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Tribal Warfare 04:21 PM 12-04-2023

U.S. Trailer

UK Trailer
Rausch 08:37 AM 03-31-2024
Originally Posted by KC_Lee:
Just saw it, my 2 cents...

What I Liked -
The monster designs were excellent.
One of my major gripes with the Monsterverse movies was all the fights were either at night, in a driving thunderstorm or both, these fights were in the daylight and we'll done.
There were scenes that would be perfect for either IMAX or 3D.

What I Disliked -
The music, they tried to do a 'Gaurdians of The Galaxy' soundtrack and failed miserablely.
The human characters were wooden caricatures, none of the returning characters showed any sort of growth, just the same character from the last Godzilla movie.

What Made Me Cringe -
The script, dear God the script. As I stated above the human characters were wooden but the script did them no favors.
There were parts where the exposition was grade school level writing and the actors put no effort in making the script any better.
Way too many plot armor moments in the movie, I won't spoil them here but if you see the movie, you'll know what I am talking about.

Summary -
As a lifetime Godzilla fan I did enjoy the movie. The monster parts are excellent. Presenting Kong as more human like and Godzilla as more animalistic is a great dichotomy between these characters. It's a good popcorn movie, fun and enjoyable but could have been better with a little more effort.
I assumed they were going for a "My Science Project" type of trope-a-rama. They had them all in there. They only thing that was missing was a miracle happening due to "the power of love."

80's side kick science guy, goofy conspiracy guy, Disney princess, natives that they don't even let talk that use telepathy. And music from every 80's cheese movie you can think of. I think there was even a Flash Gordon song in there. I know what he was trying to do I just don't think they pulled it off as well as they think they did.
Rausch 08:39 AM 03-31-2024
Originally Posted by Sassy Squatch:
Just saw this. It's what you expect it to be. Maybe even a bit more dumb and convoluted by Monsterverse standards.
My impression was they leaned into the meme. They cheese'd and crazie'd it up on purpose. The stuff with the Nintendo Power glove convinced me.
Ceej 08:10 PM 04-04-2024
This movie sucked so bad.
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