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Pitt Gorilla 03:13 PM 06-16-2020
Thought we could consolidate many of the new stories into one thread. Unfortunately, there's seemingly a new one every day.
Pitt Gorilla 03:14 PM 06-16-2020
State Senate aide resigns after video surfaces of him berating youths

Robert W. Welch, an aide for State Sen. Robert G. Ortt, R-North Tonawanda, resigned Monday after a video in which he is heard using a racial epithet toward a 13-year-old girl and her three friends was posted on social media.

Ortt announced the resignation and released the following statement:

“The employee in question submitted his resignation today and I accepted it. Beyond our official duties, I hold myself and my staff to the highest standards of professionalism and conduct. The employee's actions in these videos did not meet those standards.”

Welch's resignation followed the incident that occurred around 7 p.m. Sunday as a group of youths walked to a convenience store in North Tonawanda.

The video was posted by Carla M. Morano, the mother of a 13-year-old girl who reportedly took the video. Morano posted the video on her Facebook page.

Here’s how the incident unfolded, according to Morano’s post:

Her 13-year-old daughter and three friends were making videos “jumping over things” as they walked to the store. As one of the kids jumped over a lawn sign, his toe caught the sign. At that point, a man and woman emerged from the house where the sign was hit and began to yell at the four juveniles, using racial slurs, threatening them and telling them they know officers in the North Tonawanda Police Department.

During the video, a man identified as Welch is heard yelling at the youths and using a racial slur. A photo of him at the scene is posted along with a photo of a woman who can also can be heard on the video yelling and shouting at the the youths. She works for North Tonawanda schools, she said on the video.

The incident continued to evolve, and at one point the adults reportedly got in their car and began to follow the youths, said Morano. That part is not caught on the video.

Morano, who said her daughter was shaken by the incident, reported it to police, confirmed Capt. Thomas Krantz, who oversees the department's Detective Bureau.

"We're working on it. It's under investigation. We may have more tomorrow, but we're still gathering all of our facts, interviewing witnesses and we're trying to grab videos," said Krantz. "I really can't comment on anything right now."

Welch was the executive assistant to the mayor of North Tonawanda from 2010 to 2016, serving under Ortt from 2010 to 2014. Welch began working in Ortt's Lockport office on Walnut Street in 2016 and served as the constituent relations director. He worked directly with residents, linking them to services provided by various state departments, said Andrew Duggan, Ortt's director of communications.

Efforts to reach Morano were not successful. Her video post had more than 800 comments Monday evening and 400 shares.
Chief Northman 03:14 PM 06-16-2020
Great thread.
Pitt Gorilla 03:15 PM 06-16-2020
Biracial family called ‘dirty’ and then refused access to shower house at Missouri campground

An Illinois family says they suffered discrimination and mistreatment during an out-of-state camping trip.

Megan Jones, of Alton, took her seven biracial children camping about 80 miles southwest at KOA Campgrounds, where she said the couple who franchise the campground treated her children “like garbage,” reported The Kansas City Star.

Jones said the couple was rude to her children multiple times, and she said the woman called an older child “dirty” for allowing her 5-year-old brother to draw on the ground with chalk — and threatened to kick the family out if they didn’t clean up the marks.

“She said because my 5 year old should know better than to write on the ground with chalk and said that she also didn’t want OUR KIND in the bathrooms and shower house,” Jones wrote on Facebook. “What do you mean OUR KIND? Hold on … is it because my children are biracial that you are treating us like this?”

The woman then said she wanted the family to leave and offered a refund.

“So not only did she treat my kids like garbage, but she didn’t want us there because the color of their skin,” Jones wrote. “Yes, we left. Not to make her happy but bc we felt out of place. I have to tell my kids she is wrong and that most people aren’t like this.”

The local KOA campground confirmed the incident and apologized on Facebook, saying all staffers would undergo training to ensure they welcomed all guests.

“We will not make excuses, nor try to relay our intentions,” KOA said. “Regardless of how we viewed the situation, if we made this family feel unwelcome it’s clear we have work to do. We will be looking hard at ourselves and our staff to ensure we truly embody the KOA mission that all are welcome. While we have long believed it, actions need to speak louder than words and thoughts.”

The National Kampgrounds of America also reached out to the family and offered an apology, the Star reported.

“They spoke of their love of camping and their intent to continue to camp with KOA in the future,” the organization said in a statement. “We welcome the chance to provide them with the camping experience that they and all members of the Black community deserve.”
GloryDayz 03:19 PM 06-16-2020

Ninerfan11 03:19 PM 06-16-2020
Does this include anti White? anti Asian? anti Indian?

Here is an Asian beating after Covid:


— kalon��⁷ (@KALONSMERALDO) March 5, 2020

lawrenceRaider 03:19 PM 06-16-2020
Ninerfan11 03:20 PM 06-16-2020
Here is a black kid pushing a 90 year old white woman:

Suspect who pushed a 92-year-old woman to the ground in Manhattan, causing her to strike her head on a fire hydrant, has been caught, NYPD says

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) June 16, 2020

jdubya 03:20 PM 06-16-2020
Cool, I enjoy reading one sided opinionated stories of people calling eachother names and being big meanies lol.
Ninerfan11 03:21 PM 06-16-2020

anti Asian. I'll let other do the anti-white. I'm gonna rep for my Asians and Indians, I want reparations tooooooooooooooo
Randallflagg 03:22 PM 06-16-2020
I can see this quickly headed South at the speed of light.

But what the hell, I'll throw my 2 cents in to (hopefully) counter balance the madness.

Kentucky (way back when) Adopted a Stephen Foster song as their "state song"

The sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home,

'Tis summer, the darkies are gay

In the 60s, the "enlightened whites" decided that the song was "racist"

late 60s - the phrase "the darkies are gay" is replaced with - "The Old Folks Are Gay........

On to the new era.......

The Homosexual contingent doesn't like the term "The Old folks are Gay

Point being? How damned many times do we "change" our history (and admittedly some of it bad) to appease assholes?
Pitt Gorilla 03:36 PM 06-16-2020
Woman caught on video yelling racial epithets at family in N.C.

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS/CNN) - A video shows a woman yelling racial slurs at a family from Charlotte.
“She continued to say racial slurs to my face continue to call me n*** over and over and over again. It was the most blatant display of racism that I have ever experienced,” Aisha Sabur said.
Sabur said she and her family were visiting from Charlotte on their way to a birthday dinner when a woman, later identified as Rachel Ruit, started yelling racial slurs from behind them.

Another family member started recording while they all stood behind the camera.

“She wanted me to know that ‘if you touch me, I will call the police and you will be held accountable,’ and that’s a big part of why I didn’t lose my cool,” Sabur said.

Protesters already in that area took notice and tried to block Ruit from the family. In the video, it appears Ruit then began yelling racial slurs at them, too.

“I would have been raging at the woman if I was them,” protester Jacob Blair said. “She was filled with hate, rage and racism, and that’s it.”

Criminal defense attorney Joseph Bowman, who watched the video, said, “It’s outrageous that woman is trying to start a fight.”

He said although there is no hate speech law in North Carolina, in this type of situation, ethnic intimidation could be applied.

Defined as a misdemeanor, that occurs under North Carolina law when a person - because of race, color, religion, nationality or country - assaults or damages or defaces property of another person or threatens to do any of that.

Bowman said this could be used along with a variety of other misdemeanors in a case like this.
“The issue with disturbing the peace is, if it looks like you are trying to start a fight ... then you are trying to start a fight, and that’s the crime,” he said.

“It’s just another scenario where we have to be on edge,” said Justen Johnson, who is visiting from Charlotte.

The family said what happened shows why protests for racial justice should continue worldwide.

“All of us who were here, we were affirmed this is why we’re here,” Blair said.
Experts said the woman in that video could receive a maximum sentence of 60 days in jail.
Pitt Gorilla 03:39 PM 06-16-2020
Originally Posted by Ninerfan11:
Here is a black kid pushing a 90 year old white woman:

Is there actual evidence that this was racially motivated? You can post whatever you like, but I'd like to focus the thread on incidents that were fairly clearly racially motivated.
Hammock Parties 03:40 PM 06-16-2020
Mmmm, this will go great with my morning coffee.

I like a nice flat white.
Ninerfan11 03:44 PM 06-16-2020
Originally Posted by Pitt Gorilla:
Is there actual evidence that this was racially motivated? You can post whatever you like, but I'd like to focus the thread on incidents that were fairly clearly racially motivated.
:-):-):-), get a load of this guy!
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