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The Lounge>This team can win the Super Bowl
rabblerouser 06:55 PM 11-22-2021
The offense doesn't have to be explosive like 2019 - with the defense playing like this, they just have to be efficient. Clean up the turnovers. Take the easy yards. Win the Super Bowl.
TwistedChief 05:47 AM 11-25-2021
Originally Posted by BlackOp:
Actually, they fear whatever they are told to fear...while pretending they have convictions and control over their lives. This is a pattern of history...not a new story. Self-inflated convince themselves they are into control of their decisions.

The grand illusion...the disconnect.

The NFL is just a microcosm of said's a diversionary device used by smarter men...light a fire off in the distance....better go put it out while they rape your wife.

If you didn't see didn't happen. Funny how that all comes back to the observer. Narcissism/centralism will always is ill-equipped to relinquish his ego...get it all, while you can....accumulate materials.

Go look at estate sales...the leftovers look like peripheral fallout of a life half-lived....focused on over-consumption....rats spinning on a covertly provided wheel....getting inadvertently electo-shocked into filling their basements with meaningless sludge. That baggage will eat your soul...omnipresent weight...shackled to your ankle. You are reminded of it...every time you take a step.


Be thankful....better isnt always better.
rabblerouser 07:29 AM 12-17-2021
Yup. Still think this team is in the midst of another SB run...
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