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Nzoner's Game Room>***Official 2023 Royals Season Repository Thread***
ChiefsCountry 12:02 AM 01-01-2023

2023 – A new beginning for the Royals. Matt Quatraro era begins. A year to see which of our young players will make up the core going forward. Can Bobby Witt Jr become a superstar SS or will go to the hot corner? Will Brady Singer take the next step forward? Will Salvy be Salvy? Will Big Vin or Pratto take first base? Will they find a position for MJ? Who else emerges from the youth movement? Not to mention the development of the new downtown stadium.

Free Agents/Trades Acquisitions
Jordan Lyles, RHP
Ryan Yarbrough, LHP
Josh Taylor, LHP
Aroldis Chapman, LHP

Top 10 Prospects from Baseball America
1. Gavin Cross, OF
2. Cayden Wallace, 3B
3. Drew Waters, OF
4. Ben Kudrna, RHP
5. Frank Mozzicato, LHP
6. Maikel Garcia, SS
7. Tyler Gentry, OF
8. Nick Loftin, OF/3B
9. Angel Zerpa, LHP
10. Carter Jensen, C
Prison Bitch 11:31 AM 05-07-2023
So what’s his new nickname?

Brady Stinker
Brady Dinger
KCUnited 11:42 AM 05-07-2023
Soon as the schedule lightens up we go on our run!
Prison Bitch 11:42 AM 05-07-2023
Miggy Cabrera wrapping up one of the worst contracts in MLB history. Got a 8/248m deal before 2016. Right now he is 10-57 with 0hr.

Fangraphs value calculator says he’s returned about $20m of actual value in that deal. And 40M for 2016, meaning the last 7 years combined he’s been (20m) :-)
Prison Bitch 11:45 AM 05-07-2023
Originally Posted by poolboy:
its the Battle for Last Place in MLB
We canít even get thru Oaklandís toothless lineup

If we played in the AL Beast we might not win 40 games
Mecca 12:13 PM 05-07-2023
Originally Posted by crayzkirk:
Didn't make it to the end of the game last night; it sure looked like the A's were trying to give the game away by leaving their pitcher in for 110+ pitches. Anyways, I've maintained that the reason the Royals are unsuccessful is that they trade away their prospects; that assessment isn't really correct. The issue, as I see it, is that once their talent enters free agency, they are unable to keep the team together. Teams with the larger market, like Yankees, Dodgers, etc., are able to resign their free agents and continue to build talent.

Not sure how to recapture the 2014-15 success without another deal that brings in a number of players that gel with the current rookies. I believe that success was just a blind hog finding an acorn.

The pitching is a major disappointment and it looks like most of the hitters are trying for the five run homer every time they are up. These teams look just like the ones from the late 80s, 90s, 00s and half of 10s. Bad management, bad coaching, bad players.
It's a mix, the Royals aren't going to compete for high end FAs. But the biggest problem they have is their inability to identify who in the system will be a legit major league player and who's fools they just keep them all, refusing to trade any of their prospects because they are deathly afraid of getting it wrong.
poolboy 12:29 PM 05-07-2023
Salvy Dong...number 7
poolboy 12:43 PM 05-07-2023
great bare handed play by M. Garcia...
Ocotillo 12:51 PM 05-07-2023
Originally Posted by ChiefsFanatic:

But, acting like mistaking the N word for Negro is just a slip of the tongue is ridiculous.
It's not like negro is a term that people are accustomed to saying either. It's a phased out word.

Negro Leagues is one of the few acceptable uses of the word.

It's not like Kuiper had a whole lot of practice saying negro.
poolboy 01:06 PM 05-07-2023
Im starting to like that Garcia guy
bringbackmarty 01:11 PM 05-07-2023
There's another video out there of Kuiper saying negro but it sounds like he's trying to get cute with the pronunciation and says nigrah or neegrah. Not his first time doing this. I think that's what he was doing - trying to get cute pronouncing a word he has no business getting cute with. Does that in and of itself make him a racist, maybe. It definitely means he's stupid as all hell so there's that.
poolboy 01:36 PM 05-07-2023
Yarborough just got drilled in the face at 107 velo
Valiant 01:43 PM 05-07-2023
Originally Posted by poolboy:
Yarborough just got drilled in the face at 107 velo
Guessing broken nose and orbital bone
poolboy 01:46 PM 05-07-2023
Originally Posted by Valiant:
Guessing broken nose and orbital bone
concussion too..maybe? Hopefully his eye is okay
cant believe they replayed it
duncan_idaho 02:03 PM 05-07-2023
Hope the Fratty pirate is ok.

I took a throw to the dome off my forehead in Ponyís. Thankfully it was just a relay from the 2B, and traveling about 55/60 rather than 100+.

I drilled a key in the ear flap during legion ball days, which also was horrible. Kid dropped like a sack of potatoes but was ok. (I topped out at 84-85).

Itís horrifying on both sides of it.
poolboy 02:13 PM 05-07-2023
Yar was dealing too...Miller came inside on Salvy and he jumped up and stared that dude down
3rd hit of the day for Salvy
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