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Media Center>All Things Video Games & Game Reviews Part II
Gonzo 10:39 AM 08-31-2015
Hey all, you know the deal...
The other thread hit over 1,000 posts and we have server issues when that shit happens so here she be, a fancy new mega thread.

Anyway, just a quick rundown.

Post anything and everything gaming in here. Console games, handheld/mobile games or PC.

Playing something you love or maybe hate? Find a hidden gem on Steam? Let us know via a review. Try to make sure you give a good rundown on it. Graphics, sound, storyline, overall gameplay and replayability. Let's keep it at a 1-10 scale.

Thanks to all that left me awesome rep comments/posts and even pm's thanking me for the many reviews I wrote.
Just an FYI, developers do read our comments in here I guess. CD Projekt Red (of Witcher 3) was one that stopped by.

Anyway, thanks all for your input and as always, no griefing.
The Franchise 03:36 PM 01-08-2016
Originally Posted by Simply Red:
why don't you buy my Xbox One - It's literally 1 month old.
How much are you asking for that nice Xbox?
Jerm 07:40 PM 01-12-2016
Kinda bored right now waiting on The Division...think I'm gonna go back and jump into Dragon Age this weekend thanks to EA Access.

For those who played it...recommend or nay?
Gonzo 03:39 AM 01-13-2016
Originally Posted by Jerm:
Kinda bored right now waiting on The Division...think I'm gonna go back and jump into Dragon Age this weekend thanks to EA Access.

For those who played it...recommend or nay?
Horizon, Zero Dawn is the big one for me this year, (besides Uncharted).

Gonzo 09:31 PM 01-31-2016
Ok, edit.
I'll upload some cool crap when I get back to my wifi.

I've seen so much stuff that inspired GTAV and Red dead redemption.
Awesome sauce.
Sofa King 09:39 PM 02-01-2016
Bloodborne has been a blast. Infuriating at times, but a blast nontheless
loochy 02:30 PM 02-02-2016
I still play Lord of the Rings Online :-)
Bowser 02:50 PM 02-02-2016
Originally Posted by loochy:
I still play Lord of the Rings Online :-)

loochy 03:03 PM 02-02-2016
Originally Posted by Bowser:
Level 100 Hunter, Level 100 Rune Keeper, Level 45 Warden

Gonzo 01:12 PM 02-04-2016
Originally Posted by Sofa King:
Bloodborne has been a blast. Infuriating at times, but a blast nontheless
I'm going thru withdrawals.
The Franchise 11:41 AM 02-05-2016

XBox Live Gold 12 month - $38 plus free shipping.
Bowser 11:41 AM 02-05-2016
Got the latest Call of Duty game. It hasn't drawn me in, like much if at all.
Gonzo 01:34 PM 02-14-2016
Looks like I may be trying out two new games shortly.
Both are suspense/drama/horror type games that look a little similar regarding their genre and gameplay but are in totally different settings.
Firewatch and Layers of Fear. The first was released last week with positive responses. The second comes out Tuesday and looks ****ing awesome.

I'll let you all know what's up with both when I can.
Firewatch is available on all platforms, LOF is available on PS4 and PC only. It's a unity engine game, btw. I know some PC gamers hate unity because of its bugs and dropped frame rate issues.
Gonzo 01:19 AM 02-18-2016
Gonzo's Game Reviews

Firewatch - PS4

Not long ago, point and click adventure games were few and far between. If I recall, the last somewhat popular one (before this recent burst) was a very confusing, yet entertaining title called Grim Fandango.
I played that again recently and man, talk about overrated.
I digress... In 2012, an episodic point and clicker called The Walking Dead was released by Telltale with praise and critical acclaim. It stands as probably the best story-driven adventure series ever created.

So, what did a couple key producers of TWD season 1 do after such success? They quit Telltale and formed their own company called Campo Santo. Their first submission to this genre of video games? Firewatch.

Storyline: You play as Henry... A middle aged moose of a man with mountain man looks. I.E. Beard, hiking boots, pickup truck, plaid shirts and an axe. He and his wife ran into some troubles (no spoilers here) and he decided to take a job in the Rockies circa 1985 as a firewatch guard.
Solitude, wildlife, fresh air and the only other person within miles is a woman in another tower named Delilah.
You and Delilah don't speak face to face, just over 2 way radios. She points out issues/tasks in the area and you start hiking. The nice thing here is that if you're not adequate with a compass and map, you very well may get lost. That part of the game is somewhat accurate. As you perform these tasks, different parts of the storyline begin to open up. People go missing, strange things begin to happen and your own imagination starts to kick into overdrive. Items are left in your tower and about the forest that have an effect on your gameplay.
This part of the story is absolutely wonderful and suspenseful.
The ending, however... This game loses 1.5 points from me due to the half-assed ending. My god, it was quite disappointing to me and that seems to be the status quo from other reviews I've read so it's not just me.


The Graphics here are strange and beautiful. The game has a cartoonish, yet realistic style that I've never seen before. Where The Walking Dead has a cartoonish/comic book style, this is noticeably fake but the colors and depth of the forest are awe inspiring. This is truest especially during sunsets. The only thing I didn't care for was the blur effect when you looked at landscapes at a considerable distance.
The PS4 version definitely had a bit of pop-in and some graphics lag at times. However, the style was still very beautiful.
Music was noticeably non-existent. The only time you really heard any was when you approached a significant part in the storyline. Otherwise, it was just the sounds of the wilderness.

Sound: This was quite good. Birds, elk, wind and water were all very well done. The sounds of a wildfire and the high speed winds that accompanied it were impressive as well.

All in all, I did get my 20 bucks worth here. It's a good game for the price. I just wish it was a little longer and had a better ending. The game was roughly 4 hours long and that was with me exploring quite a bit. Like I said, very disappointed in the ending but it was still a fun ride.

This one is worth picking up on sale or renting. You'll enjoy the experience if you like story driven games.

6.5 out of 10.
Above average. Could've been a solid 8.
Gonzo 01:20 AM 02-18-2016
Up next... Layers of Fear

Sneak peek:

It's pretty awesome
ragedogg69 10:16 AM 02-18-2016
I am not to the end of firewatch yet, but holy shit I am loving this. THe story, the art,and the characters.
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