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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Is there a Mike Danna in this draft?
Titty Meat 10:13 PM 02-27-2024
5th round pick. 4 seasons 17 sacks. Guy was able to line up in different spots and be productive. He's earned a contract I don't think we will be able to afford. Kind of an overlooked loss so far in the early off season.
kccrow 10:25 PM 02-27-2024
I think there's some guys this year that might be...

Justin Harrell, Michigan
Javontae Jean-Baptiste, Notre Dame
Austin Booker, Kansas
Cedric Johnson, Ole Miss
Brennan Jackson, Washington State
Eyabi Okie-Anoma, Charlotte (Requires serious character vetting)
Chris Meck 06:43 AM 02-28-2024
The thing is, and this is a big plus-

The 'tweener' type often falls, as most coaches/systems just try to slot round pegs into round holes.

Not Spags. He loves the square pegs. He builds his whole scheme on it. A little too small for DT, but a little too big for DE? Sure, come on in, son. We've got a place for you. A little more of a S, but still a little bit of a CB? Hey, buddy, we love your skillset here.
ChiefsFanatic 08:16 AM 02-28-2024
Marshawn Kneeland from Western Michigan.

Right now he is projected maybe in the 4th round, but could rise or fall based on the combine.