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In Memoriam>Hello! [RIP RandallFlagg]
Randallflagg 08:10 AM 11-04-2021
Hello folks here..

My name is Christopher and I am (was) RandallFlaggs son. I tried days ago to post a quick message about my Father but for some reason it wouldn't take?

My Father passed sometime between July 28th and August 30th of this year. He died attempting to help people who could not help themselves. I can't/won't go into much detail but needless to say, his family (my Mother, Sister and I) are devastated, however we know that he wouldn't have his service be any other way.

It was a private venture into another country and he was to provide logistic support for other men. Unfortunately, as they were achieving their goal of helping folks out, they faced an ambush and may Father and 2 others were killed. I have it on good authority though that he took several with him, though.

Mom talked about how much he loved engaging on this forum. She gave me his logon information and I thought I would post this quick note to inform all of his passing. Sorry, it has taken a while to commemorate Dad, but we were asked to "keep it under wraps" for a time.

Thanks to all of you who wrote to him on his time here.

Goodbye Chief!! You will be remembered forever. RIP Dad.

Christopher A

Originally Posted by Randallflagg:
Hello again!

I came in this afternoon from taking care of the stock to find my Mother crying her eyes out, reading these responses. In her words, These are truly great people to post these wonderful responses. They have truly made her feel better (if that is possible).

One of my Dad's best friends, a retired Colonel, who was with them on their trip has contacted my Dad's publisher and asked to do a "final chapter" in his book. They are currently working that out. As soon as it becomes available I will let you all know.

Still, I can not thank you all enough from the bottom of my heart for the kind messages that you have all posted. My Father, although "elderly" was never one to shy away from what he considered to be his duty. Mom tried to talk him out of going, but she knew it was a waste of time so, as many times in the past, she kissed him goodbye and told him "See you when you get back". Unfortunately, this was his last ride. Knowing my Father however, he would have wanted it this way.

Now, his ranch is on my shoulders to take care of and I will. Every day when I see the sun coming up, his horse stomping around in the barn, coffee on the stove, I think of him fondly.

God bless you all. Thanks again for your kind responses.


Frazod 01:43 PM 11-04-2021
So sorry to hear this. Your dad was one of my favorite people here. RIP :-)
notorious 01:49 PM 11-04-2021
Rest easy Walking Dude.
theoldcoach 03:30 PM 11-04-2021
Randallflagg and I became pretty close on this message board.

During the young part of our lives, our experiences were so similar in the jungles and hills of Vietnam. Although he was an Army "Screaming Eagle" and I a Marine "Walking Dead" we were in essentially the same place at the same time in and around the A Shau Valley.

When you get to be our age, it was nice to find another who had shared experiences so much like your own. And I enjoyed our discussions more than Randall probably even knew.

As for now..........keep the light on for me, Brother. The rest of us will be along shortly. I'll bring the pound cake and you get the peaches.

I leave you with this, Randallflagg. Rest In Peace, My Brother. I have the watch!!


Into the skies they flew
with a heart full of pride
to defend our country's freedom
knowing it could be a one-way ride.

God America and family
for freedon's sake each task
the eagles took flight
knowing each mission could be the last.

Many father's eyes filled with tears
many mother's hearts broken in two
yet so proud of their children
for up holding "The Red, White, and Blue".

Many parents, children, wives and husbands separated
by the battles in the skies forever
loving hearts left in pieces with only
a folded flag and a medal.

To all our hero's of the 101st
whose wings feel no wind
your bravery and courage leaves footprints in history
"the great eagles who will never fly again".

Every American owes you a debt of thanks
may God keep you in his heart and hands
because of your selfless sacrifice
as into history, "you will fly time and time again".
Easy 6 03:41 PM 11-04-2021
Balls of The Eagle
Chief Roundup 03:45 PM 11-04-2021
RIP Randallflag
Thank you for your service.
philfree 03:45 PM 11-04-2021
An American hero. RIP
TribalElder 03:50 PM 11-04-2021
damn... RIP
Hog's Gone Fishin 04:48 PM 11-04-2021
Dammit, Randal was one of my favorites here. His thoughts and views were same as mine almost to a T. I'm surprised this happened to him in this way at his age but then again not.

I'd like to express my sincere condolences to his family. He seemed to be a great person and a proud American.

He will be missed.
Buehler445 04:53 PM 11-04-2021
Goddamn it.

I didn't venture into DC much, but when I did I never looked at one of his posts and thought, well that's bullshit. Dude was always real. And he had some really well formed and substantiated opinions.

If he spoke up it was a well informed post.

RIP to a good member and by all accounts a better person.
srvy 04:53 PM 11-04-2021
Just sad news but felt something was wrong when he didn't chime in on our cowardly abandonment of US citizens in that shithole we all know. Instead, this honorable man was walking it not talking it. We have lost one of America's finest. Time to rest soldier you have been released from your watch. You're with your buddies that went before you that should be one hell of a reunion. Prayers out to your grieving family looking up with tears and pride in this good man. We will miss you on the chief's planet for sure.

I hope that your book was finished so that I may read it one day. If not well we missed out on one hell of a story!

RIP Husband Father and Soldier, Gods speed!
Raiderhader 05:19 PM 11-04-2021
That crusty ol' jungle warrior fought on behalf of his country to the bitter end. We lost a good one. Thank you, and thanks to your family, for your service and sacrifice. God bless and RIP.
KCJake 05:33 PM 11-04-2021
RIP sir !
rabblerouser 05:35 PM 11-04-2021
RIP RandallFlagg, I'm a big fan of the "Man In Black" novels myself
Pablo 05:40 PM 11-04-2021
May he RIP. My condolences to you and your family.
Chiefspants 05:43 PM 11-04-2021
RIP Randall :-)
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