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Easy 6 07:58 PM 02-19-2010
Searched around & only found the video fishing & BassMasters threads, i know their are plenty of outdoorsman here, so i figured it'd be cool to draw upon the Planets vast experience in all things fishing.

I only use spincast reels & fish mostly large/smallmouth bass & cats. My choice of reels is quite the source of derision from many people i know 'duffer gear', but i haul in my share of 6 pound bass & 10-20 pound cats on that gear no problem. With a little know-how you can use just about any technique you want to on 'duffer gear'.

Berkley Powerbaits are a big part of my trick bag, the difference between those & regular stuff is night & day. My best action last summer came on Mister Twister scented white curly tail grubs, on one day fishing from shore to a bridge pier, i caught smallies, bigmouths, perch & even 1 carp believe it or not... great day. But my bread & butter is a texas rigged Berkley worm, it'll wiggle through any kind of cover without getting hung up.

With cats i strictly bottom fish, no bobber & bait is just as basic... but its always in 2's to give'em a real treat... a shrimp/with a nightcrawler, liver/chunk of cheese etc. Cats are mostly for night sport to me, time to kick back a lil...

So thats me style, how do the rest of you guys get your fish on? What do you fish for, what do you use? IIRC Missouri's trout season just kicked off, anyone getting anything?
poolboy 03:57 PM 11-27-2021

Bass Pro Open on Tablerock
college kids won this
a million plus new truck and boat
ghak99 07:11 PM 11-27-2021
Originally Posted by Otter:
I've caught a couple Northern Pike in PA and they would die from the slightest misstep when removing the hook. Are Muskie the same?
If you're talking big Pike and Musky, it's not so much removing the hook as it is how hard they fight. A lot of people who catch them are not using the right combo to get them to the boat without causing exhaustion. Missing the net on the first attempt is often a serious mistake. They will literally fight until they have nothing left and at that point they require a very quick unhook and significant reviving before you can let them go. Barbless or crimped barbs help as every second counts on a fish of that size, and some lakes even require them, but when they're played out they're just played out.

It's why a lot of the world class Pike and Musky end up getting ate by people who would normally have no intentions of eating them.
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