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The Lounge>***Official 2020-21 Missouri Tigers Basketball Thread***
comochiefsfan 10:08 PM 12-02-2020
Apologies if someone else already started this, but thought I would get the conversation going if not.

Hell of a win tonight. Pinson is a stud. Tilmon looks to have finally learned how to defend without fouling.

Definitely a promising start to the season. 2-0 and looks like this has a chance to be the best team of the Cuonzo era up to this point.
DJ's left nut 03:51 PM 01-13-2022
Originally Posted by Superturtle:
Why even bother? No one gives a shit about Mizzou basketball. Just leave him to die and fore him at the end to save the $$$
People do give a shit.

I mean it was only 4 years ago that the Tigers were a solid basketball team and Mizzou Arena was damn busy. That wasn't even a great team (since Porter never actually played for them), but it was a good, solid, entertaining team.

I remember going to the Kentucky game with my old man - place was absolutely full and it was loud.

That wasn't a 30 win squad. I think it won like 21 or 22 games. It wasn't great, it just wasn't actively bad. And yes, the fans turned out for that squad.

But this team can't shoot, its defense is erratic, it can't pass. It does seem to rebound fairly well but that's about the only thing they do well. It's a bad basketball team that plays an extremely uninteresting style and there's no reason to believe, based on past results, that Cuonzo is going to make any of them better or suddenly create a more entertaining product.

People want to give a shit about Mizzou basketball - they just have no reason to at all.
BryanBusby 05:27 PM 01-13-2022
Originally Posted by mac459:
If they did fire him it must have been really bad. I think if they fire him after season it will be $2 million less to get rid of him. I hope he is gone but wouldn’t be surprised if they wait to save that money
Not much to salvage by doing it today. He's super fucking gone when the season is finished.
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