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The Gonzo Lounge>***** The Official KC Chiefs vs. Cleveland Browns 2021 Home Opener Thread *****
ReynardMuldrake 11:16 PM 09-11-2021
Kickoff - 9/12/21 3:25 PM CBS

Let's get this bitch started!
KCUnited 07:04 AM 09-12-2021
Looks like the server is already in playoff form!
Graystoke 07:06 AM 09-12-2021
Chiefs for the win.
redhed 07:11 AM 09-12-2021
Go CHIEFS!! Beat the Browns!! :-)
GingaChief 07:17 AM 09-12-2021
Nice to be back boys!

Been a long summer but we made it...

- New o-line
- CJ on the edge
- Drafted well(on paper)
- Kept the star players
- Hardman WR2 - needs to step up!!

All positives & fingers crossed it's a win where we are not having heart attacks with 5mins to go.

Sofa King 07:20 AM 09-12-2021
I will be watching this game and cheering on my favorite team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Which Jersey? Mahomes? Kelce? Mathieu? Clyde? A Mahomes Alternate?
Lzen 07:20 AM 09-12-2021
I'm so ready! Let's go, Chiefs!!
Bob Dole 07:22 AM 09-12-2021
We will collectively lose our minds if we manage to lose this game.
thabear04 07:24 AM 09-12-2021
LFG!!!!! Chiefs!!!!!!
Hammock Parties 07:25 AM 09-12-2021

siberian khatru 07:27 AM 09-12-2021
I am hoping the Chiefs have more points than the Browns when the game ends.
NWChubb83 07:29 AM 09-12-2021
Felt like this day would never get here. Even as a Browns a fan, I look forward to watching the rowdy environment at Arrowhead- so good to have fans back.

Good luck Chief nation and let's hope both teams come out injury free.
InChiefsHeaven 07:36 AM 09-12-2021
My body is ready...LET'S FUCKING GO!!!!
Monticore 07:36 AM 09-12-2021
My kid has hockey tryouts today but I think Iím more nervous about chiefs game .
duncan_idaho 07:36 AM 09-12-2021
In for PAIN. (For the Browns).
crayzkirk 07:52 AM 09-12-2021
Let's doooooooooooo this!

Can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning!
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