next to Trump, Q is probably the most attacked figure in print media. They don't dare utter a word about Q on cable news, and they definitely, definitely don't dare ask Trump about Q, or to disavow Q.

There is only one question when it comes to Q: Cui bono?

There is no one in the world who benefits from the Q operation more than President Trump - other than the people that Q was designed to serve. You can laugh at me all you want, I don't care. You're a fool. Laugh it up.

Meanwhile, the news is unfolding in Q's wake. Those who haven't been following Q will find out late what those who have been following Q already know. Everybody will be on the same page soon enough. Q is real and Declas is coming.
Taco John 11:02 PM 05-10-2019

After Action Report: The transitional phase of the shadow war.


Remember, this is war. It's an (dis)information war, but it is still war. There's a rhythm to the battles, an ebb and flow -- advances and retreats. There aren't two sides to this war, but several -- if not dozens.

Every single consumer of news and information is a combatant in this ongoing war, whether they realize it or not. Some are active participants, most aren't, but everyone is impacted in multiple ways.

On one level you have the traditional partisan disputes, and some new ones, pitting the right versus the left. On another level you have the uniparty fighting to protect the old way of doing business and the institutions they've corrupted to do said business.

On yet another level you have deeply corrupt and bad (treasonous) actors looking to cover-up their own sins by projecting their own ill deeds onto highly visible and partisan targets.

Beyond that level you have yet another group of counterintelligence operatives executing a three year plus sting operation designed to expose the biggest political scandal of our nation's history.

It's a maelstrom of conflicting motivations and disparate groups battling to bend the national/international narrative to their will.

When Barr made Mueller's report public, it marked the end of one phase of this larger war. The preceding month has been a transition into the next phase of this greater fight.

This next phase has been inevitable since January 20th, 2017, and the enemies of truth and this nation have had two full years to prepare for what they knew would inevitably arrive if their coup failed.

Which is why we're seeing coordination between the most compromised actors in the media and the key players in this scandal: Comey gets a townhall on CNN, Baker is making the rounds -- all the while the IC cut outs in the MSM are pushing old news as new (Trump lost money!), trying their best to talk about anything but Vol. I of the Mueller report, trying to confuse people by debating the definition of the words "spying" and "surveillance"...... and desperately trying to get ahead of what's coming by revising their previous two years of reporting (
NYT admits Steele Dossier was Russian disinformation, the public acknowledgement of Turk's role as a spy et al).

This is an attempt to prepare the battlefield before the IG re-enters the fray. All the while Trump and the CI team are doing the same on the other side.

At the end of the day, this battlefield preparation won't stop what's coming. 2019 is the last calendar year during which any of this can be exposed and adjudicated properly before dipping (fully) into the presidential campaign season -- which is partly why the entire election cycle has been moved up by almost a full year. It's also why we see such a large field of DNC hopefuls -- some (not all, nor the majority) are only running so they can use "political persecution" as a shield in the legal battles to come.

The next phase is going to bring our first round of indictments from the other side in this war.

Comey will be indicted (it's not in doubt anymore), which in 2017 when we first began discussing this seemed like too high of a bar to hope for.

Comey's indictment opens the investigative door to a whole slew of other bad actors/traitors including: McCabe, Yates, Baker, Stzok, Page, Nellie Ohr -- but also: Brennan, Clapper, Kerry, Power, Lynch.

Those investigations will open the legal door to the entire Clinton machine as well as leading right up to the doorstep of 44's inner circle. Not all of those will be decided on during the next phase, there will be more phases to come wherein their fates will be decided.

Due process, real and proper due process, is SLOW by design. And those who have been participating and following this story have the burden of having been months if not years ahead of the curve.

That insight works against us in many ways, because for us this process seems even slower than it really is. Which brings me back to the start of this post and remembering this is an actual war: Battle fatigue is real.

Part of the defensive measures being taken by (imo) the bad guys in this fight is to wear us down. To make us feel isolated, alone, and as if we're fighting by ourselves against the horde.

That's when it really helps to remember that the most important battlefield in this entire war is internal. Remember to not only keep honing your own discernment, but to take time to remember what really matters isn't the political machinations of (all) sides of this fight, but your loved ones and your own spiritual and mental well being.

All will be well, sooner than we think.

Justice is coming.

Taco John 11:36 AM 05-11-2019
Goodbye, Mr. Rosenstein.
Cosmos 12:02 PM 05-11-2019
Don Quixote shakes his head in amazement.
Bowser 12:05 PM 05-11-2019
Originally Posted by Cosmos:
Don Quixote shakes his head in amazement.

Taco John 10:03 PM 05-11-2019
When the indictments start, you can be sure that they're golden...

This is exactly why the Democrats fear Bill Barr...

“You shouldn’t sweep anything under the rug, don’t cut anyone a special break, don’t show anyone favoritism, don’t hold back an indictment because of Political Influence.”

— ���� CHIZ (@CHIZMAGA) May 12, 2019

Taco John 01:39 AM 05-12-2019
They pulled it off...

Happy campers.
Taco John 11:29 PM 05-21-2019

JohnnyHammersticks 06:56 AM 05-22-2019
Originally Posted by Taco John:
Yep. And out of all of the hit pieces - and there were many - written about how the "crazy QAnon conspiracy" caused this school fundraiser to be cancelled, not a single one has gone back and apologized, or even simply acknowledged that a bunch of peoples' lives may have been saved from these evil fucks by the Anons. Not at all surprising.
Eleazar 07:26 AM 05-22-2019
LOL at that acrostic interpretation of Comey's tweet :-) :-) :-)
Taco John 10:36 AM 05-22-2019
Originally Posted by Eleazar:
LOL at that acrostic interpretation of Comey's tweet :-) :-) :-)
Yeah, I was pretty unimpressed by it originally. Then when they revealed the Grass Valley pipe bomb bust, I wasn't laughing anymore. I wouldn't expect any of our deep asleep politicos around here to bat an eye, but for those who are awake to reality, this is pretty compelling.
Taco John 10:40 AM 05-22-2019
...and then in Massachussetts, this is going on...
Bump 06:20 PM 05-23-2019
The President has named a few names in regards to treason today. Gives me some hope.

Taco John 02:58 PM 06-01-2019
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