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TribalElder 03:58 PM 11-10-2018

Wonder how high this guy will go in the draft
TribalElder 04:01 PM 11-10-2018
Today he had a long play where he got caught on the 5 but it went for 89 yards

4 attempts 120 yards 30.0yard average 89 long
TribalElder 12:26 AM 03-03-2019
Any projections on the guy?
Chief Northman 10:20 AM 03-03-2019
Most mocks have him slotted from the mid to late 2nd round which I feel is accurate.
Dante84 11:06 AM 03-03-2019
TDN has a good write up on him:
SAGA45 03-03-2019, 04:31 PM
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SAGA45 06:38 AM 03-04-2019

TribalElder 08:54 PM 11-15-2021
Would have been nice to get this guy

He is lighting up the rams tonight :-)
PurpleJesus28 09:26 PM 11-15-2021
Yeah,he's having a helluva game.Didnt he get drafted either right before,or right after Mecole ? I remember that.
Superturtle 08:34 AM 11-16-2021
Uhh... No? Deebo was #36. Hardman was #56.