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In Memoriam>Hello! [RIP RandallFlagg]
Randallflagg 08:10 AM 11-04-2021
Hello folks here..

My name is Christopher and I am (was) RandallFlaggs son. I tried days ago to post a quick message about my Father but for some reason it wouldn't take?

My Father passed sometime between July 28th and August 30th of this year. He died attempting to help people who could not help themselves. I can't/won't go into much detail but needless to say, his family (my Mother, Sister and I) are devastated, however we know that he wouldn't have his service be any other way.

It was a private venture into another country and he was to provide logistic support for other men. Unfortunately, as they were achieving their goal of helping folks out, they faced an ambush and may Father and 2 others were killed. I have it on good authority though that he took several with him, though.

Mom talked about how much he loved engaging on this forum. She gave me his logon information and I thought I would post this quick note to inform all of his passing. Sorry, it has taken a while to commemorate Dad, but we were asked to "keep it under wraps" for a time.

Thanks to all of you who wrote to him on his time here.

Goodbye Chief!! You will be remembered forever. RIP Dad.

Christopher A

Originally Posted by Randallflagg:
Hello again!

I came in this afternoon from taking care of the stock to find my Mother crying her eyes out, reading these responses. In her words, These are truly great people to post these wonderful responses. They have truly made her feel better (if that is possible).

One of my Dad's best friends, a retired Colonel, who was with them on their trip has contacted my Dad's publisher and asked to do a "final chapter" in his book. They are currently working that out. As soon as it becomes available I will let you all know.

Still, I can not thank you all enough from the bottom of my heart for the kind messages that you have all posted. My Father, although "elderly" was never one to shy away from what he considered to be his duty. Mom tried to talk him out of going, but she knew it was a waste of time so, as many times in the past, she kissed him goodbye and told him "See you when you get back". Unfortunately, this was his last ride. Knowing my Father however, he would have wanted it this way.

Now, his ranch is on my shoulders to take care of and I will. Every day when I see the sun coming up, his horse stomping around in the barn, coffee on the stove, I think of him fondly.

God bless you all. Thanks again for your kind responses.


RINGLEADER 05:47 PM 11-04-2021
God Bless and Godspeed…
CoMoChief 05:51 PM 11-04-2021
Was always nice seeing him on the DC lounge giving it to the commies on the board.

RIP sir.
tx4chiefs 05:59 PM 11-04-2021
Sorry for your loss.

Go Chiefs!
Easy 6 06:06 PM 11-04-2021
Its just a total trip that this man, at his age, was over there pulling some James Bond level badassery... gunned down by some taliban goat fucker

He doesn't even get the call to come help on something like that, unless he was and is just exactly who he told you he was... a retired, high level military operative

What a stud, tougher than a corn cob... RIP, Sir
Bump 06:09 PM 11-04-2021
damn that's awful to hear. He seemed like a good man, sorry for your loss.
Peter Gibbons 06:09 PM 11-04-2021
I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences.
Molitoth 06:18 PM 11-04-2021
crazycoffey 06:28 PM 11-04-2021
Sorry for your loss. My father passed away this year too. It’s completely life altering. My thoughts and good wishes/prayers are with you and your family. Remember; you can only control what you can control. Focus on his memories and emulate the attributes you admired the most.
ThyKingdomCome15 06:29 PM 11-04-2021
In those other countries they view charity very differently. If you're not helping their clan then you're aiding the enemy. That's so horrible and I deeply honor his bravery and charity work. God rest his soul.

Thank you for this update. What a brave man!
Easy 6 06:32 PM 11-04-2021
Can we just go ahead and pin this for a little bit, mods?

Been kinda waiting, it seems appropriate
Coochie liquor 06:32 PM 11-04-2021
Wow. I am so sorry not only to read this about a true hero, but also for you who have lost your father. I did not know him personally, but as a member of this forum I do indeed grieve for him, you, and your family. Bless up to you Christopher. May your memories be filled with the happiness that your father brought you. One love!!
MVChiefFan 06:34 PM 11-04-2021
So sorry for your loss. He’s a true hero and we appreciate him and your family, greatly.
BryanBusby 06:36 PM 11-04-2021
Not a falseflagg afterall? Damn. Condolences. RIP
Vladimir_Kyrilytch 06:37 PM 11-04-2021
RIP to your father. Only the good die young. And yes, he was young.
mlyonsd 06:37 PM 11-04-2021
Godspeed to your dad and family.

Some people run into a fire to help. They are a special breed.
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