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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Javan Dotson, WR, Penn State
Direckshun 10:30 AM 11-28-2021
I want someone to talk me out of Dotson.

Does he fit what we do: oh hell yes he does. He’s phenomenal. He has Hardman-esque speed, is an exceptional deep threat, and can eat across the middle. Guy is a tough-as-nails competitor, and absolutely has no fear.

The only problem, and I mean the only problem, is that we already have two Dotsons on the roster in Hill and Hardman. He is nobody’s X receiver, but damn he’d look sexy in a Chiefs uniform.

How do you weigh those things out? This is a guy who would be good value at the bottom of the 1st, but would overload the 2022 Chiefs with a particular talent, when what we truly need is more variety.
kccrow 12:01 PM 11-28-2021
It depends on what KC does to address the X in FA. I went for a similar guy in Wan'Dale Robinson in r2 in my last mock. I think you need to prep for Hardman's departure after 2022. That said, there is no way in hell you spend a r1 pick on a WR unless it is to fix the X and you've addressed DE better in FA.