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GabyKeepsMeWarm 05:49 AM 02-28-2024
I think most people by now know the Von Erich story, but if you don't, I'll try not to spoil it too much.

I already had a pretty good knowledge of the "curse", and while this is one of the better movies I've seen from this past year, I'll never understand why they would omit such huge events like, oh, I don't know, the fact that the Von Erich's had a sixth son named Chris who also committed suicide. You can't make this shit up, on both accounts.

But man, that final scene. Kevin(Zac Efron) sitting in the yard watching his boys play. I was doing okay, but that shit hit me like a ton of bricks.

What did everyone else think? And is there another movie or show(s) out there that get the floodgates going for you?
BigRichard 07:47 PM 02-28-2024
I felt bad for the family but I didn't exactly start the water works. It was a good movie though.
dilligaf 01:52 AM 03-02-2024
I had read that Chris and Mikes story was so similar that they merged those two into one to save time in the movie. Kevin gave his blessing on this. I thought it was very good but it was kinda weird that the actor playing Kerry was so much shorter than the others. He was a pretty big guy.