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Couch-Potato 02:14 PM 02-25-2024
Mock Offseason:

Thanks to many of you on the board that contributed to this Frankenstein of a mock! Max leverage, spend it all, 3-peat or bust!!!

I've been calling a Super Bowl with my mocks all year and been adamant we'll keep both Jones and Sneed, so here goes again.

No expenses spared, clever Veach, Andy finds a way...

Free Agency:

Current Cap Space = $27m

1. Trade WR K. Toney for a 7th = +$2.5m
2. Cut WR MVS = +$12m
3. Restructure DL Omenihu -> IR = +$4.5m
4. Restructure QB Mahomes = +$26m
5. Extend SS Justin Reid 3y/$42.25m w/$14.0m SB + convert $7.0m '24 salary to '25 OB 24.0m GAS = $10.8m Cap Hit = -$3.5m

Updated Cap Space = $72m

DT Chris Jones 3y/$90m, w/$18m SB = -$18m
CB LJarius Sneed 4y/$70m, w/$12m SB = -$8.5m
LB Tranquill 3yr/$10.5m = -$3.5m
OG Alegretti 1yr/$2.5m = -$2.5m
WR Marquise Brown 3y/36.0m w/12.0m SB + 17.8m GAS = -$5.8m
OT Tyron Smith 2yr/$20m = -$7.5m
DE Jadaveon Clowney 1+1y/$15m = -$7.5m
RB Austin Ekeler 1+1y/$12m = -$6m
WR DJ Chark 2yr/$7m = -$3m
DT Foku 1y/$2.5m = -$2.5m
QB Wentz 1y/$1m = -$1m
DL Hurst 1y/$1m = -$1m

Remaining Cap = $8.7m

*Veach likes to fill as many holes in FA as he can before going into the draft. If we want to win a 3-peat, we're going to have to ask Mahomes to help pay for it with a restructure and then attract some quality vets hungry for their 1st Super Bowl on prove-it deals. Motivations are all there for this to happen. This list of outside FAs is pretty sexy, I'd probably be happy with half of them, but they come at relatively low cost so its whatever Pat and brass are willing to do with his contract. Let's say the stars align here.

*M Brown and DJ Chark give us the deep threats we covet, are significant improvements over MVS and Hardman, and will be ready to contribute rather than asking a rookie to handle the workload in year one. More likely Hardman returns or MVS restructures to remain with the champs and in that case we probably only end up with one outside WR addition.

*Tyron Smith feels like the kind of value OT Veach can attract and Morris can spell him when/if he's injured during the year, no better improvement at his rate available at the most important position after QB. Some might prefer D. Smith here for consistency, I'd be happy with that, but feels like the majority prefer and upgrade.

*Ekeler is a high-performer, frustrated with his current org so probably motivated to join the champs, and a perfect fit in Andy's offense on a prove it deal to try and find himself one more decent multi year after a season of success.

*Clowney is our Omenihu replacement, Foku is a big 6-4 335 lb plus-motor NT type to help free CJ up, and Hurst has shined enough to get into our rotation to keep the pressure on and supplement some of what we lost from Omenihu's injury.


1. DT T'Vondre Sweat, TX, 6-4, 362 lbs

-15.3% pass rush win rate and 92% rating against the run!


2. WR Xavier Legette, South Carolina, 6-3, 227 lbs, 4.29

-85.6% rating against man coverage, 3.15 yards per route run, 6.4 YAC, 2.7% drop rate, wins at all 3 levels, playmaker.


3. LB Junior Colson, Michigan, 6-3, 247 lbs

-80% rating against the run and 83.4% coverage rating.


4. RB Jalen Wright, TEN, 5-11, 210 lbs, 4.31

-91.2% Rushing Grade, 7 yards per run avg, 4.35 YAC, 132.2 Elusiveness Rating.


5a. TE Ben Sinnott, KST, 6-4. 245 lbs

-81% receiving grade, 6.8 YAC, 14 missed tackles.


5b. OT Zion Nelson, Miami, 6-5, 316 lbs

-Former 1st Rd talent had back to back injury years and has fallen way down the board.


7. DT Evan Anderson, FAU, 6-3, 356 lbs

-5 sacks in 2023 from the NT position.


*WR Franklin is my top choice, currently, but if we can attract a quality WR #1 vet like M Brown and an upgraded deep threat in DJ Chark I'm open to going elsewhere in the 1st.

*DT Sweat is a beast against the run and the pass! Anderson has a lot of the same traits but played against lesser talent. I like a rotation of aggressive, high-motor Goliath's requiring constant double teams in Foku, Sweat, and Anderson to help free up Jones now that Omenihu is out. Karlaftis and Clowney would be set up for big year's too! Colson fits perfectly as Gay's replacement for now, has been compared to Nick Bolton and the sound of having two Boltons is exciting, who he could eventually replacement on the roster if necessary.

*WR Legette has been a bit polarizing amongst fans, but he has the physical traits to make an impact in year one and there's no one I'd trust more to scheme plays up for him than Andy Reid. He's a 5th year, and physical specimen, so I expect him to contribute his rookie year. Wright, Sinnott, and Nelson are all depth pieces with significant upside.


QB: P. Mahomes, Wentz
RB: I. Pacheco, Ekeler, Wright
WR: M. Brown, R. Rice, DJ Chark, Legette, J. Watson, Moore, Ross
TE: T. Kelce, Stinnot, Gray

LT: T. Smith, Nelson
LG: J. Thuney, Niang
OC: C. Humphrey
RG: T. Smith, N. Allegretti
RT: J. Taylor, W. Morris

DE: Karlaftis, Thompson
DT: Jones, Hurst
DT: Latu, Sweat, Ferrel, Anderson
DE: Clowney, F. Anudike-Uzomah, {*Omenihu-Playoffs???}

LB: N. Bolton, D. Tranquill, L. Chenal, Colson
CB: T. McDuffie, L. Sneed, J. Williams, J. Watson
DB: B. Cook, J. Reid, C. Conner

*This team's better than the one that won the Super Bowl the last two years!

*Let's ****ing dominate!!

Couch-Potato 10:52 PM 02-25-2024
This was my big board:


1. DT Sweat, WR Franklin, OT Guyton, WR Coleman, DL Robinson
2. WR Legette, WR Worthy, TE Sanders, WR Burton, WR Walker
3. LB Colson, WR Corley, WR Rice Jr, WR R. Wilson, OT Puni
4. RB Wright, RB Irving, RB Lloyd, RB Benson, WR Cowing
a. TE Sinnott, OT Jones, TE Johnson, DL Jefferson, WR Cowing
b. OT Zion, DB Simpson, TE Spann-Ford, WR Thrash, LB Barrett
7. DT Anderson, DL Hall, DE Murphy, DB Duck, RB Guerendo, RB Watson


Tyron Smith, Donavan Smith
Marquise Brown, Tyler Lockett, Mike Williams, Hunter Henry, DJ Chark
Austin Ekeler, Antonio Gibson, Zack Moss
Jadaveon Clowney, Leki Foku, Maurice Hurst
Carson Wentz, Blane Gabbert
kcbubb 01:18 PM 02-26-2024
That’s a lot. I’m not sure how you made those numbers work but interesting work. What’s the cap in 2025 and 2026?
Couch-Potato 01:27 PM 02-26-2024
Originally Posted by kcbubb:
That’s a lot. I’m not sure how you made those numbers work but interesting work. What’s the cap in 2025 and 2026?
Yeah, the point of this mock is to push the boundaries of what's possible with the cap and our spending to accomplish a 3-peat. All year CP'ers have been advocating for a more conservative approach so I like to present the opposite to open our minds up a bit to the possibilities. The ideas stated in this mock come from a mixture of suggestions and mocks we've seen on this board already to further emphasize the real potential. I prefer to dream big!

I'm just seeing today that the Cap is set at $255.4m in 2024:

That's a $5.4m more than I projected above in this mock, and there are several other ways to create additional cap space.

Let Veach, Veach!

Do the unimaginable!
Couch-Potato 04:59 PM 02-26-2024
A cheaper version would be to go with TE Hunter Henry > WR M. Brown, OT D. Smith > T. Smith, RB Antonio Gibson > Ekeler.
Couch-Potato 03:42 PM 02-28-2024
See! We cut MVS... It's all going just like I planned.


MahomesMagic 05:21 PM 02-28-2024
I like Sweat a lot as a 1st round idea.

This would be the value if we let Jones walk.
Couch-Potato 10:52 PM 03-04-2024
ESPN listed just about every combine participant as a riser lol some by multiple rounds. But amongst them were some of the guys I like to target for our Chiefs so I thought I'd share that here for fun.

DT Sweat
WR Leggette
RB Wright
TE Stinnot
TE Johnson
DB Simpson
RB Guerendo

ESPN praised all the above, best of luck to them!