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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Question for kccrow: Von Miller
Direckshun 09:19 AM 11-23-2021
Clearly one of the biggest weaknesses of this roster this coming offseason is the DE position.

Ingram is a free agent, and cutting Frank Clark is a cap necessity.

If, say the Chiefs re-sign Ingram to a decent deal and then bring in what we've all wanted, Von Miller on a swan song contract, do we have any cap space left to body out our roster this offseason? Make plays at a WR2? Make efforts to re-sign Mathieu/Ward?
kccrow 07:22 AM 11-24-2021
Depends what KC does with Mahomes and Hill. Converting their roster bonuses (Hill's on an extension) to signing bonus could be a huge money grab for the Chiefs. Hill has 15m and Mahomes has 27.4m in flat roster bonuses (Hill has additional per game).

If they don't, there's alot of bodies to sign for the approximate 52 m in space they'll have by cutting Clark and Hitchens alone (provided they actually do both).